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POM Wonderful

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POM Wonderful

  1. 1. 2
  2. 2. Introduction...............................2Situation Analysis..........................3Objectives..................................8Research.....................................9Target Market................................10Creative....................................12Media.........................................17Brand Activation..........................25Marketing Recommendations........27Evaluation.................................29Appendix..................................30 1
  3. 3. Executive Summary:By emphasizing how the health benefits of POM Wonderful products can help women who don’t have the time to be sick, High Beamspositioned POM Wonderful as a simple choice for health on-the-go. POM Wonderful contains superior, illness-fighting antioxidants thatmake women’s days function with increased ease. POM Wonderful presents women with the opportunity to become more powerful individuals who are better prepared to face the curve balls thrown at them from their home, workplace, and families.High Beams created the slogan, “Powerful POM for a more powerful you,” as a call to action for women to buy POMWonderful. By positioning the product in accordance with the emotional and physical needs of active women, High Beams’campaign stimulates interest, and provides consumers with personal reasons to make the purchase--to become more powerful. Overview:High Beams created a research-based, pulsing advertising campaign that will reach women ages 25-45 who currently lead a healthy,active lifestyle, or those who wish to pursue one, but cannot find the time. In order to build upon consumers’ pre-existing brand perceptionof POM Wonderful as a naturally antioxidant-packed product, High Beams created the slogan, “Powerful POM for a more powerful you.”This copy will emphasize how POM Wonderful’s 100% pomegranate products can satisfy women’s need for healthand convenience. POM Wonderful’s $12 million advertising budget will be used to increase brand awareness,comprehension, conviction, and purchasing intent. Broadcast, magazine, out-of-home, and interactive advertisementsplaced in locations frequently visited by women will emphasize POM Wonderful’s healthfulness and convenience. Agency Brand Strategy: Research- The foundation of success High Beams: Illuminating Ideas Understand- The only way to move forwardAn idea is nothing more than a thought unless it is executed creatively. Anyone Create- The result of comprehensioncan think of an idea; but High Beams possesses the experience and talent to Illuminate- The bright ideas that shine!illuminate ideas with action. We strive to enlighten audiences through engagingcampaigns that rely on the latest innovations and utmost original media. HighBeams prides itself on making clients shine in an environment conv uted with advertising. 2
  4. 4. Historical Context:Though POM Wonderful was launched in 2002, the beauty and health of the pomegranate fruit has been praised since 3500 BC. Thepomegranate was one of mankind’s first cultivated fruits. Recognized as a symbol of prosperity, fertility, strength, and eternal life, thepomegranate is celebrated in Middle Eastern, European, Asian, and American cultures. By 1862, the sweet and juicy goodness of the fruitwas recognized in California by a man named Mr. Bearss, who deemed this rich variety of pomegranate “Wonderful.”Nearly 150 years later, POM Wonderful was born. Relying exclusively on the delicious and healthy “Wonderful” variety of pomegranates,POM Wonderful is now the world’s largest producer of California Wonderful pomegranates. The company is an innovator in growing,harvesting, processing, and globally distributing pomegranate products.Since its founding in 2002, POM Wonderful’s line expanded to include seven juice flavors, fresh pomegranates, Lite POM, and POM JuiceConcentrate. The POMx line, products made with a 100% natural, ultra-potent pomegranate extract, includes tea, iced coffee, antioxidantrecovery, pills, bars, and shots. In 2005, POM Wonderful juice was launched in restaurants and nightclubs, and the juice packagingtransitioned from glass to the now classic “double pomegranate” plastic shape. Dedicated to innovation and wellness, POM Wonderfulhas invested $34 million in pomegranate research, particularly focusing on its prostate and cardiovascular health benefits. Environment Analysis Economic Forces:The 2008 recession significantly impacted POM Wonderful sales, as customers perceive it to be a luxury, or high-class brand. Becauseproducts like POM Wonderful satisfy a desire rather than a need, they are often the first to be cut from a tight budget. POM Wonderfulprides itself in producing 100% pomegranate juice, so naturally it seeks to ensure that customers receive the quality beverage theyexpect and deserve. To counter competitor’s false ingredient advertising claims and to protect its hold on the 100%pomegranate juice market, POM Wonderful brought brands such as Tropicana Products, Inc., Ocean Spray CranberriesInc., Welch Foods Inc., and Coca-Cola Co.’s Minute Maid into litigation. Through these legal efforts, POM Wonderfulstrives to impress upon consumers that the health and taste benefits of POM Wonderful are well worth the investment. Situation lysis 3 Ana
