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Experience with Salesforce DX on real project

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How we used Salesforce DX on real project, what were the pros and cons, where we failed and what we learnt.

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Experience with Salesforce DX on real project

  2. 2. #YD19 A bit about us Martin Humpolec Salesforce Consultant Salesforce MVP Lightning Champion Trailhead & Certification Addict Prague Salesforce User Group Leader CzechDreamin conference organizer Blogger: MartinHumpolec.cz Twitter: @mhumpolec
  3. 3. #YD19 A bit about us Adam Sienkiewicz Salesforce Consultant Trailblazer & 7 times Salesforce Certified Salesforce Enthusiast Data Analysis Fan
  4. 4. #YD19 Table of content • What is DX • Why do we use DX • Pros / Cons summary • Use case – our process flow overview
  5. 5. #YD19 What is Salesforce DX Salesforce DX is a Salesforce product in the App cloud that allows users to develop and manage Salesforce apps throughout the entire platform in a more direct and efficient way. NOT for developers only NOT an “all or nothing” option
  6. 6. #YD19 DX Learning Curve I spent about 5 % of my time on requested changes and 95 % fighting the Git. @StudiosViloria
  7. 7. #YD19 Installation • https://developer.salesforce.com/tools/sfdxcli
  8. 8. #YD19 Commands Plenty of commands and you will actually use about 4 of them.
  9. 9. #YD19 Integration with IDE
  10. 10. #YD19 Salesforce DX = VCS (for us) DX is actually just a small part of that picture, but people will blame it for everything.
  11. 11. #YD19 Why do we use DX? • Provide better performance with version control, disaster tracking and auditing • Integrated with popular IDE tools • Ability to migrate from standard metadata schemes • Streamlined release management • Artifact-based programming concept is easier to implement • Easy packaging and deployments • Price – it is free!
  12. 12. #YD19 Salesforce DX in practice – Why did we chose DX? • Will to learn and train the team about new paradigm • High number of dev team members • We wanted to give control to the team over their orgs • Because nowadays DX is hip (?)
  13. 13. #YD19 Pros • Accelerates development knowledge gathering • Ability to copy things/update the xml • Scratch orgs to test things • The ability to extend it with your own/community code • Once you know the basics it is easy to progress
  14. 14. #YD19 Manual or click? Manual changes – How to learn patience and understand that in the end the SF platform is just a set of <> lines with true/false values
  15. 15. #YD19 Find and replace
  16. 16. #YD19 Cons • “Disconnection” between people as everyone works in their instance (“weird, mine works fine”) • Some things aren’t possible to set via metadata when creating scratch org (should be changed by summer release) • Some things are hard/impossible to push through (entitlements, security settings, …) • Some errors are difficult to investigate due to relatively new concept without complete documentation and user cases • A bit complex in the beginning
  17. 17. #YD19 Salesforce DX in practice – Initial Challenges • Lack of structure in terms of scratch org setup, no config, no features defined, no processes, no ownership • Problems with deployment • General lack of knowledge about the tool within the team. Quickly turning into large knowledge gap between experienced devs and beginners
  18. 18. #YD19 Salesforce DX in practice – Initial Challenges – Solution Approach Introduce release/deployment manager full-time role RESPONSIBILITIES: Setup config for scratch orgs Create and refresh sandboxes Run deployments Support the Team Define and build deployment flow Configure Continuous Integration
  19. 19. #YD19 Salesforce DX in practice – Challenges along the way • Some features need to be a manual pre-deployment step for scratch org • Scratch org is not retrieving full config for profiles • Manual hotfixes on “release train” orgs led to lack of single source of truth for configuration • Overwriting changes in git, confusion about the flow
  20. 20. #YD19 Salesforce DX in practice – Challenges along the way – Solutions Rule no. 1 – „You always make changes to profiles manually!” Rule no. 2 – Rule no. 1 cannot be omitted In the end challenges happened to be a great catalyst for learning new things!
  21. 21. #YD19 Salesforce DX in practice
  22. 22. #YD19 Git flow This whole git flow will confuse your consultants/admins continuously
  23. 23. #YD19 What we can confirm The problem is that no matter how much you say that source control is the ultimate source of truth, if people can make changes on the org directly, the org ultimately represents the true picture of what’s going on. (https://bluecanvas.io/blog/2019-2-5-why-salesforce-dx-and-git-flow-dont-work-for-salesforce-teams)
  24. 24. #YD19 Salesforce DX in practice - Team adoption • Most of the non-technical team members initially started on the very high left end of the rectangle, gradually moving towards center • Lot of complaints about git usage • Experienced users were unhappy having to support others apart from their tasks
  25. 25. #YD19 Git flow On average day we know Git well and can use those 4 commands. And then there is that exception.
  26. 26. #YD19 Code merging Merge conflict in a file you did nothing with? You have no idea what to accept, so you will take a guess.
  27. 27. #YD19 Deployment flow Or deployment flow – it takes time to push anything through it.
  28. 28. #YD19 Good practices • Use properly configured scratch orgs • Proper description in commits && their clever use • Have a set of sample data • Use .forceignore wisely and don’t be afraid of it • Code retrieve-convert speeds-up hotfixing and deployments • Naming conventions
  29. 29. #YD19 Summary aka One best thing (Martin) force:org:open
  30. 30. #YD19 Summary aka One best thing (Adam) force:mdapi:retrieve
  31. 31. #YD19 What’s ahead of us? Packaging concepts Data setup using DX Org shapes and templates
  32. 32. #YD19 Interesting links https://gearset.com/assets/adopting-salesforce-dx.pdf https://www.salesforceben.com/all-you-need-to-know- about-salesforce-development-best-practices-in-one- post/ https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/projects /quick-start-salesforce-dx
  33. 33. #YD19 Join us for drinks @18:00 sponsored by Community sponsors: What we can learn from you? NonProfit-track sponsor: