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Gloriavale Timeline

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  2. 2. This was a NewsTalk that took place on News Talk ZB. This contains proximity as it is something that has happened in New Zealand and has been published about on a New Zealand radio station. This story contains a good placement as was placed on a program where New Zealander’s had contact with the story. It also shows depth as it was covered deeply by ZB. The depth is questionable as we are unsure for how long it was covered on ZB after the article was published. I am able to understand that it is still being covered at the moment, whether it is being covered on TV, Radio, Newspaper or other social media. FEBRUARY 27TH 2015 http://www.thehits.co.nz/random-stuff/what-is-happening-behind-the-gates-of-gloriavale/
  3. 3. This was a TV segment that was covered by Campbell Live. It was televised which gives us the placement. We are able to see this as being significance as it was a significant placement. It was covered deeply by Campbell Live as they really looked into the issue with Gloriavale. This then affects the duration it was covered for as after the news segment they did multiple stories on Gloriavale to keep their viewers updated. This also included proximity as it is located in New Zealand. This also contains Controversy as it evokes emotion as people are aware of how they are living and have many opinions on it. MARCH 10TH 2015 http://www.3news.co.nz/tvshows/campbelllive/gloriavale-family-of-12-flees-community-to- timaru-2015031020#axzz3aNkpvRQT
  4. 4. This article was published in the newspaper on March 11th 2015. It covers a short story about Gloriavale and the way in which they live. This atrcile affects depth curation and placement in accountable ways. It affects depth because it is something which many people are curious about. This hads allowed it to be studied deeply as people are wondering what will happen next. This affects placement as then people are able to open the newspaper and it is one of the first artciles they will see. This then affects duration as people are waiting for the story to be fully covered before moving on. The article aslo includes proximity as it is something that is happening in New Zealand and it is current. MARCH 11TH 2015 http://www.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/opinion/67235138/Will-Gloriavales-West-Coast-commune-survive
  5. 5. This article is lined to a video which has been covered by TV3. This is an artcile that has been covered well as it evokes controversial opinions. This has affected the depth as people are more likely to study it and look into it more. This has then also affected placement as people are more likely to want to see what's going on. This then moved into duration which leads on to how long people will want to listen and watch articles about Gloriavale. This has now included depth duration and placement. It has also touched on proximity and controversy. APRIL 27TH 2015 http://www.3news.co.nz/tvshows/campbelllive/gloriavale-julia-returns-to-see-her- family-2015042717#axzz3aNkpvRQT
  6. 6. This news article covers the police visiting Gloriavale. This has affected depth duration and placement. These are also affected as the police were involved which makes it more of a story to news readers. This article is also affected by depth, duration and placement because it is something that has been big in the news recently and it is something that a lot of people are following. This has affected the placement because people want a ‘go to’ article and something that they can easily follow. This then affects duration and depth as to how far in the story is covered by the reporters. APRIL 30TH 2015 http://m.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11441170
  7. 7. This is another article which contains many news values. It shows depth, duration and placement to us by being put up the top of the list in the news. This will effect the coverage as now it will be something that will be covered longer which then affects duration. It contains proximity and also displays controversy. This is also another reason why is is covered using a lot of placement and depth. It is covered this way because it is a controversial topic and evokes a lot of opinions between New Zealanders. MAY 3RD 2015 http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/68186503/gloriavale-the-hopeful-christian-interview