  5. 5. Technological Forces: Sociocultural Forces: Capitalizing upon an increase in technological developments, Between the constantly increasing trendiness of healthy productsPOM Wonderful quickly expanded its product line. However, and the on-the-go lifestyle of consumers, the time for POMthese developments also allowed competitors to gain entry Wonderful to expand has never been greater. Furthermore,into the pomegranate and health beverage market. While POM Wonderful’s research is an essential asset in substantiatingincreasing competition could lead to a devaluation of POM the health benefits of pomegranate juice. Today, people desireWonderful products, the company has successfully introduced a a beverage that can satisfy their needs for health, convenience,constantly-expanding array of high-quality pomegranate items and taste, all three of which POM Wonderful can provide.to store shelves. Legal/Regulatory Forces:POM Wonderful is credited with popularizing the pomegranate and actively works to defend the natural, pure quality of POM Wonderfulproducts. After larger corporations witnessed POM Wonderful’s products’ success, generic pomegranate juices that contained pear,blueberry, and apple juices began to fill grocery store shelves. Consequently, due to competitors’ deceptive advertising, consumers werelead to believe that these “100% pomegranate juices” were of the same quality as 100% Pure Pomegranate POM Wonderful juice. Todate, POM Wonderful has sued Tropicana Products, Inc., Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., Welch Foods Inc., Purely Juice, and Coca-ColaCo.’s Minute Maid for deceptive advertising and labeling, importing pomegranate juice concentrate, and making inaccurate claimsabout POM Wonderful price and quality. POM Wonderful has successfully defended claims against major competitors and in doing so,continues to defend the quality and nutritional value of 100% pure Pomegranate Juice.In October of 2010, POM Wonderful also sued the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for infringing upon free speech rights underthe agency’s deceptive advertising laws. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) then challenged POM Wonderful, requestingthat product labels desist from making health claims not backed by the FDA. The labels in question claimed that POM Wonderfulproducts could prevent heart disease, prostate cancer, and erectile dysfunction. In response, POM Wonderful stated, “We takepride in having initiated a program of modern scientific research to investigate the health benefits of this ancient and revered fruit.” Analysis 4
  6. 6. SWOT Weaknesses xidants, Strengths - Packed with powerful antio , & iron - High cost folic acid vitamins, potassium, considered a - Limited audience - Pomegranates are d” - FDA advertising w arning “superfo o and image - Trendy packaging r active people ct fo - Convenient produ product line - Extensive nd awareness tural fruit Opportunities - Increase national bra g efforts - Compe tition with 100% na h stronger marketin juices Threats throug sewife market rchases ay deter repeat pu beling - Stren gthen suburban hou - Price m nd frequency FDA’s la - Exp and brand loyalty a - Brand image after g purchases warnin a nutritious - Illustrate POM Wonderful as titor juices a lternative to compe nderful as - Market POM Wo an “everyday” drink Situation lysis5 Ana
  7. 7. Competitor AnalysisTropicana: Trop50 Pomegranate Blueberry:Strengths: It is the lowest calorie juice of all the Trop brands at just 50 calories for an 8 ounce serving. Tropicana is awell-established, trusted brand.Weaknesses: To make the calorie count so low the juice is very watered down. It only contains 42% juice and the firstingredient is water.Calories: 50 calories for 8 fluid ouncesPrice: $3.49 for a 59-ounce container O c ea n S pra y: Cranberry & Pomegranate Flavored Blend of 5 Juices: Strenths: The product had no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This Ocean Spray drink contains 100% of the daily Vitamin C requirement. Weaknesses: This brand not considered a luxury Calories: 130 for an 8 ounce serving Price: $2.00 for a 64 fluid ounce container Analysis 6
  8. 8. M i n u t e M a i d : Enhanced P omeg rana te Blueber r y Juice: Strengths: This Minute Maid drink targets a child demographic. Offered in 12 and 59 fluid ounce bottles, as opposed to most of High Beams competitors which either come in small or large bottles. This drink is also 100% juice. Weaknesses: Apple juice is actually the first ingredient in this drink. This misleading product contains trace amounts of pomegranate; the actual amount is a mere 0.3% of the juice. Calories: 180 for an 8 ounce serving Price: 3.69Whole Foods 365 Pomegranate Juice:Strengths: Whole foods is a national brand and a trusted household name. The brand loyalty is already present. There isa cult-like following of devoted fans.Weaknesses: The juice itself is rarely advertised at all, so awareness of the juice itself only comes from seeing it in the store.“Store-brands” have a stigma of being a lower-quality product, despite Whole Foods being a more expensive supermarket.Calories: 180 for an 8 ounce servingPrice: 3.99 for Naked: Pomegranalicious Juice Smoothie: Strengths: This drink is 100% juice. The Naked brand is also considered a “luxury.” Weaknesses: Although the main ingredient is pomegranate, it has other fruits as well for added flavoring. It is one of the more expensive juices and is not sold in any size other than 16 ounces. Overall, it is not conducive to being a household juice Calories: 150 for an 8 ounce serving Price: $4.00 for a 16 ounce bottle Situation lysis 7 Ana
