egk13 - African Business Women connected - Nigist Haile, ABW

18. Nov 2013

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egk13 - African Business Women connected - Nigist Haile, ABW

  1. African  Business  Women  (ABW)  Connected  
  2. African  Business  Women  (ABW)  Connected   ABW  Connected  is  a  long-­‐term  economic  development  ini6a6ve  of  Toronto-­‐based  Canadian  and   African  Business  Women’s  Alliance  (CAABWA)  in  partnership  with  Ethiopia-­‐based  The  Centre  for   African  Women  Economic  Empowerment  (CAWEE)  and  a  number  of  other  African  and  global  partners.  
  3. 3   ABW  Connected:  In  Summary   ì  Three  key  themes  of  leadership,  technology  and  trade  are  the  focus  of  the  program   ì  ABW  Connected  is  the  first  ever  pan-­‐African  Summit  &  Trade  Expo  featuring  the  top  women-­‐led   exporters  in  the  Tourism,  Cra?/TexAles,  Agribusiness  for  cosmeAcs  sectors  scheduled  for  Ethiopia  in   2015  and  will  con6nue  every  two  years  in  a  different  region  in  Africa.     ì  Up  to  five  hundred  leading  African  women  represenAng  every  country  in  Africa  will  aEend;  2   leading  exporters/sector,  two  students  and  two  business  women  associa6on  representa6ves  will  be  selected.   ì  Post  Summit  training  acAviAes  in  each  African  country  will  further  reach  thousands  more  students   and  and  business  women  associa6ons  members.     ì  This  will  be  the  first  Ame  that  buyers  from  across  Africa  and  around  the  world  will  have  access  to   Africa’s  leading  female  exporters  from  across  the  con6nent  all  at  one  6me  and  in  one  place   ì  Government  representaAves  from  Trade,  Technology,  Educa6on,  Agribusiness,  Gender  and  Tourism  will   aNend  as  will  African  and  global  media  
  4. 4     African  Business  Women  (ABW)  Connected  mission:     To enhance the economic performance of women- led businesses on the continent in the three largest export sectors for women. 1.  CRAFT/TEXTILES     2.  AGRIBUSINESS  for   cosmeAcs           3.  TOURISM      
  5. 5   ABW  Connected  Activities   Global  Market   Research  Study   Best  pracAces  in  building   long  term  sustainable   trade  relaAonships   between  Buyers  &  Sellers   incl.  technology  enablers   Skills   Development   • Trade   • Technology   • Leadership   Trade  FacilitaAon  /     Trade  Linkages   • 3  sectors  
  6. 6   Who  attends  the  ABW  summit:   Sponsored  Par6cipants:       Up  to  10  leading  women  from  each  country;  a  selec6on  commiNee  will   determine  par6cipants  from  each  country:   ì  ì  ì  *Leading  Companies  (2/sector/country)  =  6    Leading  Business  Women  Associa6ons  (2/country)  =  2    Leading  Students  (2/country)  =  2   *  Qualifying  par6cipant  companies  must  be  a  leading  exporter  in  the  country  and  make  a  posiAve  impact  to  the  community     Other  par6cipants  will  include:     •  African  &  Interna6onal  Buyers   •  Interna6onal  &  African  Associa6ons   •  Government  /  Donors  /  Sponsors  /  Media   •  Other  African  companies  who  are  interested  in  learning  what  it  takes  to  be   successful  and  reach  the  export  market  
  7. 7   ABW  Connected  Partners   Over  25  Business   Women’s  Assoc.   across  Africa   suppor6ng  ABW   Connected  &   growing.  
