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DTO Research: Experts for industry market analysis and strategic consulting

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The individual industry and B2B market analysis:
Creating and understanding markets

About DTO Research:
DTO Research is an international operating market research and consulting company with the focus on b2b market research and market strategies. Our core competencies include the analysis of competitors, market potentials, customers and suppliers, trends and markets in over 100 countries worldwide. Besides doing the analytical framework we assist our customers by planning and implementing market specific strategies for business improvements in existing markets as well as strategies to penetrate and cover new market potentials.

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DTO Research: Experts for industry market analysis and strategic consulting

  1. 1. DTO Research Specialists in B2B-Research and Strategic Consulting
  2. 2. Exact Coordinated DTO Transparent “ “ 2PAGE „Changing market conditions requires market understanding. Market understanding requires market research“.
  3. 3. 3PAGE About DTO Research Develop customized product, market and corporate strategies based on internal/external market and company information Number of employees: 25 Headquarters: Düsseldorf (NRW) Founding year: 2008 Industry, machinery, medical products, cleaning sector, services About us Core segments Project approach International company for B2B market research and strategic consulting
  4. 4. 4PAGE One step ahead of the competition – worldwide… Worldwide expertise Abstract references
  5. 5. 5PAGE Customer Satisfaction Our partner network ”DTO Research has been a trustful and reliablepartner for years. We are still very satisfied with their kind of work.” Andreas Janetzko – Head of Inland Europe – DP World “We are very satisfied with their way of work and with the results. If we havea similar project in the future we will not hesitateto choose DTO Research again.” Mario Cavallucci – Managing Director – Yusen Logistics “We are very satisfied with the results.” Jochen Frömming – Head of new business – SSI Schäfer Gruppe “The cooperationwith DTO Research is always very convenientandstructured. Thereby the project results provided us very important information.” Daniel Norpoth – Member of the management – AutoVision GmbH – a company of Volkswagen
  6. 6. Exact Coordinated DTO Transparent “ “ 6PAGE Business Case: Potential and benefit analysis of a simulation software for physiological processes in human and veterinary medicine for an international medical and technology company
  7. 7. 7PAGE Business Case – Simulation Software STARTING POSITION APPROACH Determinationof the sales potentialin Europe and identificationof different methods of use and fields of application for the developmentof new product modifications. • Workshop with client for goal definition • Desk research • Expert interviews by telephone • Developmentof new sales strategies
  8. 8. 8PAGE Business Case – Simulation Software RESULTS • Evaluation ofthe market potential • Presentationof procurement channelsand insightsas a basis for new product modifications Application areas USP competitive products Usability optimization Requirements Procurement processes Benefit optimization
  9. 9. Exact Coordinated DTO Transparent “ “ 9PAGE International market potential analysis of the motor grader market for a German manufacturer of construction machines Business Case:
  10. 10. 10PAGE Business Case – Motorgrader STARTING POSITION APPROACH Determine the worldwide sales potential and identifyapplication areas as well as further developmentpossibilitiesas a decision support for market entry (make or buy?). • Workshop with client for goal definition • Desk research • Expert interviews by telephone • Developmentof the strategic directionin cooperation with the client
  11. 11. 11PAGE Business Case – Motorgrader RESULTS • Illustration of market potentialin the investigated regions • Strategy for market entry Sales figures Fields of application Market participants Size classesPrice range Trends
  12. 12. Exact Coordinated DTO Transparent “ “ 12PAGE Business Case: Price and potential analysis of the German market for gas detectors for a German medium-sized company
  13. 13. 13PAGE Business Case – Gas Detectors STARTING POSITION APPROACH Analysisof the market to determine the market volume and the competitivesituationas well as to understandthe procurement decisions of potentialcustomers. • Workshop with the client to define project goal • Desk research • Expert interviews by telephone • Recommendationsto optimize marketing and sales
  14. 14. 14PAGE Business Case – Gas Detectors RESULTS • Illustrationof market structures and sales potentialof stationaryand mobile gas detection systems • Decision-making processes and responsibilitiesin procurement Brands Market participants Procurement channels Competitive prices Trends and developments Requirements
  15. 15. Exact Coordinated DTO Transparent “ “ 15PAGE Business Case: Market and competitive analysis of liquid plastic floor coatings for a German manufacturer
  16. 16. 16PAGE Business Case – Liquid Plastic Floor Coatings STARTING POSITION APPROACH Examinationof the market and presentationof the leadingproviders in the German market. • Workshop with the client to define project goal • Desk research • Expert interviews by telephone • Derivation of recommended actions
  17. 17. 17PAGE Business Case – Liquid Plastic Floor Coatings RESULTS • Illustration of the current market situation • Presentationof the main competitorsincludingdistributionstructures • Recommendationsfor the company‘s future strategy Sales structures Market participants Customerrequirements Competitive prices Trends and developments Legal framework
  18. 18. Exact Coordinated DTO Transparent “ “ 18PAGE Business Case: Analysis of advertising subsidies for a German media group
  19. 19. 19PAGE Business Case – Advertising Subsidies STARTING POSITION APPROACH Determinationof general corporateexpenses for advertising subsidies and an assessment of a new advertising format’s potential. • Workshop with the client to define project goals • Desk research • Expert interviews by telephone
  20. 20. 20PAGE Business Case – Advertising Subsidies RESULTS • Insight intothe advertising cost planningof large German companies in the field of FMCG • Assessment of the advertisingformat from the point of view of potentialsponsors Amount ofadvertising subsidies Media channels Potential Requirements Categories of business Advertisement cost plan
  21. 21. Exact Coordinated DTO Transparent “ “ 21PAGE Business Case: Analysis of the market for monitoring systems for renewable energy systems on behalf of a large German engineering and technology group
  22. 22. 22PAGE Business Case – Monitoring Systems STARTING POSITION APPROACH Competitiveand potentialanalysisfor product optimizationand adaptionof the marketing strategy. • Workshop with the client to define project goals • Desk research • Expert interviews by telephonewith asset and fund managers • Developrecommendations for strategic direction
  23. 23. 23PAGE Business Case – Monitoring Systems RESULTS • Information about market structures, competition,potential,and customer needs • Recommendationsfor the strategic direction Requirements Substitutes Market participants PotentialsMarket prices Trends
  24. 24. Exact Coordinated DTO Transparent “ “ 24PAGE Business Case: Analysis of the German market for industrial batteries on behalf of a Japanese company
  25. 25. 25PAGE Business Case – Industrial Batteries STARTING POSITION APPROACH Comprehensiveanalysisof market and competitivestructures to identifyuntied potential. • Workshop with the client to define project goals • Desk research • Expert interviews by telephone • Developmentof recommendations for the adjustmentof sales
  26. 26. 26PAGE Business Case – Industrial Batteries RESULTS • Detailedpresentationof competitors • Illustrationof the fieldsof application and substitutes • Adaptation ofsales structures Market volume and market shares Product substitutes Market potential Areas of application Development and trends Customer requirements
  27. 27. Contact DTO Research – a brand of DTO Consulting GmbH Benrather Schlossallee 33 40597 Düsseldorf GERMANY +49 211 / 179 660-0 info@dto-research.de www.dto-research.de