  9. 9. Objectives Summary:High Beams seeks to increase POM Wonderful sales by 1 brand awareness by 65%, brand comprehension by 60%, conviction by 55%, 1%,and purchasing intent by 25% in one year. High Beams strives to create a more positive consumer perception of POM Wonderful, whichwill translate into higher sales and repeat purchases. By operating within a $12 million budget, High Beams will create a lasting impact on POM Wonderful’s brand awareness and sales.Budget Summary: Objectives for... High Beams worked within a $12,000,000 budget to implement a pulsing, year- long advertising campaign through broadcast, print, interactive, and out-of- ...Marketing home advertisements. Increase sales by 1 over a year; 1% 9% 8% ....Advertising 1) Increase awareness by 65% 2) Increase comprehension by 60% Television 3) Increase conviction by 55% Print 4) A purchasing intent of 25% 28% Interactive 40% Out of Home ...Time Frame 1 year Production . ...Budget effective reach of 70% and frequency of 4x (4 times) 15% High Beams’ largest advertis Television ing expenditure was buying sp $ 945,000.00 media to reach women who are ace in print constantly on-the-go. Thus, the Print $ 4,842,494.00 would be more likely to read se women magazines than sit and watch Interactive $ 1,760,000.00 extended amounts of time. High television for Beams will also heavily invest in Out-of-Home $ 3,384,000,00 advertisements to catch women’s out-of-home eye when commuting or running Production $ 1,050,000.00 errands. TOTAL $1 1,981,494.00 8
  10. 10. Research Objectives: 1. Develop a sound understanding of target audience’s demographic and psychographic characteristics 2. Understand how antioxidants can improve a woman’s daily life 3. Identify POM Wonderful’s current brand imagePrimary Research: Secondary Research:An online survey was sent out to our targeted age demographic. 1. Visited the POM Wonderful website to gain insight on48 responses were collected from women ages 25-54. The company history, current product line, and pomegranatesurvey included queries about brand recognition, perception of health benefitsthe product, personal hobbies, fitness routines, and favorite forms 2. Utilized MRI as a market research tool to retrieveof mass media. Through this survey, High Beams was able to information about POM Wonderful’s current consumers, ascreate a customer profile and help target even more like-minded well as information about the prospective target audiencewomen. Survey results proved our hypothesis--women who know 3. Reviewed news sources and interviews from companyabout POM Wonderful associate the juice with antioxidants and executives to learn about press coverage and publicleading a healthy lifestyle. perspectives of POM Wonderful 4. Researched previous advertising campaigns to determine past successes and to establish a clear, fresh path to effectively advertise POM Wonderful 9
  11. 11. Primary Target Audience:According to MRI Reporter data collected in Fall 2009, POM Wonderful quenches the thirst of health-conscious, college-educatedwomen between the ages of 25-45. Most have annual incomes exceeding $75,000 and live in the southern region of the United States.The average POM Wonderful woman is married and from a white, upper-middle class town. She has children between the ages of 12and 17 years-old. She listens to the radio between 6:00 - 10:00 A.M while she drops off her children at school and drives to work.Her home receives cable television, and she regularly watches programs on Food Network, HGTV, and CNN. Her favorite websitesinclude Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay. When she’s not working in the office, she can be found leafing through the latest copyof Better Homes & Garden Magazine. As the POM Wonderful consumer values health and fitness, she can often be found on the tennis court or in the yoga studio. Brand Value Propositions Functional Benefits: POM Wonderful products are a convenient, healthful, invigorating, and refreshing beverage choice. • Nutrition “powerhouse” packed with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, folic acid, and iron • Nutrients and antioxidants can be found in the juice as many are encased in the juiceable rind • According to over 55 research and clinical studies, POM Wonderful surpasses all competition in fighting har • mful free radicals that damage the body’s cells • Conveniently packaged for consumers on-the-go • Contains 100% pomegranate juice and zero sugar • Provides various health benefits that can prevent or slow certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease • Extensive product line Market 10
  12. 12. Emotional Benefits: Self-Expressive Benefits: POM Wonderful fosters a self-described “health happiness” Consumers are willing to invest more in POM Wonderful for consumers by producing an extensive product line that because of the self-expressive health and image benefits POM relies on natural ingredients and extensive Wonderful provides. POM Wonderful helps consumers satisfy nutrition research. the need to be individualistic and trendy while pursuing a healthier lifestyle. •Wide array of products optimize for healthful, natural nourishment •Variety of health benefits empower consumers to control their •Appeals to consumers’ desire to feel and look healthy health •Trendy, iconic bottle identifies its owner as someone who is •Health-conscious consumers can identify with the same ideals both willing and able to invest in a product that values innovation valued by POM Wonderful and wellness •Investment in nutrition research inspires brand confidence and •Customers value the glamorous aspects of the brand’s loyalty advertising, placement, and packaging Campaign Strategy:Primary and secondary research shows that POM Wonderful’s target audience, women 25-54 years old, juggle many titles. These womenare mothers, wives, friends, professionals, and athletes who have endless responsibilities. High Beams will position POM Wonderful asa powerful beverage, emphasizing that its antioxidants are stronger than those produced by the human body. These antioxidants fightharmful free radicals that make women sick and slow them down. POM Wonderful provides women with the ultimate antioxidant boostto fight these pesky trouble causers that sabotage much more than their health. High Beams will frame POM Wonderful as a product that appeals to the needs of women who do not have time to be sick: Powerful POM for a more powerful you. Target ket 11 Mar
