Idea idea the app

Vision Maker um Innovation Embassy
31. May 2013

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Idea idea the app

  1. IDEA IDEA A simple app for Real-Time gathering ideas and building Innovation Networks.
  2. This slideshare presents a unique app for gathering & sharing ideas and creating innovation networks. Would you like to help CoCreate IDEA IDEA? View this slideshare Would you like to learn more or get in contact with us, please click here.
  3. Collaboration and especially Real-Time Collaboration, have recently become big words.
  4. Just look at what McKinsey Institute Analysis wrote:
  5. “Improved communication and collaboration through social technologies could raise the productivity of interaction workers by 20 to 25 percent.” Source: International Data Corporation (IDC); McKinsey Institute analysis. July 2012
  6. The reason is that “improved communication and collaboration” removes the distance between us. A better communication flow and interaction simply results in heightened creativity, productivity and innovation.
  7. This means faster knowledge transaction and at a lower cost, better networks and more effective international reach.
  8. Of course an idea gathering, sharing and collaborative system must follow the main trends of today’s users. What are the trends?
  9. Overall it is incredibly hard to argue the case for the laptop when it comes to competing against the smartphone. [...] they are far more convenient to use when it comes to social media and even the most innovative laptops will never offer the level of interactivity that smartphones do. Holly Powell.
  10. Paradigm shift in collaborative behaviors of companies Rainer Mewaldt
  11. Trends for Idea Idea Accessibility is key. 90% of everyone, 90% of the time, needs a simple and easy- to-use solution, that has great impact. But the right solution must be right at hand.
  12. Trends for Idea Idea   The overall trend is that smartphones and tablets at an accelerate rate are more and more used as the central communication tool for a wide variety of use. Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Smart Connected Device Tracker, December 10, 2012.
  13. Trends for Idea Idea This basically says that users want to be able to work “on the fly”, anywhere at anytime and they want to connect.
  14. Why do we need Idea Idea As a Start-up, we recognize these trends and needs. We continuously find ourselves in need of a simple and powerful app to help us gather data and insights from partners, friends and fans.
  15. Why do we need Idea Idea And our customers and partners, like us, need a great tool but can’t find anything that satisfies their need. What’s the need?
  16. What are the needs A need we all recognize. It’s the situations where we need to ask for everyones good ideas.
  17. What are the needs But what happens then? We invite people to contribute via email, a meeting or workshop and then we pray for winner material.
  18. What are the needs All too often, we end up shelving knowledge, ideas and important projects.
  19. What are the needs Our experience is that getting the information we need to build and design new ideas is too cumbersome and too difficult.
  20. What are the needs We loose business, important (global) problems remain unsolved and instead of implementing innovative improvements, things remain the same.
  21. What are the needs We need to be able to access and utilize the 90% of creativity that occurs in between meeting up. And we need to do so the right way!
  22. How Idea Idea works The user posts a #vision* and themes. A real-time crowd can add text and multimedia to themes. *Open visions are Twitterable and can be shared via social media
  23. How Idea Idea works As fast as the crowd contributes, the app structures the contributions, forming an idea-map.
  24. Design Ideas - Create Networks With this tool, we’ll be able to act fast and “on the fly” - just like when we Tweet.
  25. Design Ideas - Create Networks and build innovation networks as we go.
  26. What makes Idea Idea so unique You can invite a closed network or involve a whole crowd with closed or open #visions Ideas are in play at once and stay alive
  27. What makes Idea Idea so unique You can follow ideas and #visions View details, stats or the idea-map as it’s created. Work on the fly, at any time and anywhere
  28. What makes Idea Idea so unique Contribute using text and multimedia Real-time collaboration and notification Export material for further use Get badges, earn points and release stunning new functions
  29. Here are a few of the mock-ups made as part of the pre- visualization for the designer. The designer uses the mock-ups as inspiration to design the prototype graphics.
  30. Signing in
  31. Idea for layout Pinterest and the brand new google+ layout is really showing the way
  32. Viewing Visions Start a vision and view visions from here
  33. Vision “front screen” Click on a vision and what do you see?
  34. Starting a vision
  35. Contributions This is one of the idea maps. Scroll to see all the contributions or export them to see or work with on a computer.
  36. Your “controller” The MyBase - from here, you can control everything. Your personal profile, view visions and then there’s a real-time news feed. Notice how gaining points releases new levels & skills.
  37. Examples of our designer’s graphics
  38. Technology for Idea Idea We will be using html5. Maturation levels are sufficient at this point. The next level of development will include data visualization and augmented reality (QR code and GPS) advancing into 3D graphics.
  39. Co-developing Idea Idea We will have a closed collaboration site where co-testers and co- developers + investors & donators can follow “behind the scenes material” including Blogs, new graphics comments, dialog, trials and cases.
  40. Social media Idea Idea In collaboration with one of our partners, we will have weekly events on Twitter also using Google+ and Facebook to gather weekly questions. Material suitable for other sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Slideshare etc will be posted frequently.
  41. Marketing Idea Idea In collaboration with nordicADmedia, there will be comprehensive internet marketing, targeting multiple types of users and needs. We also have partnerships with other specialists to ensure sales.
  42. Advanced use of Idea Idea At this point it will be possible for display a 3D augmented reality prototype in a board meeting. Or a possible new building could be displayed and people can real-time comment and see it. It will be visible using smartphones, tablets and the coming smart glasses.
  43. “This would solve our communication flow problems when working on new projects in one stroke” - a senior level project manager “We would like to beta-test it for a new virtual education program” - official from Bali “Could you please include a business canvas template?Then I can make a business ecosystem with Co-workers from around the world” - A consultant in Boston “[..] and basically design new products with our customers with Idea Idea” - an executive from a Copenhagen based company “Can I invite attendees from our conference for them to help us make a better conference next year?” - an event manager from a british marketing agency These are just a few of the responses we’ve recieved...