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20160930 bot framework workshop

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End-to-end develop your Chat Bot using Microsoft's Bot Framework, with testing in Emulator, deploying to Azure and more.

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20160930 bot framework workshop

  1. 1. www.botframework.com http://www.slideshare.net/mengruts/20160930-bot-framework-workshop
  2. 2. Microsoft Bot Builder (SDKs) Microsoft Bot Directory Knowledge & Intelligence Services VisionWeb Search Language Speech Knowledge …ML Public APIs (Cognitive Services) Dialog Manager Knowledge & Action Graph Entity Private APIs Microsoft Bot Connector 4 3 2 1 Add smarts to your bot Build a great bot Make your bot discoverable Connect your bot to channels ConversationasaPlatform Conversation as a Platform
  3. 3. Your Bot Framework Bot Bot Connector Bot DirectoryBot Builder SDKs Connect your bot(s) to text/sms, Office 365 mail, Skype, Slack, and other services. Build great dialogs within your Node.js- or C#-based bot Try, use, and add published bots to the world’s top conversation experiences • Register, connect, publish and manage your bot through the bot dashboard • Message routing • Automatic translation to 30+ languages • User and state management • Embeddable web chat control • Debugging tools • Open source SDK on Github • From simple built-in prompts and command dialogs to simple to use yet sophisticated ‘FormFlow’ dialogs • Libraries, samples and tools to make a great conversationalist • Chat emulator • Leverage related services available in Cognitive Services • Public directory of bots registered and approved with Bot Framework • Users can try your bot from the directory via the web chat control • Users can discover and add your bot to the channels on which it is configured
  4. 4. 店內熱點分析 冷熱門商品分析 顧客動線分析
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