  13. 13. The Big Idea: Powerful more powerful you for a P M Creative Strategy POM Wonderful makes women feel more powerful by helping keep them Art Direction: healthy. High Beams seeks to emphasize The campaign’s print ads will manifest the essence of POM Wonderful – that POM Wonderful is the antidote to simple elegance meets a powerful illness-fighting agent. Stylistically, High troubles that women face on a daily basis. This Beams chose a white background to make the black copy and pome- will appeal to busy women who’s lives are granate red graphics pop, which will reflect the idea of “power.” This will thrown off balance by illness. As these women also decrease the probability of advertisements fading into the clutter experience, not having the energy to com- plete a daily routine causes a domino of other magazine ads. Additionally, this clean style conveys that POM effect of stress, chaos, and turmoil. Wonderful is a simple choice for health and convenience. Lastly, all print ads will be printed on heavier, sturdier paper not only to catch the page turner’s attention, but to reinforce that POM Wonderful is powerful.Copywriting:The copy of the print ads will read “The Anti-Sneeze,” “The Anti-Snooze,” “The Anti-Stress,” at the top and “Powerful POM for a morepowerful you” on the bottom. The simplicity of this copy will emphasize that POM Wonderful is a simple choice for a healthy lifestyle.High Beams chose “sneeze,” “snooze,” and “stress” to represent the daily inconveniences that women face when feeling under the weath-er. When women feel sick, the temptation to hit the snooze button is often too difficult to overcome, a sneeze is too hard to stifle, andstress is amplified.We used the “anti-” copy as a play on words that will reinforce the powerful antioxidants POM Wonderful contains. These statements po-sition POM Wonderful as a beverage that will stop these pesky inconveniences from impeding women’s daily lives. By incorporating thesetwo ideas, the copy conveys POM Wonderful’s ability to help women become more powerful individuals. 12
  14. 14. Print T he T he Anti-Stre Anti-Sne s s e ze Antioxidant-packed POM Wonderful gives you the power to fight illness that causes unneeded stress in your day. Powerful more powerful you P M Antioxidant-packed POM Wonderful gives you the power to for a fight illness that causes unexpected sniffles in your day. visit www.pomwonderful.com Powerful more powerful you for a P M visit www.pomwonderful.com13
  15. 15. T heAnti-Sno o zeAntioxidant-packed POM Wonderful gives you the power tofight illness that makes you hit snooze and delays your day. Powerful more powerful you for a P M visit www.pomwonderful.com visit www.pomwonderful.com 14
  16. 16. Television :04 :04 =:04 :04 CU: Female hand holding an oral CU: Female hand swats the CU: Female hand reaching CU: Female hand thermometer and shaking virgor- alarm clock snooze button for tissue from box squeezing a pomegranate- ously. after prolonged noise. SFX: Human sniffles. shaped stress ball. SFX: Slight human sigh. SFX: Forceful slam and alarm SFX: Tense human grunts. buzzer sound. :04 :03 :03 :04 CU: Female pulling large, down CU: Female hand gently CU: Door slams behind Graphic with company logo and vital/ comforter over her body, shuts alarm clock before woman while tissue box necessary information. preparing for sleep. the buzzer. sits idly on table. SFX: Modern, light instrumental SFX: Ruffling blanket and SFX: Button click. SFX: Door slam. background music. extended human sigh. VO: “A more powerful POM, for a more powerful you.” 15
  17. 17. : 05 :05 :05Graphic with spoken text: “Who CU: Adam and Eve conversing with CU: Apple falls on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, heever said ‘An apple a day keeps the the serpent. looks up, and sighs. Scribbles furiously.doctor away,’ clearly didn’t learn from SFX: Male and female voices; Eng- SFX: Apple hitting head (cartoon-ish) and pen history.” lish. quill scratching parchment paper. SFX: Light guitar strumming. :05 :05 :05 CU: Worm slithers out of apple, looks Graphic with spoken text, “Forget the apple, stickCU: Snow White eats poisonous apple, around, slithers back into apple’s core. with the POM. POM Wonderful provides you with looks around, faints. SFX: Slimy slithering sound. enough antioxidants to take control of your health SFX: Bite of apple, Maiden-like sigh. and avoid textbook mistakes. Light guitar strumming. 16
  18. 18. Creative Testing: Before executing High Beams’ “Powerful POM for a more powerful you” campaign, there will be opportunities for women to generatepersonal feedback. High Beams started by distributing a short online survey to the target market to find out about the demographic’shealth and leisurely habits. Media preferences were also taken into account, to learn how to best accommodate the market’s lifestyle. Tocompliment the survey, High Beams interviewed women individually, to gather information on their pre-existing perceptions of the POM Wonderful brand.As a comprehensive follow up to both of these testing methods, High Beams will conduct focus groups, featuring our current “Powerful POMfor a more powerful you” campaign. Through this, the company will be able to measure the campaign’s potential for success, with feedbackfrom members of the target market. The evaluation will reveal how the women identified with the campaign message, and its success in reaching the target audience. This will ultimately inspire women to empower themselves with the POM Wonderful product. Length and Media Objectives: • Reach our Target Audience- To most effectively influence women ages 25-54, High Beams will size of all strategically integrate broadcast, magazine, out-of-home, and interactive advertisements. • Geographic Scope of the Placement - Campaign advertisements will be implemented advertisements nationally. • Message weight - Advertisements will be distributed throughout the Northeast, South, Type of Size of West, and Midwest with extra emphasis placed on increasing sales and brand awareness Media Length in the Northeast. television :30 magazine half page, Media Strategies: full page, • Reach and Frequency: Reach= 70% Frequency= 4 full bleed, • Continuity- Because the campaign stresses that POM Wonderful can be a simple, daily full color choice for health, High Beams will run a pulsing year-long ad campaign. A pulsing continuity will reinforce the POM Wonderful brand image and increase top-of-mind awareness in the interactive 336X280 juice industry. The campaign will be in a one year time frame beginning March 2010 and pixels ending February 201 1 out of home billboards 17
