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Fire coc presentation

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Fire coc presentation

  1. 1. Norwell Emergency Management Organization
  2. 2. Tonights Speakers• Chief Ted Ross, Norwell Police Department• Matt Keegan, Superintendent of Schools• Meg Doherty, Norwell Board of Health, Norwell VNA and Hospice• Rich LaTour, MEMA• Mike Hertz, SOHO Systems• Jeff Helm, Atlantic Advisers
  3. 3. Are you Ready• Ready for what• Snow Storm – potential building collapse• Wind Storm – Potential building Damage• Freezing weather – Frozen Pipes (Thaw)• Internal event within the company
  4. 4. NEMO• The Community Emergency Management Organization• utilize the strengths of all Town Departments and Non-Governmental Organizations• Access State and Federal Assests• Plan, Organize, Monitor, Communicate
  5. 5. Planning• Starts immediately after the last event• What went well• What needs improvement• If this happens what should we do• What have other communities done• What problems didn’t happen, but could have
  6. 6. Prior to an event• Monitor the weather or other information• Evaluate potential impact• Continuous communications with our partners – FD - Schools – PD - Town Administration – DPW - Utilities
  7. 7. Organize• As an event approaches• Determine the level of EOC activation• Reinforce communications with partners• If necessary bring people together• Look at operational periods• Look at logistical issues• Develop the Action Plan
  8. 8. Monitor• Public Safety issues• Evacuation concerns• Sheltering Issues• Damage reports• Impact – Community / Region• Is the plan working
  9. 9. Communicate• Within the operational structure• To our State and Federal partners• To the Community at large
  10. 10. Event• It may appear that the event is over• Has life returned to normal for everyone• What issues remain• Start Planning