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How Can I Be An Expert?

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Have you ever thought that maybe you weren't an expert? How can you teach when you know very little about something, so far? We'll, you'll enjoy the fact that you ARE an expert!

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How Can I Be An Expert?

  1. 1. How Can I Be An Expert?Featuring Michael Brown & Justin Lewis
  2. 2. How Can I Be An Expert?I have only been in this niche a few weeks...I know a little, but not much...What can I offer so early in this market?
  3. 3. Youre Right, But...To someone you ARE an expertBecause you know more than they doYou CAN teach the things you knowBut, continue to learn and growThen teach others to grow as you doJust dont make stuff up :) I learned a lot today! Cool fact! Wo w
  4. 4. People Are Searching For YOUPeople are searching the Internet for knowledge on subjectsThey find your site online looking for a particular keyword phraseShare your knowledge with themAs you learn more, share itThey become fans, they listen and buy from youYou must keep learning and growingShare everywhere & youll establish yourself as an expert
  5. 5. Example
  6. 6. If The Content Is Good...You win a fanMake good future content based on new learning and theyll keepcoming backIf the content sucks - they are gone for goodJust help fix their problem!Add pictures if possible...If youre promoting something in the post, recommend, dont push them to buy
  7. 7. Another Expert Established! Step 1 - Learn Step 2 - Teach/share what you learn Step 3 - Learn more Step 4 - Teach/share what you learn Step 5 - Repeat over and over
  8. 8. Thank You+ResourcesOur Training Course: www.nicheoptimizer.comOur Shows: www.nicheoptimizer.com/podcast