  19. 19. Media Mix Itroduction Broadcast: Print:High Beams will run broadcast advertisements on Food Network’s By advertising in nationally circulated magazines, POM Wonderful“Home Entertaining with Michael Chiarello” and “Alex’s Day Off,” will reach its target market from coast-to-coast. Secondly, magazinesSoapnet’s “All My Children” and “Beverly Hills 90210,” Style’s “Clean are ordinarily found where the campaign’s target market, womenHouse” and “How Do I Look?,” and Lifetime Movie Network. High ages 25-45 frequent. These places include gyms, doctors’ offices,Beams will run both a :30 ad that is consistent with the campaign hair salons, and in-home. The statistics used to make these mediamessage and a :30 one-off commercial. These commercials will choices were taken from MRI Media Marker, based on “women/target both stay-at-home moms during the day and working women homemakers and principle shoppers.” Use of this category,in the evening. By utilizing pulsing commercial placement, High which includes 1 16,722,000 women. This ensures that those withBeams will capitalize on the holiday season when women are in the purchasing power are exposed to POM Wonderful advertisements.entertaining mindset. Data illustrated that these women most frequently read magazines regarding parenthood, fashion, and health. Magazine choices were made based upon those with high indices in these categories. Out-of-Home: Interactive:Because the campaign targets active, successful, women who are Research shows that POM Wonderful’s target audience frequentlyalways on the go, out-of-home advertising is essential. Through visits Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay. In addition to thesebillboards, taxi-top signage, bike racks, and strategically selected websites, High Beams will utilize advertising space on iVillage.com,location-based advertisements, out-of-home advertising will Peapod.com, and FoodNetwork.com. Women visiting sites likeconsistently reinforce the message that POM Wonderful is essential Peapod and Food Network are already in the purchasing or healthfor daily health. mindset, so they will be naturally inclined to include POM Wonderful to their grocery list. 18
  20. 20. TelevisionStyle’s “Clean House” and “How Do I Food Network “Easy Entertaining withLook?”: Michael Chiarello” and “Alex’s Day Off” :Style network has the largest reach of the networks women These shows are targeted towards women 25-55 who are mothers,frequently watch. High Beams selected these two shows based party hosts, and cooks who are busy with both family and work.on their differing content, as it will allow us to reach the broadest These two shows highly resonate with our women not only in termsaudience possible. We will advertise on these shows at the of content, but these are also shows that will reach a large portionbeginning of each season, when women commonly search for of our audience, as “Home Entertaining with Michael Chirarello” airthe newest styles and fashions, and are ready to make changes weekdays at 1 1:30/ 10:30 c, and oppositely, “Alex’s Day Off” airsin their lifestyles. Presenting POM Wonderful to consumers during on weekends at 9:30/8:30 c. These advertisements will run duringthis time will position the product as one that can be part of peak holiday seasons when women are tuning in for entertainingthese changes, or one that can help them make these changes. tips and ideas. Specifically, these advertisements will run during the months of June, July, September, and December.Soapnet’s “All My Children” and Lifetime Movie Network: Advertising on this network will create a unique advantage for“Beverly Hills 90210”: POM Wonderful, as this is a popular station women watch whenAdvertising during these popular daytime shows will allow POM they are relaxing. Because the women are more likely to be atWonderful to reach the stay-at-home sector of its target audience. ease and not distracted while watching this network, they will beThese advertisements will run on a pulsing cycle, appearing more likely to pay attention to advertisements. Advertisements willperiodically from September to May. The advertisements will be run in the evenings and during less stressful months, October,appear on a steady cycle as the viewership of these shows are March, April, and May, when women will be more likely have constant throughout the year. time to sit down and tune in. 19
