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Social Bookmarketing

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After a discussion with Electric Artists, NY, I could not stop thinking about how Social Bookmarking had evolved and how we can leverage the sites/tools to promote the brands online.
Special thanks to: Jinal Shah (www.jinalshah.com)

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Social Bookmarketing

  1. 1. SOCIAL BOOKMARK(ET)ING By Mansi Trivedi, Communications Strategist www.mansitrivedi.com | manasi.trivedi@gmail.com
  2. 2. Social Bookmarking is a tool that enables one to save and share bookmarks but with the emergence of new platforms and modifications to the old, it can be used as an effective tactic for marketing. Often times, brands create great micro-sites worth a million views but get only a thousand. Some sites, find their way back into storage when the hits go low. Social Bookmarking can help revamp these sites, bring them back to life and tell their stories all over again. While the websites help create the stories, social bookmarking sites can help tell the stories well and make sure everyoneʼs listening.
  3. 3. TS EN What is Social Bookmarking? T ON C How has it evolved? Who uses it and why? What kind of content gets most circulated? How can marketers leverage this tool? How can marketers measure success? Whatʼs next?
  4. 4. What does ‘Social bookmarking’ mean? Social Bookmarking is a way to share, store and organize your links and webpages online. While bookmarking might help you save your links, ‘social’ bookmarking adds a dialogue dimension to it. Social bookmarking tools and sites help you discover and share interesting finds online. In 2003, del.icio.us pioneered ‘tagging’ and became the widely used social bookmarking site. Now, more than 150 social bookmarking sites dab for our attention, while Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon and Reddit prove to be the most popular because they are easy to use, navigate and tag.
  5. 5. We all started with collecting our favorite news on our Firefox bookmarks, but as the list grew, going back to the shared suitcase became difficult and inconvenient. In 1996, a few tools emerged that enabled users to save links online. In 2003, Delicious was found and changed the way we perceived ʻbookmarkingʼ. Recently, tools like Tumblr, twitter and facebook integrated the function of sharing links, news items into personal profiles and blogs. 1.0 Social 2.0 bookmarking Clip2 Quiver HotLinks Backflip itLists
  6. 6. Understanding the bookmarkers THE LIBRARIAN: THE SPECIALIST: THE OPTIMIZER: She is a knitter, interested in fashion and She has very organized tags and does not He can give lessons on hacking 101. He design. She harps on creativity and is use more than two social bookmarking optimizes the social networks he uses by always looking for inspiration from her sites to store most of her information. She applying tricks and traits to the headlines, network. She is primarily a hunter of uses the links/data she shares for a descriptions or tags of the links. He information related to knitting and fashion. specific project she’s working on. She is might not have relevant things to share She filters through her links and posts mostly a gatherer of resources but seldom but his bookmarks will receive the them back on her network only if they are a pass-it-on-er. She mainly uses delicious, highest hits because of the worth sharing. She uses Tumblr, stumbleupon, reddit. Her twitter account is words/phrases he uses. He mainly uses Weheartit and Delicious. invitation only. digg. THE SELF- THE IMMIGRANT: THE DISTRIBUTOR PROMOTER: Attracted to all things pop-culture, he uses He is popular in the bloggerville and is an A mom of three, she just overheard her tumblr, twitter, facebook, myspace, digg, expert voice in this industry. He stores most friend talking about delicious and reddit, and weheartit and stumbleupon to always be of his links and keeps his bookmark suitcase she decided to join the bandwagon. She is a ahead of pop news and know the latest on fairly private.He constantly shares links to his new entrant in the world of social media, youtube. He’s a digital native, grown up with blogs on his account on twitter and linkedin but uses these sites and facebook to share internet, a content creator on the web and where he constantly updates links to his blogs latest news from around the world. She is the first one to share everything online. and waits for them to be retweeted. He uses likes the tool because it is a great upgrade He appreciates links that will help his image stumbleupon and reddit, discards digg for the from email forwards and ‘have you heards’. in his virtual/social circle and breeds on casual users. He follows very selected few on She also maintains her private blog to borrowed intelligence. twitter but a lot follow him. update her friends on her life.
  7. 7. Combining the old and new Social Bookmarking platforms present an opportunity for brands to invoke organic conversation around your product.
