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People over Process

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We outline a fundamentally different approach for organizational change: one where valuing people is integral to building lasting success.

Agile and Lean are a means to an end. Once we are clear what our goals are and our approach is consistent with what we truly value, then we may hope for success.

When we simplify the Agile Manifesto’s “Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools” we get “People over Process”. Agile is about people. It’s about a people-first culture. Lean is simliar.

Sadly, many organizations are mired in organizational debt: mistrust, politics and fear. Changing the process won’t fix this. We need to go to the root of it - to find a way to talk about and shift to a healthier culture: one that values people.

The VAST (Vulnerability, Authentic Connection, Safety and Trust) model makes the dynamics of human systems visible and clarifies where we may apply leverage to foster lasting change.

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People over Process

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