  21. 21. MagazineWoman’s Day:This magazine provides POM Wonderful with the ideal opportunity to advertise to the target, as its slogan, “Live wellevery day,” directly corresponds with POM Wonderful’s campaign message of daily health. With topics rangingfrom food and home to health and style, this magazine keeps women up-to-date and healthy. To maximize reach,Woman’s Day will feature one advertisement throughout the year in March, May, August, October, and January.Audience Reach: 18,583,000 women Yoga Journal: Yoga Journal places heavy emphasis on wellness and provides women with healthy lifestyle choices with long-term benefits. POM Wonderful perfectly fits into Yoga Journals brand image, and would strike a chord with its readers who favor healthy products that enhance their lifestyle. One advertisement will run in June, July, and September, months when individuals are trying to to be their at their fittest for bathing suit season. One will also run at the end of November and December, when individuals are trying to stay healthy and balanced for the coming holiday season. Audience Reach: 1,415,000 womenGood Housekeeping:This magazine provides POM Wonderful with the ideal opportunity to advertise to the target, as its slogan, “Live wellevery day,” directly corresponds with POM Wonderful’s campaign message of daily health. With topics rangingfrom food and home to health and style, this magazine keeps women up-to-date and healthy. To maximize reach,Woman’s Day will feature one advertisement throughout the year in March, May, August, October, and January.Audience Reach: 18,583,000 women 20
  22. 22. Working Mother: This magazine targets the majority of POM Wonderful’s target audience, appealing to mothers who juggle many roles and responsibilities. Working Mother provides its readers with helpful tips to accomplish all of life’s daily tasks and challenges. POM Wonderful’s message will resonate with the magazine’s brand and its readers’ needs. Advertisements will run during the months of May, July, October, and December. Audience Reach: 2,015,000 womenFit Pregnancy:By focusing on womens’ pre-natal health during pregnancy, this magazine targets women in their late twenties tomid-thirties. This demographic comprises a sizable portion of POM Wonderful’s target audience. Advertisements inthis magazine will run in March and February, at the beginning of “baby season.”Audience Reach: 2,150,000 women Glamour: Targeting women 18-30, this magazine will appeal to POM Wonderful’s younger demographic. Because Glamour focuses on beauty, fashion, health and fitness, POM Wonderful’s combined image of health and sophistication will strongly appeal to its readers. One advertisement will run in April, May, August, September, October, and December, months during which advertising to POM Wonderful’s younger demographic is low. Audience Reach: 10,771,000 womenWomen’s Health:With sections on health, fitness, style, life, sex, and love, this magazine will reach POM Wonderful’s younger femaleaudience. Print advertisements in “Women’s Health” will run during the months of April, August, January, andFebruary.Audience Reach: 9,279,000 women 21
  23. 23. InteractiveiVillage.com:As a community for women, this website provides women with helpful information about anything from home and health to entertainmentand gardening. Encompassing many women’s hobbies, this website is a mecca for women on the go. Advertising here would not only givePOM Wonderful an effective reach, but its blog and community member features would increase POM Wonderful’s reach from word ofmouth. Banner advertisements on this website will run in the months of March, April, August, and February. Peapod.com:Peapod, a function of Stop and Shop aids busy women who hardly time to go grocery shopping. Advertising on this site would not only effec-tively reach our women, but it would remind them to buy POM Wonderful, as it can be done at the click of a mouse. Banner advertisementson this website will run in the months of June, July, and November, months during which a lot of online shopping is done for graduation and Independence Day parties, as well as for Thanksgiving Day.FoodNetwork.com:Many women use Foodnetwork.com as an idea source for meals. Placement of POM Wonderful ads on this site would stimulate consumeraction when they are in the creative, cooking, and buying mindset. Advertising here would also ensure consistency and increase viewerfrequency as our advertisements will play on the Food Network television channel as well. To increase viewer frequency, one banner ad-vertisement will run during months where advertisements are also ran on the television network. Specifically, these will appear in the monthsof June, July, September, and December. 22
  24. 24. Out-of-Home (OOH)The most efficient way to reach our women is utilizing Out-of-Home media. As they are constantly on the go, OOH is the media they will mostly likely be exposed to most frequently. High Beams will place billboards in heavily trafficked, metropolitan areas.These high-tech, LED billboard will keep consistency with the print advertisements and the brand image of POM Wonderful, picturing awoman’s arm lifting the POM Wonderful bottle, much like one would lift a weight. This billboard will be an effective form of media as themovement of the arm will catch the eye of drivers, and the simplicity of the message will increase viewer comprehension. This billboard will be run continuously for a full year.Billboards would serve as a media to stimulate interest, prompting consumers to ask, “how can POM Wonderful make me more powerful?”The billboard will provide the POM Wonderful web address to help viewers gather more brand information, and jumpstart the buying process. T i m e l iting e March 2010 and ending in February 2011. n in ar l campaign will last for one year, st The POM Wonderfu 23
