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Improving product quality with online dynamic image analysis

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Quality control professionals and plant managers, are you interested in the following…
Sampling more frequently without working harder?
Reducing poor quality product returns?
Ensuring top dollar for the product you produce?
Increasing production capacity?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to check out this presentation. Variations during the production process can lead to negative outcomes that adversely impact the bottom line such as an increase in product returns for poor quality and decreased production output. Minimizing these occurrences is vital to ensure products remain on spec. Online Dynamic Image Analysis is an easy to implement quality control process in which a user sets up various morphology parameters, and is notified immediately when the material deviates, enabling quick and decisive action to be taken in order to fix the problem. With over 25 years of online dynamic image analysis experience, Microtrac has a robust line of solutions to meet the demanding needs of the process environment. For more information about our complete suite of particle analyzers, check out microtrac.com.

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