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Big Data and collaboration - Enterprise Digital Summit - Kimind - Miguel Membrado

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How big data will transform digital usages adopting at large scale by giving the control to the employees themselves

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Big Data and collaboration - Enterprise Digital Summit - Kimind - Miguel Membrado

  1. 1. Big Data and Collaboration Miguel Membrado CEO Kimind Digital Transformation & Collaboration Expert membrado@kimind.com http://www.kimind.com @membrado
  3. 3. Digital usages & Training Traditional change management programs focused on tools are failing
  4. 4. Transforming business work practices Business-oriented change management programs are successful Business cases Micro-transformations The right service for the right usage for the right purpose Develop new work practice skills
  5. 5. Tremendous productivity savings Based on real life transformation programs over large accounts Potential savings observed: 12.000 days/year per 1.000 people “liberation of days for added value work”
  6. 6. Problem: how to scale transformation success... ...from X.000 to 100.000 people? ...white collars, blue collars, public bodies, extensive costs, not possible to coach everybody, multicultural vision, surveys’ relevance, ….
  7. 7. 100.000 Change management industrialization? Distribute effort on the people themselves X.000
  8. 8. A NEW APPROACH Employee’s “quantified self” programs CENSORS BIG DATA RECOMMENDATIONS
  9. 9. Global analytics are not enough Usually accessible to admins or change management teams
  10. 10. Individual Analytics Aggregate user’s activity
  11. 11. Diversity of collaborative purposes... … and platforms to agregate to have full picture
  12. 12. Work Practices and Digital Skills evaluation Interpret activity to measure skills and progression
  13. 13. Activity versus Skills Both individual and global improvements from thousands of small transformations Step 1: Collect Data Step 2: Analyze Data Step 3: Generate added value Step 4: Recommend Step 5: Improve individual skills Step 6: Improve organization Outcomes: Better productivity Better organization Better employability Better innovation
  14. 14. Assistance and recommendations Collecting and interpreting activity and skills, recommendations Virtual assistant able to assist the end user: To adopt new digital skills To automatize basic day to day activities To be more efficient
  15. 15. Big data and Collaboration The next big change enabler to embrace new work practices at large scale Miguel Membrado Kimind User-centric to take control Real time skills evaluation Skills progression monitoring Customized recommendation programs Collaborative usage adoption and monitoring at large scale Virtual assistance to automatize collaboration
  16. 16. A last word: Virtual collaboration The next big change to interact in real time from anywhere
  17. 17. THANK YOU Let’s continue the conversation membrado@kimind.com http://www.kimind.com https://twitter.com/membrado https://www.linkedin.com/in/membrado