  25. 25. Media Scheduling &Budgeting A 1 Media Mix Sched B C D ule E F G 2 Column 1 H I J K L M 3 Television (30s) Jan Feb March April N May O P Food Network " Home Jun July Aug Sep Oct Nov Entertaining Dec Total Cost 4 with Michael Ch Cost Per Execution iarello 5 Food Network " Alexs Pay off" 6 Soapnets " All My 2 2 Children" 1 7 Beverly Hills 90 2 2 2 1 $180,000.00 1 1 $30,000.00 8 Lifetime Movie 210 1 1 1 $120,000.00 Network 2 1 1 $20,000.00 9 Styles Clean Ho 1 $140,000.00 use 1 1 1 2 1 $20,000.00 10 Styles How Do $180,000.00 I Look 2 2 1 $30,000.00 11 Total 1 2 $100,000.00 $20,000.00 12 3 2 $125,000.00 $25,000.00 13 Magazines $100,000.00 $20,000.00 14 Womans Day $945,000.00 15 Yoga Journal 1 1 16 Womans Healt 1 h 1 1 17 Working Mothe 1 1 1 1 $1,299,800.00 $259 r 1 1 1 ,960.00 18 Fit Pregnancy 1 1 $176,725.00 $35,345.00 19 Glamour 1 $676,580.00 $169 1 1 1 1 ,145.00 20 Good HouseKe 1 $289,700.00 eping 1 $72,425.00 21 Total 1 $110,740.00 1 2 $55,235.00 22 1 1 $1,255,524.00 1 $209,254.00 23 Internet 1 $1,033,425.00 $344,475.00 24 ivillage.com $4,842,494.00 25 peadpod.com 1 1 26 foodnetwork.co 1 m 1 27 Total 1 1 $640,000.00 $160,000.00 28 1 1 2 $480,000.00 1 $160,000.00 29 Billboards 1 $640,000.00 $160,000.00 30 New York City $1,760,000.00 31 Boston 1 32 Chicago 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 33 Washington DC 1 1 $2,880,000.00 $480,000.00 34 Total 1 1 1 $180,000.00 1 1 $36,000.00 35 1 1 $144,000.00 1 $36,000.0036 Production Cost 1 $180,000.00 $36,000.0037 $3,384,000.0038 Total Cost39 Total Budget $1,050,000.0040 $11,981,494.00 $12,000.000.00 24
  26. 26. Parking Lot POM:Objective: To increase sales by reminding consumers to purchase POM Wonderful when they are in the proper purchasing mindset.Strategy: The “POM Wonderful” logo will be painted on the white lines in grocery store parking lots, serving as a reminder to pick up abottle of POM in the store, or, if they haven’t heard if the product line, this will inspire them to check it out. Consumers walk into a grocerystore with the intent to buy, and thus cost hesitancy does not have as large impact on their purchasing decisions. As a result, this is a primetime to remind them to buy POM. Bally Fitness Power Pack Promotion:Objective: To reinforce POM Wonderful’s position as a beverage that can help w become healthier and more “powerful.”Strategy: By partnering with Bally Fitness, a popular gym in the Northeast, POM Wonderful will implement an incentive program.This program will run through January and February, when many women hit the gym eager to fulfill New Year’s resolution healthand fitness goals. The program will inspire women to stick newly made resolutions by offering a POM Wonderful Power Pack to anymember of Bally Fitness who attends the gym seven times in a span of two weeks. The POM Wonderful Power Pack will provideconsumers with POM Wonderful products that will enhance one’s workout experience. Ultimately, the pack encourages consumers toengage in all types of healthful activities that will make them more powerful individuals, while keeping POM Wonderful as an integral part of this new routine.Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello:Objective: To increase consumer awareness of the various uses of POM Wonderful products.Strategy: POM Wonderful will sponsor an episode of Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello to inspire viewers with creative, delectable,and simple ways to use POM Wonderful in the kitchen. This will also serve as a great connection to POM Parties, giving consumers inventiveways to use POM products while entertaining. POM Wonderful will obtain optimum frequency with this tactic as both stay-at-home andworking women will have the opportunity to view this show, which airs from 10:30 A.M – 1 1:30 A.M on weekdays and online. Brand ivation 25 Act
  27. 27. Coupons: POMCal:A primary reasons for declining sales stems from the An application will be available for purchase on all Smartphones andelevated price of POM Wonderful products. Although our their counterparts (iPads and all Android products) called POMCal.entire campaign focuses on highlighting POM Wonderful’s This app will function similar to that of iCal, holding important datesattributes that make it a quality, unique brand, we will offer and helping women effectively organize busy days. However, thiscoupons to our consumers to stimulate the initial purchase. application will offer the added benefit of helping one stay healthy.Placed in various print media, these coupons will lessen Using advanced Smartphone technology, the application will analyzeconsumer’s cognitive dissonance, thus improving their overall the users’ location and activities and generate relevant, helpfulimage of POM Wonderful. Our engaging shape and design notifications. For example at 12:00 P.M, reminders such as “Drink a bigwill not only catch the eye of the page-turner, but it will serve glass of water at lunch today, the heat index will reach 95 degrees byas a call to action, providing them with the health benefits of 1:00 P.M!” or “Drink some POM Wonderful at breakfast this morningPOM Wonderful and wellness tips to stay healthy. Although before entering the doctor’s office this afternoon” will flash across thethe coupon is only good once, the booklet will serve as a screen. These notifications will reinforce POM Wonderful’s messageconstant reminder to buy POM Wonderful. that no matter how busy a woman’s schedule is, POM Wonderful can help her maintain a healthy lifestyle.. Activation 26
  28. 28. POM Parties: POM Party guides are the ultimate entertaining manual for all things pomegranate.Available for free download on POMWonderful.com, POM Party guides will providehosts with recipes, table setting layouts, themes, and tips, all inspired by the rubyred pomegranate. POM Party guides will change seasonally, as the themes andrecipes can easily transition from summer cookouts to winter soirees. POM Party POM Pax: The 100% goodness of POM Wonderful in a convenient pouch makes POM Pax the go-to drink for active kids. POM Pax are the perfect size for packed lunches, picnics, family trips, or halftime refreshment. All POM Pax are made with no added sugars, preservatives, or colors, and are gluten-free. Flavors include 100% Pomegranate, POM Blueberry, Cranberry, Cherry, Mango, Kiwi, and Nectarine. Whether POM Pax are served as an after-school snack or a drink on the run, moms can feel confident about their choice to provide their children with the fun, healthy, Marketing mmendations 27 Reco
  29. 29. POM Sorbet: POM Sorbet is a refreshingly light dessert that satisfies women’s desire for a sweet treat without the guilt. Still packed with powerful antioxidants, POM Sorbet is a perfect blend of tangy pomegranate, sweet satisfaction, and healthful goodness. Available nationwide in grocery stores, POM Sorbet would serve as a natural extension of the POM Wonderful product line. POM Vending Machines:Strategically placed in locations where women want to feel their most powerful, POM Wonderful vending machines will provide womenwith pomegranate products right at their fingertips. Vending machines will include a range of 100% juices, Lite POM, POMxTea, POMxIced Coffee, POMx Shots, and POMx Bars. These vending machines will be tested in large urban office spaces and fitness centers. These impulse buys will increase repeat purchase intent. Marketing Recommendations 28
  30. 30. Campaign Evaluation:The goal of this campaign was not only to increase sales but to increase awareness through different media vehicles representedthroughout our campaign. To measure our campaign’s success, we have set monthly benchmarks based on the 12 month time frame inorder to evaluate our achievement. We expected the repositioning of POM Wonderful to be more readily available and recognizablein those months. By our unique campaign, we anticipate to increase comprehension of the brand by 45%, making 55% of our targetmarket understand the brand message. In turn, at the end of our campaign, we will be able to increase our sales by $45 million through our advertising, promotions and our choice in media vehicles to execute our campaign. Months Comprehension Sales in of the Brand Millions March 0.5% $3.4 A p r il 4.5% $3.5 May 8% $1.5 June 4% $2.6 July 3% $2.8 August 6% $5.2 September 6.5% $2.4 October 2% $3.0 November 3.5% $4.4 December 6% $4.0 January 4% $5.4 February 7% $5.8 Total 55% $45.00 Evaluation 29
  31. 31. 30POM Wonderful Creative BriefDecember 6, 2010Key Fact:High Beams advertising efforts positioned POM Wonderful as a refreshing go-to health productto help women maintain their active lifestyles.Advertising Problem:Current POM Wonderful consumers view the product as an occasional treat, rather than a dailypreventative health measure.Advertising Objective:POM Wonderful’s antioxidant packed products give women the ability to feel and be morepowerful—Powerful POM for a more powerful you.Target Customer:POM Wonderful quenches the thirst of health-conscious, college-educated women between theages of 25-45 who juggle the titles of mother, wife, professional, and individual.Competition:Direct: Tropicana: Trop50, Pomegranate Blueberry, Ocean Spray: Cranberry & PomegranateFlavored Blend, Minute Maid : Enhanced Pomegranate Blueberry Juice, Whole Foods 365Pomegranate Juice, Naked: Pomegranalicious Juice SmoothieIndirect: All healthful and enhancement drinks, including, but not limited to, products producedby Bolthouse, Clif Bar Co., and PowerBar.Key Consumer Benefit:Product Related: a convenient beverage that has powerful, invigorating, and healthful benefits.Consumer- related: Provides consumers with powerful antioxidants that help them preventhealth and stress related daily irritants.Support:Drinking POM Wonderful optimizes a healthy lifestyle that empowers consumers to be theirmost powerful.Brand personality:Between its health benefits and its sophisticated image POM Wonderful helps women to lookand feel their best.Mandatories and Limitations:The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested that POM Wonderful’s product labels desistfrom making health claims not backed by the FDA. By working within FDA regulations andoverseeing every step of the process, from harvesting to global distribution, POM Wonderful willcontinue to fulfill its promise to consumers by providing superior antioxidant-packedpomegranate products.
  32. 32. Team BiographiesElizabeth StoltzMajor: Integrated Marketing CommunicationsHometown: York, PennsylvaniaCommunications Affiliations: New York Women in Communications, Inc.; Park Design HouseTip for staying healthy: Go for a run! Running leaves you feeling physically accomplished and doeswonders for stress relief. Brandon McCullough Major: Integrated Marketing Communications Minor: Communication, Management and Design Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Communications Affiliations: Public Relations Student Society of America Tip for staying healthy: Drink plenty of water! Not only do you feel more refreshed, but water nourishes and cleanses your body.Amanda RiggioMajor: Integrated Marketing CommunicationsHometown: Deep River, ConnecticutCommunications Affiliations: Marketing, event planner, and liason for the Office of StudentEngagement and Multicultural AffairsTip for staying healthy: Have self-confidence! It willl help you relax and create a positive self-complex. It’s free and you can get it anywhere! 31 Appendix
  33. 33. Marc PhillipsMajor: Integrated Marketing CommunicationsHometown: Wyckoff, New JerseyCommunications Affiliations: Public Relations Student Society of America Communications Director andPark School Dean’s Host.Tip for staying healthy: Have a bedtime routine! Listen to some calming music and turn off all lightsexcept for a small lamp. You can even read a book or magazine if you so choose! Sara Martin Major: Integrated Marketing Communications Hometown: Riverton, New Jersey Communications Affiliations: American Advertising Federation Tip for staying healthy: When you go out to eat, ask for your food cooked without butter. Usually you won’t notice a difference! Its a quick way to cut calories!Lethia McFarlandMajor: Integrated Marketing CommunicationsHometown: Lancaster, PennsylvaniaCommunications Affiliations: Public Relations Student Society of America Events Co-chairTip for staying healthy: Eat whole grains! Nourishing your body with healthy foods is key inmaintaining a healthy lifestyle. Appendix 32