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Trading 101 how buying and selling works in forex

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Today, we are going to see how buying and selling works in the FOREX Market.

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Trading 101 how buying and selling works in forex

  1. 1. Trading 101: How Buying And Selling Works in Forex Today, we are going to see how buying and selling works in the FOREX Market. As everybody knows, Currencies are traded in pairs on the FOREX Market. This means that buying a currency will automatically result in the selling of the other currency that is part of a certain pair. It's like betting on a boxing match. If you put your money on a contender, you automatically bet on the other to lose. Whether you want it or not. Let's take for example the EUR/USD pair. Both of the currencies in this pair are constantly fighting each other in a tug of war game that is determined by the ratio between the two currencies. Otherwise known as the exchange rate. So, the exchange rate is actually the measure of which currency is stronger at a certain point in time.
  2. 2. Which currencies can traders buy and sell? Trading in FOREX can be done in all currencies. Depending on your broker, of course! This includes: • The Majors. • The Minors. • The exotics. When to buy or sell in the FOREX Market? Well, here's when it's no longer a matter of just learning the ins and outs of the FOREX Market. Knowing when to buy or to sell is different from a trader to another. At a certain point in time and depending on their approach, some traders may think that it's the perfect moment to buy, while others may think that, in order to make a profit, they should sell.
  3. 3. Doing it correctly can yield tremendous results and profits. But doing it poorly may result in a lot of loss. In their pursuit to know what currency pairs are to buy or sell, traders may apply a variety of techniques and strategies. These strategies are: • Technical Analysis. • Fundamental Analysis. • Sentiment Analysis. • Copy trading. It is crucial for every trader, who's in it for the long run, to determine what strategy works best and follow it. This is what separate traders from plain gamblers. In order to do that, you need to learn all about what goes in the FOREX Market. You also need to use what you learn to develop a strong and profitable strategy that is time proof. It's either that or better go and put your money on a horse! Trading 101 series:
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