  8. 8. What gets dugg, stumbled upon, approved to be delicious, read it, tumblred, twittered and faved a few thousand times?
  9. 9. Delicious users mostly use the tool to bookmark technology related stories, environment news and personal subjects. When you notice the most number of tags, theyʼll range from Adobe tips to free software downloads, from politics to green solutions. Stumble Upon is used as a tool for networking and messaging or sharing links with friends. Most stories distributed here vary based on personal interests.
  10. 10. Reddit is mainly used for sharing news, personal finds and strange happenings. Digg is mainly used by a younger, geeky user base who like to share links based on current affairs.
  11. 11. How to leverage various social bookmarking sites to help generate social currency for your content -
  12. 12. Entertain and invoke action: Make content thatʼs capable of spurring strong emotions, mostly good.
  13. 13. Pepsi ʻleakedʼ its formula for its new logo which involved an articulated step by step process of what each element means and the purpose of its placing. The logo formula was immediately picked up by influencers, experts and fans.
  14. 14. Burger King went viral with the news of offering free Whopper to those who would sacrifice 10 fair “weather web” friendships on facebook. The news fired across the web and within a few weeks of the announcement 10,000 friendships had been sacrificed.
  15. 15. Break a story: Look at it as a free PR tool. Make your content bookmark worthy.
  16. 16. If you canʼt get people to visit your website, visit theirs. Skittles replaced their entire homepage with its twitter stream. This uncommon approach of letting real testimonials about your brand become your mainstream voice took thousands by surprise. These thousands then faved the idea and passed it onto others.
  17. 17. Attract: Tell your story in your headline.
  18. 18. In an ad, Dominoʼs CEO David Brandon tossed a cease-and-desist letter from the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust into the pizza oven. The ad immediately went viral which directed people to visit the Dominoʼs website where people could bake their own letters.
  19. 19. Enable Narcissism: Make content that will help the bookmarkers look good.
  20. 20. A new way of playing with online content emerged when Mini released its “augmented reality” ad. The car company created a print ad which, when viewed through a web cam produced a virtual 3D model of their MINI Cabrio convertible on screen. In March, GE released the Youtube video of its Smart Grid Hologram ad which traveled across the web. Immediately, links started being reblogged and retweeted onlinw.
  21. 21. Bloggers and Tech geeks strive to be the first ones to break “Apple” news with relation to rumors or facts about new products or applications. Apple has generated and recognized its distinguished fan base who have proved to be an army of bookmarkers whenever thereʼs an announcement about the brand and its products.
  22. 22. Be the Authority: Give the final verdict and let them follow you.
  23. 23. When the domestic Auto industry was slumping in sales, Ford decided to shake things up, recharge its image and help clarify the misconceptions. Scott Monty, the head of Social Media at Ford, started twittering, conversing and answering any questions people might have. This, along with some other efforts, helped Ford become a great example of a brand that used social media to solve its image issues. Now, Scott shares news about Ford and watches as the links get shared and retweeted along the way.
  24. 24. After all thatʼs said and done, measure the effectiveness of your efforts -
  25. 25. It is very important to measure the efforts that were fed into the social bookmarking tribes, to scale a brandʼs viral success. These are some of the sites that help you monitor, measure and track mentions of your brand, news link or campaign online:
  26. 26. The communications industry is changing, the advertising budgets are sizing down and everyone is questioning the traditional ways of sending a message. Everybody is talking about the power of twitter and facebook. But today, as the need for higher visibility for brands rises, so does the need to recruit various channels and integrate them into one big circuit, which allows you to tell your stories and place your bets back into the idea of organic outreach. While Social bookmarketing can not be implemented as a stand alone social media effort, it can help augment the current strategies by playing by the simple rules of Chinese whisper.
  27. 27. I hope that you enjoyed this deck as much as I did working on it. If you wish to talk about it more or have any questions, contact me at: manasi.trivedi@gmail.com or DM me on twitter: www.twitter.com/media_reveries. Hope to have a discussion with you soon. Thank You. References: http://delicious.com/mansi.trivedi/socialbookmarking