Build IOS-XE Lab for FREE

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It's a simple guide, how to download and install Cisco CSR 1000V on your own VMware Workstation.

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Build IOS-XE Lab for FREE

  1. 1. Build Your IOS-XE Lab for FREE Using Cisco CSR 1000V and Vmware Workstation
  2. 2. Few Words about CSR 1000V• Virtual version of Cisco ASR – IOS XE 3.9S [15.3(2)S]• Can be installed on ESXi or VMWare Worksation• License for throughput and features• Free version with throughput 2,5Mb/s – Ideal for testing• Evaluation version available for 60 days (50Mb/s)• As many CSR 1000V on one hypervisor as you want• As many interfaces as you hypervisor allows• Cisco CSR 1000V Release Notes
  3. 3. Simple Guide• Download a free (evaluation) version of CSR 1000V• Install it on Vmware Workstation/Fusion• Build a lab for networking and security• Something about licensesYou need:• Free username and password on• Vmware Workstation/Fusion• 2 GB RAM for each CSR 1000V
  4. 4. Download Cisco CSR 1000V
  5. 5. InstallOpen downloaded .ova file
  6. 6. InstallChange name and storage path of your Virtual Machine
  7. 7. Edit SettingsRAM and Network Adapters
  8. 8. Edit Settings
  9. 9. Now Wait...
  10. 10. Now Wait...
  11. 11. Wait – It will reload once
  12. 12. Good Morning Mr. CSR 1000V
  13. 13. CSR 1000V and Working Interface
  14. 14. CSR 1000V and Working Interface
  15. 15. Test Networking & Security Everything on your own PC/Laptop
  16. 16. Test Networking & Security Everything on your own PC/Laptop
  17. 17. Test Networking & Security Everything on your own PC/Laptop
  18. 18. License Free version allows you to use the systemas long as you want using throughput = 2,5Mb/s
  19. 19. LicenseYou can enable the evaluation version with 50Mb/s
  20. 20. Good Luck Mirek Burnejko - MiroMaxMediaHave a question email me: