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Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting: Overview of services

Service portfolio of Michael Heipel Concept and Consulting: Consulting, training and content marketing for trade show, congress and B2B event organizers

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Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting: Overview of services

  1. 1. Overview of Services Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting www.concept-consult.info
  2. 2. Consulting and Training for Trade Show, Congress and Event Organizers – Where Strategy Meets Technology
  3. 3. Push your attendance with exciting content! Everyone talks about inbound marketing. Informative, useful or entertaining content will raise the visibility and relevance of your event on Google and social networks. How do you find the right content, though? How do you tell your story? And how do you create infographics, blogs, whitepapers or videos without spending a fortune? Together with your team, Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting develops your content strategy – positioning your trade show or conference and reaching your target audience. Learn from case studies and make your event a success by implementing content marketing. Topics What is content marketing and why is it so relevant for trade show and congress organizers? Content strategy: What works well? How do you present your content? Tools for content research, curation, production and promotion Learn from the best conferences and trade shows – an analysis of case studies from around the globe How to streamline email, web, print, social media to support your core messages and to raise your market success Live blogging: Create added value by reporting live from your event (pictures, video, text, social media). Outsourcing of event blogging and social media management Training Coaching WorkshopKeynote 3
  4. 4. Efficient email marketing for trade shows and congresses Email and newsletter marketing is still the most important tool to market conferences and trade shows. Why are there still so many organizers yet to tap the full potential of this channel? How do you write better emails? What makes the recipients open a message? What will the mobile revolution hold in store for your email marketing? How do you grow your subscription list and qualify your data? Together, we‘ll analyze email campaigns for trade shows and congresses, discuss the success factors and develop multi-level communication campaigns. Hands-on training how to do a/b testing of headlines, how to write and design good emails will round up the program. Topics Email marketing – dos and don’ts: What kind of campaigns work and which don‘t? Case studies: Exceptionally good email design and success factors Hands-on training: How do I write better email? Integrated, interactive campaigns: email, landing pages and social media Benchmarks: How do you know your campaign was successful? How do you measure success? Training Coaching WorkshopKeynote 4
  5. 5. Training and coaching to grow your revenues from stand sales, sponsoring and advertising Trade shows and conferences are multi-dimensional marketing tools. They are the most important B2B marketing tools for many companies. Yet, they imply substantial investments.. Off-the-shelf sales trainings do not meet the needs of event sales staff. Customers want holistic marketing concepts rather than square meters. Michael Heipel gets your sales team up to speed. Based on more than 20 years of experience in managing sales teams in the trade show and congress business, your trainer will focus on the specifics of your business –bringing your team to top performance levels! Topics What’s in it for me? Hitting the nail on the head with excellent value propositions for your exhibitors Not for me? How to handle objections and turn sceptics into satisfied customers Social sales: Lead-generation via social media Selling concepts: How to develop tailored communication concepts for exhibitors and sponsors Motivation- and incentive systems: How to facilitate top sales performances Individual coachings and team trainings Training Coaching Workshop 5
  6. 6. How apps and digital tools will make your conferences and trade shows more interactive and more attractive Digital transformation affects events, too. Digital tools offer added value for visitors, exhibitors and organizers of b2b events, streamlining online registration, conference and trade show preparations, networking and lead generation. Lots of suppliers are prepared to deliver innovative services for trade shows and conferences. But that doesn‘t make it easier to find the right partner! Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting offers orientation in the technology jungle of apps, systems and other tools. He presents decision criteria to select the most appropriate vendor. An independent technology expert, Michael will support you in your tenders and implementations. This is how organizers can make the most of their investments in new technology and software. Topics Case studies: How do planners use event technology to offer added value for their customers? What is the upsale potential of digital tools? Market overview of solutions in the areas of registration systems, software for lead generation and matchmaking, mobile apps. Workshop: Determination of targets, strategy, decision criteria and specifications for technology tenders Training Coaching WorkshopKeynote 6
  7. 7. Meeting Design Would you buy a poorly designed car? Do you not care at all what kind of clothes you wear? Design plays a major part when we take purchasing decisions, consciously or sub-consciously. Still, a lot of planners put too little emphasis on designing their meetings and events – starting with a clear definition of objectives, the design of the room, the timeline, the formats, interactions up to the implementation of event technology. Meeting Design is still a fairly young but exciting field. It aims at adding value to meetings and events, by focussing on networking opportunities, interaction, surprising and engaging event elements. Training and coaching on the topic of meeting design is very interactive. Together, we work on scenarios and develop ideas, how meetings, conferences, trade shows and corporate events can be designed more effectively. Topics How do we learn? Understanding the psychological basics Setting targets: What makes an event successful? Meeting design tactics – formats, techniques, technologies, design elements that make events more attractive and more effective Test runs of interactive formats (e.g. fishbowl, world café, audience interaction tools) Training Coaching WorkshopKeynote 7
  8. 8. Temporary department and project management Special situations in the trade show and congress business require flexible and reliable management solutions. For example: acquisitions, mergers, new projects, filling staffing gaps or creating new business models With comprehensive management experience at trade show and congress organizers as well as event agencies, Michael meets the requirements for such complex management challenges. Detailed references will be provided upon request. Management expertise Integration of acquisitions Setting up new trade shows / business development Change management projects Interim department management Creation of structures and project teams CoachingInterim management 8
  9. 9. Current projects (excerpt) Visitor Marketing concept for a European-wide trade show organizer: Definition of visitor segments, market and gap analysis, creation of buyer personas Event blog blog.necom.de: Production of content (text, image, video, infographics) and content seeding Subsidiary of publishing house Handelsblatt: Production of press releases and email marketing content Subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG: Strategic consulting, creation of tender documents and coordination of tender process for website relaunch (trade show websites) Benchmarking study „Online Registration Systems“ for trade shows for subsidiary of Deutsche Messe HR concept for trade show organizer: How to recruit, retain and motivate staff Sales training and individual coaching for German Agricultural Society DLG e.V. 2-day content marketing workshop for commercial cooperatives 9
  10. 10. Testimonials „Management Forum is a subsidiary of the publishing group Handelsblatt. Content marketing is of growing importance to us when promoting our events like NEOCOM or the German Retail Congress towards the right target groups. Michael Heipel has set up the workshop „Content Marketing“ for our project and marketing managers. The two days have been very helpful to us to position the events and find the right topics for event promotion. Our staff was thrillled to learn from many case studies from other conferences and trade shows. We have got to know lots of tools that will make research, production and seeding of exciting content a walk in the park. The two well-paced days were spent in a very interactive and entertaining way!“ Ioana Sträter Managing Director Management Forum 10
  11. 11. Testimonials „Michael Heipel has conducted a 1-day sales training with the team of „Land and Genuss“, our B2C fair. The focus was on defining customer benefits for our target groups as well as learning how to lead sales conversations, handle objections and close the deal. We started with a group training, followed by individual coachings of our sales staff. For me personally it was very helpful to focus on the various needs of our customers and define unique selling points that our sales staff could use right away in their daily sales conversations. Michael Heipel designed the training in a very vivid, practice-oriented and entertaining way. His vast sales experience and his authentic and motivating coaching style helped a lot in this. We are now perfectly prepared and highly motivated for our customer conversations! We can fully recommend Michael Heipel as a sales trainer for trade shows, exhibitions and events!“ Alexandra Feldmann Project Manager DLG Service GmbH Frankfurt am Main 11
  12. 12. Testimonials „Michael was in Singapore recently to conduct the Sales Power for your Trade Shows/ Exhibitions MasterClass Series workshop. While I was initially uncertain about his coaching style, I was pleasantly delighted when I managed to experience firsthand what a professional and great trainer he is! His use of interesting examples and exciting breakout sessions turned around what could have been another ordinary class into a lively, immersive experience for the trainees. I witnessed how happy the attendees were throughout his workshop! This does not discount the fact that he carries with him a wealth of knowledge and experience that the attendees found very relevant and useful. His calm and composed manner also put both organisers and attendees at ease, making him a great person to work with. I highly recommend Michael for any of your future collaborations.“ 12 Hairol Salim Senior Event Producer Lighthouse Media Singapore
  13. 13. Testimonials „Mr. Heipel knows how to get his great competence and comprehensive professional experience in the fields of marketing and social media across in a very lively, vivid and inspiring way. He enriches his seminars with a lots of best practice examples and his own experience. At the same time, he adapts to the experiences and needs of the attendees and meets their professional requirmements.“ René Borresch Bereichsleiter Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften ADG Montabaur 13 „Michael is an excellent professional and I would definitely recommend him both as a speaker and consultant. Apart from the excellent session at Eventex 2015, he helped a lot in promoting the event on his personal blog and Twitter. He also wrote a post-event article on his blog. I hope to work with more people like Michael in the future!“ Ovanes Ovanessian Event Management and Event Technology entrepreneur Organizer of Eventex Sofia
  14. 14. Testimonials „With more than 1.200 participating pharmacies, LINDA is the best know and biggest umbrella brand of independent parmacists in Germany. In order to bring our sales team up to speed regarding our private brands, we have staged a one day training with Michael Heipel with the Academy of German Cooperatives ADV. Mr. Heipel has adjusted very quickly to our specific situation. By means of many case studies and role-playing, Mr. Heipel has managed to highly motivate our field staff. He is truly a marketing and sales expert. Following up to the training, Michael Heipel has developed an interview guide and value proposition, enabling our sales team to better position our private brands in pharmacy retail.“ Andreas Fremmer Head of Marketing and Key Account LINDA AG 14
  15. 15. Curriculum Vitae Michael Heipel Since 2014: Full-time consultant and trainer 2013-2014: MD at spring Messe Management (Deutsche Messe group of companies). Development of corporate, HR and trade show strategy (post-merger integration) Since 2011: Trainer at Academy of German Cooperatives ADG, retail marketing, social media and sales topics 2004-2012: Executive Director Marketing and Event Management, World Association of Newspapers, ca. 50 international trade shows and conferences per year 1997-2000: Senior-Project Manager at BBDO Live. Clients e.g. Volkswagen, Deutsche Post, Holsten. International Sponsoring- Award 1999 1994-1997 and 2001-2004: Trainee program at Koelnmesse. Product Manager for Carbon Expo, HomeTech, Dach+Wand among others 1988-1994: Studies of economics, master thesis about trade show marketing Speaker at international sector events, e.g. ICCA Congress Antalya and Leipzig, EIBTM Barcelona, IMEX Frankfurt, Eventex Sofia, Association Congress London, International Confex London, Who stole my audience? London, CeBIT Hannover 1315
  16. 16. Contact Michael Heipel Concept & Consulting Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 44 60323 Frankfurt / Germany Tel. +49-69 / 2002 3580 Fax. +49-69 / 2002 3579 michael.heipel@concept-consult.info www.concept-consult.info Twitter: @michaelheipel 16