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The New Facebook Business Manager - State of Search 2014

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A introduction and rundown of features to the new Facebook Business Manager with assistance from the world of Doctor Who.

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The New Facebook Business Manager - State of Search 2014

  1. 1. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com The New Facebook Business Manager P R E S E N T E D B Y MI C H E L L E MO R E H O U S E D I R E C T O R : A C C O U N T S , E F F I C I E N C Y , C OMMU N I T Y – C L I X MA R K E T I N G S T A T E O F S E A R C H – N O V EMB E R 1 7 , 2 0 1 4
  2. 2. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Starring THE DOCTOR COMPANION
  3. 3. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Earth: Early 2014 OPTIONS ACCORDING TO SKILL SET
  4. 4. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Beginner  Log in/out of each individual account.
  5. 5. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Intermediate  Multiple browsers open.
  6. 6. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Advanced  Multiple Users within Chrome.
  7. 7. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Planet Facebook  Hi new client! I liked your page. Can you add me at doctorhoooorulz@gmail.com? My personal Facebook is awesome. This Sucks.
  8. 8. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Show of Hands  Business with multiple accounts/pages.  Business manager with multiple businesses.  Business manager with multiple employees working on accounts.  Business who uses an agency to manage ads.  Business manager with multiple businesses and uses different agencies for each.  Agency with multiple clients.  Agency with multiple employees who manage client ads.
  9. 9. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Time Lord It’s bigger on the inside.
  10. 10. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Earth: November 17, 2014 WELCOME TO YOUR TARDIS
  11. 11. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com The Rundown  Why Facebook Business Manager?  Why Should You Care?  How Do You Use It?  Are There Any Drawbacks?
  12. 12. Why Business Manager?  Centralize access and management under a single login.  Shift page and ads ownership from individual user to @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Business Manager.  Invite and manage co-workers and employees; control account access per individual.  Individuals can be linked to multiple Business Managers.  Agencies can request access to pages and ads accounts directly from Business Manager.
  13. 13. Sound Familiar? MCC’s FTW!!! @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com
  14. 14. @michellemsem @clixmarketing Why Should You Care? www.clixmarketing.com  Ownership of pages and ads accounts are no longer associated with individuals.  New employees.  New agencies.
  15. 15. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com How Do You Use It?  Whoever manages (admin) your business’s Facebook page should head to business.facebook.com.  Remain logged in to personal account.  Click the persistent down arrow and click “Create Business.”  Fill in the requested information and link your primary Facebook page.  The individual will then enter their name and desired business email address.  Yes! Login with your personal Facebook account, but be identified within Business Manager (and receive notifications) as your business email!
  16. 16. @michellemsem @clixmarketing Accessing the Account www.clixmarketing.com  Start from your personal login.  Able to access Business Manager through drop down.
  17. 17. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Add Accounts PAGES! ADS!
  18. 18. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Request Access REQUEST ACCESS TO ADS REQUEST ACCESS TO PAGES
  19. 19. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com
  20. 20. Power Editor for Business @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Manager Yes, It Still Rocks.
  21. 21. Settings Manage People @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Michelle has been upgraded to John Lee.
  22. 22. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Adding Users Add Another Admin ◦ This is how you pass the “keys” of Business Manager ownership from one person to another. Add Employees ◦ Always need companions.
  23. 23. @michellemsem @clixmarketing Potential Drawbacks  New “business manager” paradigm isn’t always intuitive or www.clixmarketing.com obvious.  Once accounts are linked, who owns it? Who can see it?  Link existing Facebook account groups to Business Manager.  If you continue to add accounts to these groups, you have to manually update the link in Business Manager. Tedious!  Business Manager page or ad account access request is predicated on the recipient also using Business Manager.  There’s no way of knowing who is or is not using FBM. #shotinthedark  There are bugs when using Power Editor.  Glitchy when switching between accounts. Edit correct campaigns, ad groups, ad sets - but the editor tries to upload to a different account.
  24. 24. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Moral of the Story? Get your sonic screwdriver and stay clever. Facebook Business Manager is a great time saver, but isn’t 100% perfect yet!
  25. 25. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Get Started!
  26. 26. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Questions? BUSINESS MANAGER OR DOCTOR WHO
  27. 27. @michellemsem @clixmarketing www.clixmarketing.com Thank You! Have Questions? @michellemsem michelle@clixmarketing.com www.clixmarketing.com