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Valley Gives orientation Feb. 1, 2017

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Valley Gives orientation Feb. 1, 2017

  1. 1. 2017 Premiere Sponsor
  2. 2. What We Will Cover • A Review of Valley Gives 2016 • Valley Gives 2017 • Goals for Valley Gives 2017 • Eligibility • Kimbia web platform • Registration process • Prizes • Donation process • Organization profiles • Trainings • Next steps
  3. 3. Why a mandatory training?  Learn about the new platform  Learn about new prizes  Understand rules  Understand eligibility  Understand the process  Learn about trainings
  4. 4. A Review of Valley Gives 2016
  5. 5. Summary Statistics • 9,596 donors (unique individuals) • 4,476 new donors to VG (47% of total 2016 donors) • 19,391 online donations (18,053 donations to single orgs) • 454 participating organizations (primary offices located in 53 towns/cities in PV)
  6. 6. Investment Generated/Leveraged CFWM to Prize Pool $185,000 Total New $ Leveraged $1,613,725 New Money Includes … Amount Donated $ 1,193,863 Fees covered by donors $ 70,022 Matching grants generated offline $ 322,341
  7. 7. Where Did Donations Come From? • 68 of 70 towns/cities in Pioneer Valley Missing Holland (Hampden) and Monroe (Franklin) • 202 Mass. towns/cities outside PV (77% of state donated) • 50 states plus Washington DC & Puerto Rico • 8 countries
  8. 8. Distribution of Donors Mass- non PV 5% International 0.2% Not Identified 0.6% Franklin 15.6% Hampden 21.3% Hampshire 46.6% Other US 10.9%
  9. 9. Individual Donations By Town/City 3362 2006 934 690 686 574 566 473 439 403 310 279 244 232 218 212 207 204 202 201 Northampton Amherst Springfield Easthampton Greenfield Longmeadow Holyoke Belchertown Williamsburg South Hadley Hadley Chicopee Westfield Deerfield Leverett Wilbraham Agawam Shutesbury Montague Sunderland
  10. 10. Donation Statistics $25 – average donation amount (mean) $25 – median average donation amount (22% of all donations) 37 – number of donations of $1,000 or more Based on 19,393 donations
  11. 11. Average donations per organization (mean) 39 Median number was 22 Number of organizations that raised $1K or more 54% Donation Statistics by Org
  12. 12. Participating Organizations Total: 454 Hampshire 38% Hampden 36% Franklin 17% Mass. - outside PV 6% Other State 3%
  13. 13. What’s New in 2017 • www.Valley-Gives.org • Kimbia – new platform • New prizes • New rules • Eligibility documentation
  14. 14. Pioneer Valley Stats Population: 702,583 Adult population: 560,465 Households: 265,733 VG2016 donors: 9,596 Available to engage: 550,869 adults Lots of room to grow!
  15. 15. Goals of Valley Gives 2017 GOALS WHY? Increase breadth of participation (number of donors) to expand philanthropy in the Pioneer Valley To expand philanthropy, define success by breadth of participation rather than total dollars raised Continue to attract high level of new participating donors who are also first time donors in a particular organization New donors to an organization contributes to long-term sustainability Increase number of Valley Gives donors who are under 40 years old. Among these under 40 year olds, donors should represent the diversity of the Pioneer Valley Under 40 donors are the future of philanthropic giving
  16. 16. Where To Find Things For Organizations www.communityfoundation.org/valleygives • Information on trainings, rules, prizes, etc. • Link to registration For Donors www.Valley-Gives.org • For advanced and May 2 donations • Listing of participating organizations • Develop and promote your profile pages
  17. 17. Eligible Organizations: Location and Service Area To participate, one of the following conditions must be true: An eligible organization must have its primary office located in Hampden, Hampshire or Franklin counties of Massachusetts AND serve a population in at least one of these counties OR An eligible organization can have its primary office located outside of the Pioneer Valley but actively be serving a population of people in at least one of the three counties.
