Technology and Community

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29. Jul 2010

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Technology and Community

  4. REACHING OUT: using technology to create community Braz -TESOL Sao Paulo, July 20th, 2010
  5. INTERNET = NETWORK The task is to shape part of it into your own community .
  6. INTERNET = NETWORK The task is to shape part of it into your own community .
  7. Community or Network? DOES COMMUNITY HAVE TO BE FACE TO FACE?
  8. Community v Network Group A (Community) Group B (Network) Domain (professional focus) PLUS Personal (support, encouragement, friendship ) Domain (professional focus) is the subject of all activity and communication
  9. Webhead Origins - The Palace
  10. Where do Webheads fit? Face to face Community IT Community IT Individuals + WEBHEADS = + IT Community
  11. Where are the Webheads? in approximately 50 countries
  13. How/why has this community survived? HUMAN FACTORS TECHNOLOGY FACTORS
  14. How/why has this community survived?
  15. What would my community look like?
  16. Virtual Classrooms (Web Conferencing)
  17. Which tools for your community? http://www. flickr .com/photos/ infomatique /1387269271/ Licensed under Creative Commons CHOICE is affected by CONTEXT
  18. Flickr Maps
  19. Survey Tools Eg Zoomerang Survey Monkey More at michaelc / mfo /zoom/results. htm
  21. Second Life Image courtesy of Jo Kay
  22. The Internet is…. “ not about dot coms, online malls…. It’s not about routers, servers, browsers.…In fact, the Internet isn’t even about technology. It’s about us. The collective us.” COMMONSPACE: Beyond Virtual Community: Surman & Wershler-Henry; 2001
  23. “ The Read/Write Web” (Tim Berners Lee) Original photo by Hummanna
  24. THE BIG QUESTIONS…… Can you build relationships... …online? Can you build social capital …online? Can we develop community … …online? YES WE CAN!!
  25. Webheads Theme Song Audio at http:// webheadstheme . wikispaces .com/ CHORUS Webheads – all over the world Webheads – we’re all over the world 24/7 – we’re online It doesn’t really matter – whatever the time Someone’s there to answer the CALL CHORUS You want to know how to do it right Or maybe you’re lonely in the middle of the night Someone’s there to answer your CALL CHORUS You want to join your class up across the world Or you want an expert to talk to them live Someone will answer your CALL CHORUS You’re going on a journey to a foreign land Want to meet a friend there to show you around There’ll be someone there to answer your CALL CHORUS Learning together – sharing our views Living together – sharing our news Always someone there – on the same wavelength CHORUS
  26. THANK YOU  [email_address] http:// protopage .com/ michaelc

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  1. This is a quote I found from a book called “Commonspace” NOTE : From the perspective of the lecturer and student support, e-learning has very little to do with technology…its about PEOPLE! Learning communities are about the HUMAN CONNECTION! <click to next slide>
  2. Can you build a community online? < NO! You can’t “build” a community…but you can create the environment where it has a good chance of happening. IOW, you can SHAPE a community < click to next slide>