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Sxsw last of the launch and leave 'ems

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Sxsw last of the launch and leave 'ems

  1. 1. Panel slides, 14.03.11Mel ExonFounder & Managing Partner, BBH Labs@bbhlabs @melex
  2. 2. 1. Brands shouldn’t launch andleave.. But perhaps Agenciesshould*.
  3. 3. Brands shouldn’t launch andleave.. But perhaps Agenciesshould*.*Show some respect and get out of the way
  4. 4. YEO VALLEY ENGAGEMENT PLAN PAID OWNED EARNED Create brand fame through mass Engage and educate through entertainment, Build advocacy and brand reputation for awareness. video-rich content, competition entry and game responsiveness; approachable opinion-leader interaction. on sustainable farming and food. ON-PACK E-NEWS TEXT ENTRY CAMPAIGN/ COMMUNITY COMP PROMO LETTERITV ADVERTISING DRIVES TRAFFIC DATA CAPTURE ONLINE TRAFFIC DRIVERS CAMPAIGN PAID GAME SEEDING YVO.CO.UK SEARCH CAMPAIGN & BRAND ADVOCACY PROG DATA CAPTUREAcquisition Channels R.O.I MEASUREMENT Retention Channels
  5. 5. What we’ve learnt
  6. 6. Abandon the shimmering idealof perfection. Fix mistakes inthe wild
  7. 7. Abandon the shimmering idealof perfection. Fix mistakes inthe wildSet a deadline and stick to itDon’t beat yourself up if youbreak rules.. But still set some.
  8. 8. 2. Campaigns are dead, longlive campaigns*.
  9. 9. Campaigns are dead, long livecampaigns*.*New platform releases and comms spikes
  10. 10. Platforms are not islands, they’re partof an eco-system:
  12. 12. What we’ve learnt
  13. 13. Platforms are non-linear and 3-dimensionalBeing valuable to the user means beinguseful or entertaining and yes, different.Beware sleepwalking into the generic,ginormous waste of time
  14. 14. Our judgement criteria have evolved:Is this habitual behaviour?Have we balanced effort and reward?Is there something in it for 1:9:90?…And yet stayed the same:Is this what the brand uniquely can offer?Is this relevant and different?
  15. 15. Some closing thoughts
  16. 16. Agencies, let’s ask: ‘where can we addmost value?’ not ‘how can we doeverything?’Act like an entrepreneur: what commercialinvestment and return are you looking forover time?“Do interesting things and interestingthings will happen to you” John Hegarty