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Sample of product development

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Sample of product development

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Sample of product development

  1. 1. Sample of product development managed by Michael DobleProblem:• The companys annual sales had plateaued at $6 million and their legacy microwave network management product markets were declining.Solution:• Create through my vision the industry’s first automated RNMS solution with the ability to monitor diagnose and correct problems independent of the NOC administrator using IP-base monitoring technologies• Personally developed a business plan and product requirement for a new type of Internet Appliance (SiteAppliance), growing our market segment from $100M to $1B.• Negotiated and personally guaranteed $3.2 million in financing to fund the development of the SiteAppliance.• After 3 years of development, field trials and successful negotiating of major purchase agreements, the SiteAppliance was released in 2000.• Within 5 years of the SiteAppliance release, the accumulated sales exceeded $100 million.
  2. 2. SiteAppliance MarketCellular3GCLECISPILECIEC $1 BillionRBOCCATV North America onlyUtilities Source: The Insight Group
  3. 3. Initial Target Markets & Customers $24 Million $8+ Million $4 - 50 Million $12 Million6000 units over 4 years 2000 units over 2 years 12000 units over 4 years 3000 units over 4 yearsShipments have begun Corporate field trial in May/01 ATP Shipments have begun First order in Q2/01 from L.A.Corporate-wide contract Arizona field trail successful Successful ATP trial, May/00 Pursuing headquartersCurrent customer Current customer New customer Current customer U.S. Military $22 Million $2.25 Million $1 - 2 Million $5 Million5000 units over 4 years 200 units over 2 years 200 - 400 units over 2 years 750 units over 3 yearsContacts established Corporate wide account Switch Traffic Monitoring $900K sold in 2000Pursuing field trial Passed lab evaluation First order in Dec/00 More orders in Nov/01Current customer Order in Q2/01 Current customer 18 Military Bases Vitelco $5 Million $1-3 Million $.8 Million $ 5.0 Million1000 units over 3 years European Distributor 50 units over 1-2 years 200 units over 2 yearsRequires Security Function Signed in Oct/00 $500K order in May/01 Field trial in Q2/01Sold 20 units to MediaOne Orders have begun Telephone company Colo applicationOmniRemote customer New distribution channel Current customer New customer
  4. 4. Competition comparison RBOC IXC SiteAppliance Applied Innovation ILEC DPS NEBS, protocols CLEC IMCI ISPWireless Motorola Router, T1 D&I ION ION F1000 Oracom Oracom Oracom Discrete IP Router Serial Serial Automation Email/ Alarms to Serial Alarms to Data Browser SNMP Cut-thru SNMP storage
  5. 5. Wireless - ApplicationsTCP/IP T1SNMP Generator DSX Battery Cellular Equipment Router Access Module OmniRemote Serial Alarm Module PORT ETHERNET LAMP POWERLAN LINK1 LINK 2 RESET 10BaseT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 TEST RX TX READY RESET Ethernet Port Ethernet Fraud Port System Door Access UnitCard Swipe Technician Tower Light System laptop Antenna Monitor Door Cell Site
  6. 6. The SiteAppliance Gateway • Collects • Filters SiteAppliance • Automates • Logs • Converts • Forwards IXC Wireless CableILEC
  7. 7. Complete Solution - 10 in 1 TCP/IPSiteAppliance
  8. 8. Product Road Map ASP Monitor, dispatch, QoS HP OpenView Plug-in S/W SiteApplianceTM OfficeApplianceTM for SP market for F1000 marketVPN Email Browser DSL RMON IP Probe Security VPN Stage 1 Stage 3 SP = Service Provider Stage 2 Stage 4 F1000 = Fortune 1000
  9. 9. Over 400 Customers StrongPrivate Networks Public Networks Portland GE Power  Verizon Virginia Power  NexTel Western Area Power Admin.  Alltel Colorado Public Service  Bell South Mobility (Cingular) America Electric Power West  Citizens Communications PG&E  Valley Telephone Coop AFNET  Ben Lomand Telephone White Sands Missile Base  Cross Telephone State of California  Siskiyou Telephone Union Pacific  Crown Communications Norfolk & Southern  AT&T Broadband Yuma Proving Grounds  US Unwired European Digital Backbone  Intermedia Communications