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Simplify Web UX Coding using OSGi Modularity Magic - Paul Fraser (A2Z Living)

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OSGi Community Event 2018 Presentation by Paul Fraser (A2Z Living)

Abstract: This talk will demonstrate how easy it is to create great web user interfaces using the OSGi Service registry and Declarative Services.

OSGi has developed to the point that much can be achieved with much reduced code complexity. Forget all the past OSGi techniques and see how it can be done now.

A short introduction will introduce OSGi in general and even if beginners do not fully understand the finer details of the talk, they will be amazed at what can be achieved using the OSGi service registry.

Do not be frightened by the terminology, come along and experience the magic of OSGi modularity.

User interfaces do not seem to get much attention in the OSGi community, it is time for a change.

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Simplify Web UX Coding using OSGi Modularity Magic - Paul Fraser (A2Z Living)

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