  18. 18. Eligible organizations: Type • 501(c) 3 organizations • Entities that are fiscally sponsored by 501(c) 3 organizations Religious orgs/churches operating under the umbrella of a 501(c)3 organization (needs additional documentation) • Public Schools with NCES#
  19. 19. The Kimbia web platform Kimbia is a national leader in hosting Giving Days. It is also the host of Giving Local America Day (May 2) Provides each organization with its own page to maintain Accepts donations through the Kimbia Foundation (TKF)
  20. 20. Kimbia – Money Stuff Sends organizations checks after Valley Gives Day (around June 15th) Does not do Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Processing fee is 5.99% (3.0% for credit card processing, 2.99% for Kimbia). Donors can cover fee.
  21. 21. Prizes – How To Strategize Valley Gives 2017 is offering a range of prizes Designed to help you expand your donor base and increase your fundraising; motivate donors. Some prizes reward specific accomplishments. Others prizes are awarded at random and you’re eligible simply by participating. CFWM encourages your organization to select one or two prize categories and promote those to your best ability.
  22. 22. Part 1 THE MOST The most unique donors – prizes for top 3 orgs with the most unique donors (3 prizes per budget size) The most donors under 40 – prizes for top 3 orgs with the most donors under 40 (3 prizes per budget size) IT’S ALL RELATIVE Highest percentage increase in donors over last year of participation – prizes for top 3 orgs regardless of budget size CONNECTING THE DOTS Donors across most towns and cities – prizes for top 3 orgs with donations from most towns/cities (3 prizes each for small/medium budget categories) Donors by decades – orgs that get donors from 4 decades of age get entered into a pool. Two decades must be under 49. One prize. MATCHMAKER, MATCHMAKER Match pool – orgs that meet their pre-determined match $2,500 - $5,000 will be entered into a pool. Prizes awarded to equal matched amount.
  23. 23. WHAT’S NEW? Most new donors – prizes for top 3 orgs with the most new donors (3 prizes per budget size) For new VG orgs – prizes for top 3 new Valley Gives participating orgs with the most donors IT’S A MATTER OF TIME Last donation of night – prize for last donation of night – as recorded by Kimbia Golden Ticket - $500 prizes for donations made during a specified hour. Randomly selected. Power Hour - $1,000 prizes for donations made during a specified hour. Randomly selected. BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU Random by NPO Category – one prize to an organization in each of 16 content categories. Random Random by town/city – one prize to an organization in each of 69 towns/cities. Randomly selected. Random by county – one prize to an organization in each of 3 counties. Cannot have won Category or Town/City prize Part 2
  24. 24. How Donations Work • Donations made through Valley Gives are received by K- Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, affiliated with the Kimbia giving platform, and then granted to the designed organization. • Donations designated to eligible participating organizations are 100% tax-deductible and irrevocable. • Donations will not be refunded. • Donations via the website may only be made via credit or debit card. Minimum donation: The minimum donation is $10.00. There is no maximum donation.
  25. 25. Donations Facts Advanced Donations • donations can be made in advance of Valley Gives. • Date not set but no more than 10 days in advance. • Credit card information not stored with Kimbia. • Charges will be processed in early morning of May 2. • Advance donations will not count towards some prizes Processing Fees Total of 5.99% per donation. (3.0% credit card processing, 2.9% Kimbia) Donors can pay for processing fees when they donate ($70K raised in 2016) Donations on behalf of On donation form, people can designate if they are donation in honor of, in memory of, or on behalf of.
  26. 26. Matching Gifts Matching gifts to an organization do not need to be made via Kimbia. If a matching gift is made via Kimbia, that amount will be included in the organization’s totals for Valley Gives. Matching gifts will have their activation begin on May 2nd . To be eligible for the matching prize, an organization must establish a match between $2,500 and $5,000. Organizations that meet their match amount will be entered into a pool for a prize.
  27. 27. Who is A Donor? Donor participation: Any individual may donate. A unique donor is considered an individual. Donations made by the same individual but with a different email address, credit card, address, etc. will be considered to be made by the same donor. Donations made on behalf of, in honor of, or in memory of another individual will not be counted as a unique donor.
