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(MBASkills.IN) Do Schools Kill Creativity?

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Do Schools Kill Creativity? by Sir Ken Robinson

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(MBASkills.IN) Do Schools Kill Creativity?

  1. 1. Do schools Kill Creativity? -Nishant Joshi (PGP30026)
  2. 2. Children are inherently creative!
  3. 3. They are also the key to our future
  4. 4. We can’t predict the next 5 years how do we plan to educate for the next 50 ?!
  5. 5. Creativity is as important as literacy!
  6. 6. It’s absolutely essential to take a chance or risk and creativity stems from this risk taking nature
  7. 7. You won’t take a risk if you are afraid of making a mistake
  8. 8. Education systems stigmatize mistakes till we stop even trying to take a chance
  9. 9. We don’t just grow out of our creativity…we are Educated out of Creativity!... but Why?
  10. 10. The educational hierarchy followed around the globe…why is this so? Why aren’t subjects like Dance ever taught full time?
  11. 11. Modern Educational System has its roots in Industrialism
  12. 12. The purpose of education was to create employees and then there were very few jobs
  13. 13. This led to subjects like Math & Science being given more importance and hence the current hierarchy
  14. 14. But this is no longer the case!
  15. 15. According to UNESCO, more students will graduate in the next 30 years than since the beginning of education
  16. 16. This is leading to Academic Inflation where just having a degree is no longer sufficient guarantee of employment
  17. 17. We need to rethink the definition of what is intelligence?
  18. 18. Intelligence is Diverse, Dynamic and Distinct|
  19. 19. Creativity can only come from interaction of various forms of intelligence
  20. 20. For any kind of sustained survival, a critical reexamination of our educational system is absolutely critical