  8. 8   Why  ABW  Connected?   ì  Throughout  Africa,  women  contribute  an  average  of  60%  of  the  labour  force  and  significantly   higher  in  the  cra`/tex6les,  agribusiness  and  services  sectors.     ì  Successful  African  women  entrepreneurs  par6cularly  in  cra?/texAle  &  agribusiness  are  having   a  profound  impact  on  upli`ing  and  economically  empowering  less  fortunate  women  and  men,   par6cularly  those  who  are  uneducated  and  living  in  rural  areas.       ì  These  companies  can  work  with  hundreds  and  in  some  cases  thousands  in  rural  communiAes   providing  wages,  healthcare  and  educa6onal  support.     ì  Example:    Gone  Rural  in  Swaziland  works  with  800  rural  women  and  in  the  last  4  years  has  doubled  their   revenue  and  quadrupled  the  wages  to  the  rural  women  producers  
  9. 9   Market  Need   Unprecedented  Global  demand  in  the  designated  sectors:   Handmade, Artisanal products Sustainable, Natural and Organic Cosmetics Local, eco - tourism & voluntourism experiences
  10. 10   Market  Opportunity:   …….bring  the  buyers  to  Africa                 The  best  of  the  best       from  all  of  Africa  in  one  locaAon   for  the  first  Ame!  
  11. 11   Summit  Agenda   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   LEADERSHIP TECHNOLOGY TRADE TRADE  EXPO   TRADE  EXPO   BUYERS  ONLY     Trade  Expo  by  Sector   Trade  Expo  by  Sector   Trade  Expo  by  Sector   Trade  Expo  by  Sector Sept  22   Sept  23   Sept  24   Sept  25   Sept  26       Opening  Ceremony Breakfast     Women  Leadership   Speakers     Technology  Speakers   Partnership  Workshops Web,  mobile,  social  media,   renewable  energy,  financial   enablers Summit  Lunch Summit  Lunch Summit  Lunch   Leadership  Program   Technology   Workshops   Buyer/Seller  mee6ngs   Banquet  Dinner  &   Leadership  Awards     Sustainable  Trade   based  on  research  study   Mustard  Seed  Africa     Handcra`  Showcase
  12. 12   MSA  Handcraft  Gala  Showcase   The  Handcra`  Gala  Showcase  is  an  opportunity  to  show   off  the  high  quality,  crea6ve  workmanship  that  is  being   generated  on  the  African  con6nent.       The  show  is  a  fusion    between     performance,  art,  fashion  and     handcra`s.  
  13. 13   MSA  Handcraft  Showcase,  Swaziland  
  14. 14   The  ABW  Connected  Post  Summit  :   ABW Post Summit Program: •The  two  student  representaAves  and  two  business  women  associaAon  representaAves   from  each  African  country  selected  to  aNend  will  be  trained  at  the  summit  to  return  to   their  country  to  provide  training  workshops  to  their  fellow  students  and  associa6on   members  (in  technology,  trade  and  leadership)     •Awards  will  be  presented  for  best  presenta6on  &  largest  audiences     •Con6nued  on-­‐line  program  with  summit  presenta6on  content  on  the  website  and   suppor6ng  social  media  program  
  15. 15   ABW  Connected  Launched  March,  2013   ABW  Connected  Marke6ng   Program   • Media  rela6ons   • E-­‐Marke6ng  /  bi-­‐monthly   newsleNer  &  updates   • Website   • Social  Media     • Events  (IWD,  trade)   • Extensive  reach  through   our  partners  throughout   Africa  and  globally  
  16. 16   Expected  Program  Outcomes   ì  New  Trade  Partnerships  –  sales  growth   ì  Longer  “Sustainable  Trade  Partnerships,  repeat  sales” –  sales   growth   ì  EducaAon  in  new  technology,  financial  enablers  ,  renewable   energy  &  social  media  –  operaAonal  efficiencies     ì   “Wisdom  Exchange  Forum” –  mentorship,  knowledge  sharing  
  17. 17   Sustainability!   ì  ABW  Connected  is  being  developed  as  a  long  term  sustainable  program  with   a  summit  planned  in  Africa  once  every  two  years,  in  a  different  region  in   Africa.     ì  Corporate  sponsorship  (ie.  technology  sponsors)  is  being  pursued  and  is   expected  to  be  the  primary  source  of  funding  (with  registra6on  fees)  in  the   long  term,  resul6ng  in  less  donor  support  requirements  in  the  future,   following  the  “trade  expo  model”  in  developed  markets.  
  18. African  Business  Women  (ABW)  Connected