  28. 28. What Will a Donor Experience? Donors will go to www.Valley-Gives.org Donors can search by category, county or town/city. They can also do a word search. Donors will find your Profile Page. Each page will have its own URL. They will initiate making a donation (or donations) using a donation or multi-donation form. They will be asked for identifying info, contact information and payment information They will receive an email receipt from the Kimbia Foundation
  29. 29. Donation Form • Only credit and debit card transactions • Will request Individual name and email address • Will allow for “in honor of, in memory of, on behalf of” • Will allow donor to pay for processing fees • Will allow for multiple donations from same form
  30. 30. Profile Page and Registration Link to registration will be posted on Valley Gives website: www.CommunityFoundation.org/ValleyGives Pdf will be available to review in advance. You may SAVE your registration before submitting
  31. 31. Things to Consider Before Registering • Are you a 501(c)3 or are you fiscally sponsored by one? • Contact information for your organization’s Executive (E.D., CEO, Board Chair) • Who will be the Valley Gives contact for your organization? • Social media information • Images and videos you may want • What categories will you identify as. Total of 16. One primary, 4 others. • Know what documentation you will need
  32. 32. Documents to Have Ready 501(c)3 organizations • Guidestar Profile URL • Digital version of their IRS Determination Letter to upload Fiscally Sponsored Organizations • A completed Fiscal Sponsor Certification (available on Valley Gives Website) • Documentation of board approval from sponsoring organization • Audited or reviewed financials for sponsor organization Religious organizations/churches operating under a church 501(c)3 • 4 –digit exempt number • Statement of Authority • Documentation of link to “parent” organization Public Schools • NCES#
  33. 33. Agreement …we agree that to the best of our ability, we will provide accurate information about the organization and will encourage our donors to provide accurate information about themselves. …we agree to participate in the prize competitions in a manner that is consistent with the intent and stated rules of the prizes, that all information shall be true and accurate to the best of our knowledge, and that we will encourage our donors to abide by the rules as well and provide true and accurate information. …we understand that the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts reserves the right to withhold or retract prizes if the Foundation , as the sole arbiter, determines that this agreement has been intentionally contravened.
  34. 34. After You Register You will receive confirmation of receipt – this does not mean you are registered. CFWM and Kimbia staff will review for completeness and eligibility. You may be contacted for follow-up information. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email from Valley Gives. This means you are registered. Once approved you may begin to develop your Profile page
  35. 35. Profile Page This is where you engage your potential donors • Up to 3 images • Up to 1 video • Link to Guidestar for organizational info • Tell you story – be compelling Donation levels will be consistent for all Valley Gives – set by CFWM
  36. 36. Sample Profile Page
  37. 37. Reports for Your Org All organizations have real-time access to the donor information from their profile page. This information can be exported for use later by the organization. Other reports may be available - tbd
  38. 38. Trainings Register at: www.communityfoundation.org/valleygives/trainings-2017 Valley Gives Orientation Feb 2 10-11:30 webinar About Millennials Presenter: 6 Point Creative Feb 14 9:30-11:30 West Springfield library Social Media Presenter: John Haydon March 1 9:30-12:30 Holyoke Comm. College Guerilla Video Presenter: Scott Hancock March 9 9:30-12:30 South Hadley library Creating an Effective Valley Gives Appeal Presenter: Eric Phelps March 21 9:30-12:30 South Hadley library Kimbia Orientation April 12 2-3 pm webinar
  39. 39. Host an VG Event CFWM encourages organizations participating in Valley Gives to hold an event or have a community presence on May 2 or before to create interest and awareness. CFWM will provide a “tabling kit” for organizations including Valley Gives t-shirts, Valley Gives table skirt and informational material. Events will be listed on Valley Gives website and shared with media CFWM representatives will visit as many events as possible.
  40. 40. Next steps Registration Opens – Feb 3rd Look on website, look for email, look at blog, Facebook or Twitter Register Begin customizing profile page Attend trainings – whichever makes sense for your organization Start planning
  41. 41. Questions www.communityfoundation.org/Valleygives valleygives@communityfoundation.org 413-732-2858 Michael DeChiara mdechiara@communityfoundation.org Margaret Everett meverett@communityfoundation.org Premiere Sponsor