physiology function eye anatomy regulation connexone desmosomes tight junction and types of cell junctions measurement of compartmental volumes bodyfluids indirect pathway direct pathway ganglia bsasal huntingtons chorea parkinsonism goldman equation nernst equation resting membrane potential and action potential dic hemophilia purpura vitamink blood clottig bulk flow transcytosis osmosis endocytosis active transport facilitated passive cavolin clathrin polycythemia anaemia introduction cell organelles autonomic reflex comparison noradrenaline adrenaline catecholamine acetyl choline chemical transmission physiology of sympathetic physiology parasympathetic deep superficial reflexes power tone coordination supraspinal muscle tone muscle spindle stretch reflex coding of sensory information tonotopic organisation inner ear middle ear external ear special senses (hearing) sense impedance matching auditory cotex organ of corti. deafness hearing loss audiometry tests of hearing hearing. layers of the eye coats of the eye middle vascular coat iris lens retina sclera cornea tonometry iop vitrous humor aqueous humor fluid system of the eye glaucoma obesity metabolism temperature basal metabolic rate connection assessment langendorff contractility powerlab special senses (vision) physiology of cellular transport sensory system by dina merzeban
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