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Millennials and Giving

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Millennials and Giving

  1. 1. Millennials and Giving Six-Point Creative Works
  2. 2. Overview Recommendations Findings Objectives & Methodology
  3. 3. Methodology Millennials Born 1980-2000
  4. 4. Methodology National Data Millennial Research Project, including “Giving Tuesday 2015: Attracting Millennial Donors” (4th year of Giving Tuesday) Other national research
  5. 5. Methodology Local Data 10 interviews with millennials from Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin counties with follow-up survey Survey through CFWM and community partners Census information
  6. 6. FINDINGS
  7. 7. “My grandmother died… a lot of family members have died of cancer so I give to the LIVESTRONG Foundation for Cancer Research and Cancer Connection.” - Jon Passion and personal experience “Dakin is where I adopted my cats from, so I feel very strongly about Dakin, and so I donate to them when I can. I had a good friend who worked for Community Resources for People with Autism, and she did a really great job rounding us up for a fundraiser here and there… The stuff I care about informs where I want to put my money and time.” -Madison
  8. 8. “I can be very skeptical of the system. When there’s a certain number of people filling administrative roles in an organization, I can be pretty skeptical of how efficient that organization is.” - Sara Demand for transparency and effective stewardship “I don’t give to Goodwill because I’ve heard that they’re not very good with their money.” - Maggie “It’s helpful to me when it’s like, ‘If you donate X amount of money, you give X amount of’... phrasing.” - Madison “I tend to be like, “Where is my money going? What is the organization doing to support themselves? Are they going about looking for grants, are they listed in federal funding?” I like to know that information before just giving.” - Jolanda
  9. 9. “brands reaching out to this demographic, make sure you are authentic, emotional, and cause-oriented.” - Creating Brands That Engage Millennials Forbes Transparency and Trustworthiness “To define a voice as trustworthy millennials demand transparency and authenticity. Brands who are unafraid to project a unique tone of voice and stand for something are immediately trustworthier.” - Talking to Millennials Sense Worldwide
  10. 10. “I give to national causes because giving $100, while not a hardship, is a significant amount of money...but if I can give $12 monthly over the course of a year, it’s more manageable for me. ” - Karina Giving is not a given “I don’t donate to any causes. I have never really had a steady income until recently, and I feel like that’s been the reason why, if I’m ever given the opportunity, I’m like, ‘Oh, I don’t have extra money.’” -Katie “Disposable income to make donations isn’t huge.” -Callie “None of my friends, including myself, are actively doing anything about it. We just kind of talk about it and our concern, but that’s as far as it goes.” - Julie
  11. 11. “I care about food contamination. I mean I was vegetarian for seven years because I was concerned about purchasing conventionally grown meat. The people that I know are part of [the causes I donate to], knowing that they are good, honest people doing part of their work, their mission...you don’t really know about the organization or what people are going through until you are part of it.” -Maggie It’s all personal “And then it happened to somebody close to me. So I think that’s when it became like, “Okay, this is something that needs to be addressed. IT needs to be fixed, and we need to come alongside our friends, and make sure they’re being safe and getting the help they need..” - Madison “My friend Pat encouraged everyone. He challenged 61 people who he tagged to make a donation. ” - Callie “I’ve always strongly identified with feminism...women’s rights are pretty central to my own. And I’ve been deeply immersed in the queer community. ” - Katrina
  12. 12. “I saw firsthand the impact I had on a child’s life, and that was really, really important to me... and we still keep in touch to this day. I give time and money to those organizations, trying to better their missions ‘cause they’re doing a great job.” -John Prior Engagement “To truly involve this generation, it is vital that organizations engage with their Millennial audience members other than just asking for donations.” Source: “#GivingTuesday2015 Report” - The Millennial Impact Project
  13. 13. “Facebook is where I find out about events. Most of the events I go to are because friends invited me via Facebook events.” Source: Millennial Impact Report 2016 Wave 2 (Echoed by 7/10 interviewees) “What are people up to? What’s going on in my area?” -Madison “...to keep track of events.” -Karina
  14. 14. - Median Household income $40k - Likely recently changed jobs or apartments - Renters - Online financial transactions - Debt but rich social lives - Consume a lot of media. HIPSTER LTD Persona Boards
  15. 15. - Median Household income $80k - Homeowners - Financially and physically healthy - Kids and management careers Persona Boards ADULTING FTW
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATIONS Where to go from here?
  17. 17. 1. Don’t Neglect Core Supporters Most likely to give, and will give in larger amounts Can’t assume familiarity or recall Change of platforms and donor/nonprofit fatigue continues to put this group at risk
  18. 18. 2. Engage millennials early and consistently
  19. 19. Engage millennials inside and outside of facebook well before Valley Gives Day Create consistent content that reminds them of what your organization is doing and keeps you on their radar in tone and language that is authentic (not corporate) Examples: feature a star employee or volunteer, create and feature shareable cause-focused content (10 things you can do from your desk for education) etc. Tell them/ show them where their money is going Prompt them to share with their friends and family members Online and Offline
  20. 20. Veer towards showcasing the work of your organization as it ties to a specific interest or cause Offer relatable content in an authentic tone of voice Encourage millennial employees and supporters personally share content “Authenticity and boldness are more likely to resonate with this population for cause-related messaging.” Keep in mind!
  21. 21. #BRANDSSAYINGBAE Be authentic…
  22. 22. Be authentic…
  24. 24. Thanks!