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Agent of Change

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Agent of Change presentation that was delivered to Lake/Kenosha PHP User Group on Mar 19, 2013

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Agent of Change

  1. 1. Agent of Change Matt Frost @mfrost503 http://shortwhitebaldguy.com https://joind.in/talk/view/8097
  2. 2. Main Goaldrive change by understanding your organizationdrive change by mastering toolsdrive change by excellent communication
  3. 3. Topicspreparationpresentationdealing with successdealing with failure
  4. 4. Why Drive Change?no organization does everything wellwill grow your skillsit’s better than complaining!
  5. 5. What this talk is NOTnot a quick fixnot a one-size fits all solution
  6. 6. Why Change doesn’t happenfearmisunderstandinglack of previous changefrustrated
  7. 7. Onward and upward!planning builds confidenceremove unwarranted fearschange has to happen
  8. 8. Identifying the Problem
  9. 9. A Real Problem...costs time and moneyis a detriment to quality and efficiencycan create friction between team members
  10. 10. Finding a real problemare there processes that are painful for the team(deployment, bug tracking...)is subpar code regularly introduced to liveenvironmentsdo you even know what’s going on?
  11. 11. Find one to solvepick a problem that will solve an organizationalproblem (not just yours) - talk to your teammatesresearch options for solving this problemdecide on a solution and start mastering itdon’t bring it up to your boss yet...we’re being strategicremember
  12. 12. This is hard...you’re doing this because no one else willyou HAVE to know what you’re talking aboutuse the time available to youprove the problem exists and your solution fixes it
  13. 13. “Hey boss, we suck at this”pointing out problems is scarydo research, back up your findingsValue facts over opinionsIf you can’t prove it, you shouldn’t try to change it untilyou can
  14. 14. “This is a lot of extra work”change implemented haphazardly is more disastrousyou want to make things better, right?it’s less work if you’re already an expert (so start thereif you can)becoming in expert beneficial for everyone
  15. 15. “Houston we have our problem”
  16. 16. Good job!now you have to sell it to your bossdon’t waste your effort with poor presentationinvest the time to present well
  17. 17. The Elevator Pitcha short pitch on what the problem is and how youintend to fix itdon’t ramblebe professional, show tact
  18. 18. “2nd floor please”the elevator pitch probably won’t get you permissiona good one shows that you carethe goal is get a “tell me more”have a training and implementation plan ready to go!
  19. 19. “Tell me more...”develop a strong visual presentationyou’ll be giving this to technical and non-technicalpeopleuse the data you found in researchtake feedback and use it to make your plan better
  20. 20. Keep it perspectiveyou are responsible for bringing value to the companygood ideas are shot down all the time, it’s probably notyouit’s ok to get frustrated, it means you care
  21. 21. :dance:
  22. 22. “Great plan Johnson!”this is a tough place to get tohaving backing will help deal with uncooperative teammembersyou got permission, don’t be timiduse it as an opportunity to mentor
  23. 23. Don’t let it languishtechnology changes quicklyall eyes are on youencourage your team to go deepervalue has been added, work to keep it there
  24. 24. You Stay Classy San Diegostay professionalorganizationalwin!
  25. 25. :sadpanda:
  26. 26. Don’t give up yetfeels awfulif you can, find out whydon’t be discouragedcontinue learning to make a stronger case
  27. 27. Feels awfulyou didn’t waste your timeyou proved you care, they’ll remember thatbe bummed (just don’t do anything stupid)stay grounded in reality
  28. 28. What did I do wrong?Talk to the appropriate personBuild a stronger case if you need toGet as much info as you can
  29. 29. “chin up kid”don’t assume the worstif you can use the process yourself, you shouldadversity is a great motivator
  30. 30. Common areas for changeautomated testingtest driven developmentversion control (sadly enough)continuous integrationcontinuous deploymentcoding standards
  31. 31. It’s your careersome places won’t changebeing stuck hurts your skillsyou should be able to grow at work
  32. 32. Know your organizationknow the chain ofcommandunderstand the culture“you went over myhelmet!”