kimberly clark marketing assngmt

       Marketing management             Kimberly Clark,[object Object],MADE BY:,[object Object],MEGHNA MAHAJAN,[object Object],premier global health and hygiene company,[object Object]
INTRODUCTION,[object Object],[object Object]
Founded in 1872 in Neenah, WisconsinU.S.
Type :public company
Headquartered : Dallas ,Texas .
CEO ; Thomas. J Falk.
Revenue  ; $19.1billion (2009).
Company sells its products in 150 countries.
Manufacturing units in 41 countries.
Employees : 56,000 (2010)
 Stock Exchanges: New York Midwest Pacific,[object Object]
Kimberly-Clark Corporation Board of Directors,[object Object],     G Craig Sullivan, Director.,[object Object],Thomas J Falk, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer .,[object Object],Robert W Decherd, Director.,[object Object],John R Alm, Director.,[object Object],Mae C Jemison, Director.,[object Object],James M Jenness, Director .,[object Object],Marc J Shapiro, Director .,[object Object]
1) WHAT BUSINESS ARE THEY IN,[object Object],[object Object]
It’s a major producer of  premium business and technical papers.
Market leader in health care products.
 No.1 producer of examination gloves in united states.
Revenue :$19.1billion (09),[object Object]
Cont….,[object Object],K-C Professional & Other,[object Object],Disposable Health & Hygiene Products form Away-From-Home Use, including Facial Tissue, Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels, Wipers, Protective/Absorbent Products for Do-It-Yourself Use, Safety Products; Nonwovens.,[object Object],2009 Sales of $3.0 Billion,[object Object],Operating Profit Margin 15.4%,[object Object],Health care,[object Object],Surgical Drapes and Gowns, Infection Control Products, Face Masks,,[object Object],Exam Gloves; Respiratory, Digestive Health, Pain Management and,[object Object],Other Disposable Medical Devices.,[object Object],2009 Sales of $1.4 Billion,[object Object],Operating Profit Margin 17.8%,[object Object]
global sales of $2+ billion annually for consumer tissue & k-c professional products,[object Object],world’s first facial tissue & today well over a $1 billion business,[object Object],   Global Brands ,[object Object],foundation of our $4.7 billion diaper business,[object Object],Pioneered the retail incontinence care category in the u.s.,[object Object]
Vision,[object Object],",[object Object],To enhance the Health, Hygiene and Well Being of People Everywhere, Every day.",[object Object],VISION:,[object Object]
Mission,[object Object], "To enhance the Health and Hygiene of people in Africa through quality, trusted and intelligent solutions that clean, care and protect.",[object Object]
Cont….,[object Object],Premier: Our goal is to be a leading competitor with a No. 1 or No. 2 market share in key markets and an indispensable partner to customers. We strive to achieve sustainable sales and operating profit and meet earnings targets. ,[object Object],Global: Having a global perspective and mindset. Leveraging our scale and being nimble and fast. Driving growth of our global capabilities, portfolio management and organizational effectiveness to help us better meet the needs of our customers, shoppers, choosers and users. ,[object Object],Health and hygiene: Creating innovative total solutions and moving into new market spaces supports our mission to enhance the health, hygiene and well-being of people every day, everywhere. ,[object Object]
Values,[object Object],Team work,[object Object],Creating synergy in working towards shared goals through unconditional participation as a member of a team, of which one may not necessarily be the leader and contributing even when the team is working on something of no direct or personal interest. ,[object Object],Caring for others,[object Object],Caring, accepting and communicating an understanding of others’ feelings, perspectives, values and belief systems and taking an active and emphatic interest in these concerns.,[object Object]
CONT……,[object Object],Innovation,[object Object],An openness and ability to generate imaginative solutions to business problems through being acutely aware of and responsive to opportunities and innovative action and being flexible in responding to change.,[object Object],Superior performance,[object Object],Making the best use of the company’s resources to attain superior levels of performance for self, others and the organisation; thus successfully achieving the company’s purposes and objectives whilst also meeting the company’s responsibilities to all stakeholders.,[object Object]
