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HIV Consumer Home Test

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This is a comparison between the LifeSaver Stik HIV test and the FDA approved OraQuick test that is available. If you like the LifeSaver format of a 2 second tongue swipe and 2 minute results and would like to bring this to market, please get in touch. We still need some investors.

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HIV Consumer Home Test

  1. 1. A final note about simplicity of use: All the steps to complete the AwareOral HIV test. Ttest: Simply wipe the Stik® over the tongue and read the results in less than 2 minutes;NEGATIVE READING ®If the Stik DOES NOT DETECT the substance, a minus sign appears: Positively verifies that the test has been completed correctlyPOSITIVE READING ®If the Stik DOES DETECT the substance, a plus sign appears: Positively verifies the substanceNOT ACTIVATEDIf NO SYMBOL appears, the test was compromised and must be discarded. 2
  2. 2. Which test would you choose?In SummaryTtest has developed a new and powerful diagnostic tool, the Stik®. The Stik® technology is a simple, low cost, onsite test that instantly detects a broad range of communicable diseases, substance abuse and medical conditionsTtest Stiks® are non-invasive and require only a small sample of saliva to provide fast, accurate results. Theprocess is as simple as licking a stamp. Results are provided in less than 2 minutes and can be administered byvirtually anyone. Ttest Stiks® eliminate the need and expense for clinics taking and analyzing blood and urinesamples. Ttest Stiks® eliminate the need for specially trained technicians, on-site equipment (bottles, needles,etc.), and expensive lab equipment to complete immunoassay testing. It also eliminates “chain of custody” issues,contamination issues and the anxiety of waiting for test results. The Stiks® produce results that are forensicallyaccurate (99.9%), simple to use and effective anywhere, anytime.Ttest Stiks® feature a visible control display on the Stik®, a simple positive (+) or negative (-) symbol. If nosymbol appears, the test was compromised and must be discarded. Ttest Stiks® are the only saliva tests in theworld that positively verify that the test has been completed correctly, thereby eliminating the risk of falsenegatives. Ttest Stik® products are virtually impossible to adulterate and are cost effective.Ttest disposable Stiks® deliver the power to detect, combat and prevent the spread of diseases while improvinghealth conditions worldwide. All diseases must first be detected before effective countermeasures can bedeployed.“We will never stop the spread of HIV/AIDS until we identify the carriers first”.Often overlooked is Ttest private label marketing strategy. This feature will reduce the possibilities ofpharmaceuticals and others competing with Ttest as they will not under any conditions, use someone else’s namefor their marketing needs. Ttest private label adds another opportunity for marketing and gives Ttest thecompetitive edge now and in the future. The only thing Ttest has in common with the competition is the use of saliva. Ttest revolutionary products are far more advanced on all levels. 3
  3. 3. ABBOTT AND ORASURE TECHNOLOGIES ENTER AGREEMENT FOR ORAQUICK® ADVANCE™ RAPID HIV-1/2 TESTAbbott Park, Illinois and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, February 14, 2005 — Abbott (NYSE: ABT) andOraSure Technologies (Nasdaq NM:OSUR) today announced a $50,000,000 agreement for thedistribution of OraSure Technologies OraQuick® ADVANCE™ rapid antibody test for the detection ofantibodies to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV–1) and Type 2 (HIV–2). Under theterms of the distribution agreement, Abbott was appointed as exclusive distributor of the OraQuick®ADVANCE™ HIV–1/2 test for hospitals and as a non–exclusive distributor to physician offices in theUnited States."We believe this agreement will enable us to capitalize on the growing demand for our new OraQuick®ADVANCE™ test and help achieve our goal of making rapid HIV testing available to all who need it,"said Douglas A. Michels, President and CEO of OraSure Technologies. "With the sales and marketingteams from OraSure and Abbott working together, we will expand the reach of this product in the UnitedStates."Providing results in 20 minutes, OraQuick® ADVANCE™ is the only rapid, point–of–care test for thedetection of antibodies to both HIV–1 and HIV–2 approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) for use on oral fluid. The test is also CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments Actof 1988) waived for all specimen types except plasma. OraSure commercially launched the OraQuick®ADVANCE™ test in October 2004.“This agreement allows us to provide an important test to assist in the rapid detection of HIV,” saidMichael J. Collins, vice president, U.S. Diagnostic Commercial Operations, Abbott. “The testsflexibility with sample type, including oral fluid, and its ability to screen for both HIV–1 and HIV–2make it an ideal fit for hospitals, providing them with a simple, yet comprehensive, rapid HIV test.” 4