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Organisational Wiki Adoption

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A look at best practices for wiki adoption within enterprises.

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Organisational Wiki Adoption

  1. Organisational Wiki Adoption Mike Cannon-Brookes - mike@atlassian.com
  2. 8200 customers. 95 countries. Atlassian Software 125 people. 5 years. 3 offices. $26 million. 2 crazy kids.
  3. Crew Wanted Html + Css + Javascript Pirates
  4. Atlassian Confluence Largest enterprise wiki.
  5. Why a wiki?
  6. Knowledge 1.0 Create alone. Layer slowly.
  7. Knowledge 2.0 Work together. Layer faster.
  8. Generation Yspace Online collaboration is natural.
  9. Simple, contextual content
  10. Simple, contextual content More archival than email Less process than Word
  11. Epit
  12. Edit
  13. Edpit
  14. Enterprise Wikis Are Like Wikipedia?
  15. No.
  16. Enterprise Wiki versus Wikipedia 1. Open versus secure 2. Collaboration not publishing 3. Vandalism not present 4. Small team rather than planet 5. A tool not an encyclopaedia
  17. Atlassian Wikipedia Wikis 65 + 165 Pages 10,400 Comments 2,300 10m Blog Posts 3,000 Comments 5,700 106,600 167m Revisions (1:10) (1:16) Authors 176 5.5m* Statistics * registered users, not authors
  18. “The love you get is equal The Beatles to the love you give”
  19. Wikis In Enterprise
  20. Corporate Web 2.0
  21. “...financial services has a risk-averse nature.” Harvey Koeppel CIO & Senior VP
  22. “...financial services has a risk-averse nature.” “Internally we have started using wikis in large projects where there is lots of terminology or processes...” Harvey Koeppel CIO & Senior VP
  23. “We don’t have a Production meeting without the wiki.”
  24. “At Pixar...wiki technology is being used to help coordinate new computerized animation tools for the studio's planned 2008 release of a film called ‘WALL-E.’” 18 June 2007
  25. How do you get a wiki adopted?
  26. People and Process Not Tools
  27. What is the competition?
  28. Top 4 Wiki Enemies
  29. #4 - Intranets Fight uneditability!
  30. #3 - Knowledge Management Folksonomy not taxonomy.
  31. #2 - Email Communication not information.
  32. End forest-of-folders hell. #1 - Share Drives Most docs don’t need Word.
  33. How do we use them?
  34. Induction 1. Create personal space 2. Write about yourself Start editing the wiki on day one with a personal introduction.
  35. Internal Blog 1. Blog posts 2. Page edits 3. Discussion Keep everyone on the same page. Reduce email.
  36. Staff List Create reasons to visit the wiki. Useful, necessary content
  37. Personal Spaces De-scarify the system. Give people their own area to own
  38. Agenda Minutes Tasks Projects Meetings Creates editing cycles. Move familiar items to the wiki.
  39. Social organisation Encourage non-work use
  40. Do you ban facebook? Trust your employees
  41. Be As Open As You Can Don’t kill the wiki!
  42. Wikis Collaborate Too
  43. Widgets!
  44. Calendar Share calendaring simply and Mashup schedule data contextually
  45. Task List Contextual content! Extremely popular widget in teams
  46. Charts Real time from Excel, DB etc... Agile Business Intelligence
  47. Maps Classic Google maps mashup Show contextual location data inside a document.
  48. Code Snippets Embed code within documents from SCM Documents are alive and always update to date with examples and APIs
  49. Patterns patterns
  50. wikipatterns.com
  51. Wiki Champion The go-to guy for your wiki
  52. Barn Raising Jump start your wiki with a party
  53. Magnet Attract with exclusive content
  54. Scaffold Outlines that guide people
  55. WikiGnome Small, continuous gardening
  56. anti-patterns
  57. Laffy4k @ Flickr Empty Pages Editing is easier than creating
  58. Beware over-engineering Too Much Structure Organic is better, man
  59. Do It All Trust others. Teach them to edit.
  60. Lessons
  61. Have A Purpose
  62. Have A Purpose “To Make Them Collaborate” Is Not A Purpose
  63. Wiki Adoption Recipe 1. Grassroots is Best 2. Your Wiki Isn’t Wikipedia 3. The First Edit 4. Build Group Collaboration 5. Spread Adoption 6. Support Emergent Behaviour 7. Watch Out For Obstacles
  64. Q&A Mike Cannon-Brookes mike@atlassian.com http://blogs.atlassian.com/rebelutionary Don’t forget, we’re hiring Web Pirates http://www.atlassian.com/about/jobs