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Presentations, Slideshare & eventroi

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Presentation prepared for APM Volunteers Forum on how to optimise your content to; optimise SEO, enhanced sharing and increase their effectiveness - particularly in relation to events and conferences.

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Presentations, Slideshare & eventroi

  1. 1. Presentations, Slideshare & #eventroi Page 1 Presentations, Slideshare & #eventroi A ‘How to guide’ for exploiting key asset & achieving our goals 1. Choose Appropriate Title 2. Text from slides – shows as a Transcript 3. Notes from slides – displayed as Notes for slide number (e.g. notes for slide 1, notes for slide 2, etc … should check that appropriate to display publicly!) Note – only works with native Powerpoint – not PDF Guidance 4. Description – up to 3,000 characters – ideally based on a precise of the article in the APM web site 5. Tags – up to 20 – appear in channel Tag cloud for improved navigation – good for SEO 6. Links – can be associated with text and / or images 7. Links – Advanced – for example ‘click to tweet’ on images 8. YouTube insert – can choose position within the slides (& cross-reference between the two – Examples: Arabian Nights & Sendsteps – Concept Cards 9. Presentation is then embedded in the article on the target APM pages(for example within one, or more, micro-site(s) 10.Article can be socialised using share buttons – including Twitter (for example by @apmprogmsig), Linkedin groups, Facebook, Google+ etc.
  2. 2. Presentations, Slideshare & #eventroi Page 2 11.Relax and have a cup of coffee … whilst magic happens! Notes:  @Neil White article [Link:Reflecting on an educational experience]  APM Conference – Slidecast SEO Document  Nick Fewings Webinar “Arabian Nights - Turning a team around in the desert”  “History repeats itself. It has too, no one listens” Steve Turner  Building a movement of 500,000 followers, contributing to a turn-over of £20M per year … Strategy 2020 Merv Wyeth ProgM SIG