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Marketing Ideas for Small Business

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An overview of ideas to jump start your marketing for small and local business

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Marketing Ideas for Small Business

  1. 1. Marketing for Small Business Michelle Frechette Ames, MBA MarketedByMichelle.com
  2. 2. Chamber of Commerce
  3. 3. Benefits of Joining 1. Networking & Referrals 2. Website presence (Good for SEO) 3. Community visibility 4. Venue for giving back 5. Adds Credibility 6. Newsletters & meetings/education
  4. 4. Benefits •Networking & Referrals • Monthly meetings include: • Breakfasts • Lunches • Mixers/Happy Hours
  5. 5. Benefits •Website presence • Your chamber listing is one more opportunity for you to be found on the Internet. • Can usually include logo, email, phone, and website link (and sometimes more).
  6. 6. Benefits •Community visibility • Welcome packets • Event participation & sponsorship
  7. 7. Benefits •Venue for giving back • Volunteer opportunities • Chamber donations
  8. 8. Benefits •Credibility • Accountability • Stamp of approval
  9. 9. Benefits •Newsletters & meetings/education • Keep up-to-date in your region/town • Business Tips
  10. 10. Marketing
  11. 11. Marketing • Small businesses are built on personal relationships. • All traffic is not profitable traffic: focus on your true target.
  12. 12. Marketing How to Surpass your Competition • Education/Professional Development • Attend Conferences • Networking • Stay current: videos, books, articles, trade magazines/ezines
  13. 13. Marketing Networking • Formal organizations (BNI, Tip Clubs, etc., or start your own) • Events within other organizations (Women’s clubs, Chamber meetings) • Paid events
  14. 14. Marketing Freelancer? Small business owner? You are your brand!
  15. 15. Marketing Become an expert in something – set yourself apart from the rest!
  16. 16. Marketing •Do my logo, collaterals, business cards, web site, etc. need refreshing? •Do they include all the important information? •Easy to navigate?
  17. 17. Marketing Engage in social media …but do not let it take over your life! (Right?)
  18. 18. • You need to have a Facebook business page or a Web page (or both) • You need to post to your Facebook page regularly (how regularly depends on your business) Marketing
  19. 19. • Claim your Google Business listing • https://www.google.com/business Marketing
  20. 20. Marketing
  21. 21. Marketing To Groupon or not to Groupon? $0 $20 $40 $60 $80 Original Price Sold Price Their Cut Fees Your Cut $70.00 $35.00 $17.50 $7.50 $10.00
  22. 22. Can be financially detrimental Example: $70 service Groupon will sell for $35 Groupon will keep $17.50 You will “make” $10 (minus overhead, taxes) Bottom line: You will net about $10 of a $70 service, and you will have to honor ALL of the deals you sell Marketing
  23. 23. Daily Deals: Groupon, Living Social, Amazon, Etc. • Are these the clients you want to attract to your business? • Will your regular clients be able to get in? • Will you get a negative business reputation if new clients can’t get in when they think they should be able to? • Many professionals feel that it cheapens their profession…and how will that help YOU in the field? Marketing
  24. 24. Marketing Your reputation is online, even if your business isn't. Take control of how the web world sees your business, and protect your bottom line. Check Yelp, Google, Angie’s List and more to see what is being said about you and engage your clients, respond to feedback.
  25. 25. Marketing How will I market myself this year?
  26. 26. • Postcards • Introduction letters • Newsletters • Website • Print Ads • Television • Radio • Blogging Marketing Ideas
  27. 27. Marketing Update your LinkedIn profile & company page
  28. 28. Marketing ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Carry Business Cards
  29. 29. A Few More Things… • Update your website and social media sites – and keep them updated and relevant. • Have a social media? Do they link back to your website? Does your website link to them? They should! Marketing
  30. 30. A Few More Things… • Do you tweet? Twitter limits you to 140 characters - which can feel very stifling...but think about this...if you can't get your marketing point across in 140 characters, then maybe what you're trying to say IS too long. Today's attention spans are very short. Brevity is your friend. So tweet well...and tweet brief...and get your point across quickly. • Why wait for clients to call you? Why not call them? Has it been awhile? Call to see how they are and suggest a next appointment! • Did you know...photos and graphics make a bigger splash on Facebook than text and links? Consider saying it graphically…and make that graphic a 800x800 pixel square. It shows up better online. Marketing
  31. 31. Research • Stay Relevant • Know the Field • Determine Further Areas of Study • Be Better Able to Answer Questions • Contribute to the Conversation
  32. 32. •Ask today •Email me at michelle@marketedbymichelle.com •Call me at 585-749-5059 • http://marketedbymichelle.com/blog/ Questions?