Scott ,[object Object],The Scott Paper Company is a USA-based corporation which manufactures mostly paper based consumer products.,[object Object],Scott Paper was founded in 1879 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by brothers E. Irvin and Clarence Scott.,[object Object], Its credited as being the first to market toilet paper sold on a roll. They began marketing paper towels in 1907, and paper napkins in the 1930s.,[object Object],In 1995 Scott Paper merged with Kimberly-Clark which continues to use the Scott brandname. Scott Paper Limited, formerly a Canadian subsidiary.,[object Object],Following the merger with Kimberly-Clark, the Baby Fresh brand was sold to Procter & Gamble and is now sold under the Pampers brand. ,[object Object]
Net sales & profits of K-C,[object Object]
kimberly clark marketing assngmt
Financial overview,[object Object],[object Object]
Operating Profit                               $ 2,825
Net Income Attributable to K-C      $ 1,884
Cash Provided by Operations          $ 3,481
Dividends Declared Per Share         $ 2.40
Total Assets                                       $19,209
Ratio of Total Debt and Redeemable Securities to Capital                                53%,[object Object]
BRANDS,[object Object],KLEENEX,[object Object],                   SCOTT ,[object Object],                                 WYPALL ,[object Object],                                                     KIMTECH ,[object Object], KLEENGUARD ,[object Object],                              KIMCARE ,[object Object],                                                       JACKSON,[object Object]
PRODUCT CATEGORY,[object Object],[object Object]
 DISPENSERS,[object Object]
Company Strategies,[object Object], Manage portfolio to balance growth, profitability and cash flow.,[object Object],Invest in brands, innovation and growth initiatives.,[object Object], Deliver sustainable cost reduction.,[object Object], Disciplined capital.,[object Object]
Marketing strategy ,[object Object],To support the innovations and to build brand equity across their portfolio, they continued to invest behind our brands. ,[object Object],In 2009, they have  increased their strategic marketing & spend by more than $140 million in local currency terms. Main  focus on connecting with audiences in innovative ways, deploying strategies that bring consumers information on our products on their terms at the times and places they want to receive it.,[object Object]
Business unit strategies,[object Object],Win globally in Personal Care:,[object Object], K-C will grow its strong positions in this high-margin business by leveraging its powerful brands and providing winning innovations.,[object Object],Drive rapid growth throughout k-c international with a particular  focus on china, russia and latinamerica: K-C’s business in Asia, Latin America : the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa will continue to execute targeted expansion and growth plans, & take advantage of attractive market opportunities and deploy K-C’s strong brands and innovation capabilities.,[object Object]
Cont…,[object Object],Targeted growth and margin improvement in consumer  tissue: K-C will bring differentiated, value-added innovations to grow and strengthen its brands while focusing on net realized revenue, improving mix and reducing costs.,[object Object],Grow in higher margin segments in K-C Professional (KCP)and Health Care: K-C will continue to shift mix to faster-growing,higher-margin segments within KCP and Health Care, including safety and wiping in KCP and medical devices in Health Care.,[object Object]
Revenues by business,[object Object]
     PRODUCTS,[object Object]
kimberly clark marketing assngmt
PRODUCTS IN MEXICO,[object Object]
PRODUCTS IN RUSSIA,[object Object]
PRODUCTS IN S.A.,[object Object]
SPAIN,[object Object]
UNITED KINGDOM,[object Object]
COMPETITORS,[object Object],Georgia-Pacific LLC.,[object Object],P&G.,[object Object],KRUGER.,[object Object],Johnson & johnson.,[object Object],ABC,[object Object]
ABC,[object Object],ABC has invested heavily in manufacturing facilities in Australia and New Zealand. They  are in the final stage of Australia’s most advanced high tech paper mill in Sydney.They  have also developed significant export markets, taking Australian tissue products to the world.,[object Object],ABC is the only major tissue product company owned by Australians.,[object Object]
ABC products ,[object Object], Toilet tissues ,[object Object],Facial tissues ,[object Object],Dispensers ,[object Object],Hand towels ,[object Object],Table covers ,[object Object],Hand cleanser systems. ,[object Object]
kimberly clark marketing assngmt
kimberly clark marketing assngmt
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