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  1. 1. Provinces and Capital
  2. 2. Basilan Isabela Sulu Jolo Tawi-tawi Panglima Sugala Maguindanao Shariff Kabunsuan Lanao del sur Marawi
  3. 3. Basilan's name may also derive from its iron ore deposits. Tausug warriors and slave-traders from Sulu came to Taguima to purchase high-quality magnetic iron ores, which they used for swords, knives and other blades. basih-lan means "the iron (magnet) trail" or "the iron way".
  4. 4. Basilan Provincial Capitol Trademark: Bulingan Falls
  5. 5. It is said that the Chinese traders who frequented the place, named Jolo after ho lâng. Ho lâng meaning ‘Good People’ reflects the Chinese perception of the natives.
  6. 6. trademark: Pamalican Island
  7. 7. "Tawi-Tawi" means "very far away." The province consists of a great many small islands, grouped into ten towns. The people make their living mostly from the sea. Many of them live in house-boats, and more live in houses built over the water and connected by little bridges.
  8. 8. trademark: Tango Island
  9. 9. Maguindanao Maguindanao means “people of the flood plain,” the Maguindanao are most heavily concentrated along the shores and in the flood lands of the Pulangi-Mindanao River basin.
  10. 10. Bongo Diving Spot trademark:
  11. 11. Lanao del Sur is defined by Lake Lanao, the second largest and deepest in the Philippine Islands. Lanao comes from the word ranao, meaning "lake."
  12. 12. Lake Lanao trademark:
  13. 13. Ogopingku a ginawangka Ka inogopangka o Allahotaalah Badum mala sa dalog Apukulilid sa lapad Nada akapadal iyan. (Tagalog Version) Tulunganmo ang iyong sarili At siAllahay tiyakna tutulong sa iyo Malakiang kamote Na gumugulong sapinggan Ngunit tiyak nawalang lasaiyan.