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Sean Price was a mental health time bomb

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Video will begin in 5 seconds.Masa's killer pleads guilty to murderSean Price has pleaded guilty to ...

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Sean Price was a mental health time bomb

  1. 1. Sean Price was a mental health time bomb Video will begin in 5 seconds. Masa's killer pleads guilty to murder Sean Price has pleaded guilty to kiling Doncaster schoolgirl Masa Vukotic at a park in March. PT0M45S 620 349 Sean Christian Price told the psychiatrists who were trying to diagnose and treat his complextreatments for depression and anxiety issues that when he was still a boy at primary school, his father mistreated him. Sometimes, according to one source, Price would repeat his childhood experience - smashing himself in the face with a closed fist, or pushing cigarettes into his own flesh. "It was like a memory of childhood for him," says another source who knew Price at the time.
  2. 2. Sean Price Photo: Simon O'Dwyer In March this year, this highly disturbed man found himself living isolated and friendless in a brick unit in west-suburban Albion. And then he killed. That he was allowed to plead at all suggests the court, and the psychiatrists appointed by it, consider him sane enough to do so. But an outburst in the court room, when he issued a stream of invective at the magistrate, his lawyer and the media, suggests he is still not quite healthy. What exactly is wrong with him, though, nobody could ever really say. "Some [doctors] thought he was schizophrenic, some said a psychopath; some said he was a narcissist, others said he had a borderline personality disorder, which basically means he has no impulse control," says a person familiar with his case. "He self harms, but he also harms others. Perhaps he was schizo-effective, someone who gets a high from attacking people. He would just as likely go up to someone and punch them in the face." That rings true given his random attack and robbery of a stranger two days after Masa Vukotic's killing. Price was prescribed anti-psychotic medication, which dulled his impulses slightly, but he never settled: "His mind was just always going on either thoughts of self-loathing, or angry thoughts about what was done to him. It was just this constant battle in his head about everything." "His exercise regime ... was either completely on, where he was frenetic, working out, punching bags, or the opposite, really lazy, gaining weight ... He did read, but again, he'd get really into something, usually non-fiction, but then something would trigger an annoyance, and he'd toss it away. There was this constant, ambivalent, love-hate relationship with everything." The police say that in the month leading up to the murder, Price was reading up on other murderers - backpack killer Ivan Milat and Swedish mental health patient Thomas Quick, who was acquitted of eight murders. In that period he also posted three bizarre Youtube videos, one of them a rhyming rap, bizarrely complaining about people assaulting him by digitally raping his ears. And then, on March 17, he killed. Price was a time bomb. Masa was just the innocent in the blast zone.