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Wireless Communications Technology - R&D

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Wireless Communications technology R&D activities in MIMOS - ICT Agency under Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Wireless Communications Technology - R&D

  1. 1. www.mimos.my! © 2008 MIMOS Berhad. All Rights Reserved.! Wireless Communications Technology Dr. Mazlan Abbas Head Wireless Communications Cluster MIMOS BERHAD Contact: mazlan.abbas@mimos.my @mazlan_abbas https://www.facebook.com/drmazlanabbas!
  2. 2. !  Ubiquitous Network Vision – “Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device and Any Person” !  Wireless Communications Cluster R&D Activities !  WiMAX !  WiWi! Gen 1.5 / WiMAX SoC !  IPv6 !  Enhanced IPv6 Multicasting / NEMO (Network Mobility) / 6LoWPAN !  IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) !  OpenFMC (Open Fixed-Mobile Convergence) Eco-System !  Bridging the Digital Divide !  Technologies for Ubiquitous Network Vision Agenda
  3. 3. The Vision Internet PSTN Core IPv6 Network Industries Institutions Public Safety Public Education 2-way Radios Town & Home Telco Broadband Agriculture Rural Villages Content on demand, Digital Library, Research tools Value-add services, packets simulation and modeling !  Creative Content, Automotive, Electronics !  Game dev., Digital movie making, Animation, Rendering, Visualisation !  Design tools, Modeling, Simulation !  Armed Forces, Police, Immigration !  Warfare simulation, air space surveillance !  Criminal records, homeland security !  Citizens and visitors database !  Biotechnology, Crops, Aquaculture !  DNA modeling, database sharing, crop modeling !  Banking, Stock Broking, Insurance !  Financial modeling !  Modeling of stock trends. Risk modeling !  Airlines, Surface Transportation, Sea Transportation !  Real-time traffic simulation, passenger and freight control Transportation Content (songs, movies, games) on demand Call Center Service/ Monitoring Center Dispatch Center Control Center Command Center Surveillance Center National Grid Center Rural Villages Global Network Government !  Local Government services, Income Tax !  Street Mapping, Sectoral tax computation National IT Service Utility
  4. 4. Speed versus Mobility Bandwidth per user DEVICES LOCATION SCENARIOS PC Home Office “Fixed” Laptop Hotspots “Park and connect” PDA High-end handset Hotzones “Always on” Medium Very high High Fixed Satellite Cable xDSL Fiber WiFi HSDPA UMTS Handset Global coverage “on the move” Mobility IMT-2000 Advanced 4G WiMAX Nomadic Mobile
  5. 5. Services: High-Speed Broadband WiMAX – Technology for Wireless Broadband “….There will be seamlessly combined services on mobile broadband …” [Source: MyICMS886, Page 14: Services] Collaborators
  6. 6. Gen 1.0 (2007) Gen 1.5 (2008) Gen 2.0 (2009) Gen 2.2 (2010) Gen 3.0 (2010) WiMAX Infrastructure Roadmap Fixed WiMAX CPE (3.5GHz) Fixed/Portable/ Mobile WiMAX CPE (2.3 GHz) Under Development Under Development Under Development 802.16d 802.16e 802.16j 802.16m 2010200920062004
  7. 7. WiWi Gen 1.5 – Hybrid WiMAX/WiFi CPE Provides Fixed, Portable and Mobile Wireless Broadband IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX Ease of Deployment Integrated Solution (WiFi built-in) Cheaper access IPv6-enabled Enhanced Multicasting Hybrid WiMAX/WiFi CPE 2.3 GHz (802.16e WiMAX) 2.4 GHz (802.11b/g WiFi) Indoor/Outdoor Unit
  8. 8. WiWi – Delivering Multimedia 18.36 Mb/s
  9. 9. WiWi Gen 1.5 Actual Deployment Scenario WiMAX BS WiFi Network WiWi Gen 1.5 Internet Tele- center or House WiMAX Coverage Military Fire Brigade Ambulance Community Campus Bus
  10. 10. Wave 1 (2007) Wave 1 (2008) Wave 2 (2009) WiMAX Chipset Development Roadmap • Point to point communication -non signaling mode (no MAC) • Text messaging • PoC consists of 8 different boards • Integration with MAC and BS • Video streaming • Compact PoC • 15 x 18 x 5 cm • 1 DSP + FPGA Board and • 1 ADC+DAC+RF board • Size 7mm x 7mm
  11. 11. Next Generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) Infrastructure: IPv6 “…. IPv6 is expected to be proliferated nationwide by 2010 …” [Source: MyICMS886, Page 27: Infrastructure] Collaborators
  12. 12. Standard CPE vs WiWi Gen 1.5 IPv6 Streaming Server IPv6 Multicast Users Standard CPE (Unable to support Multicast) WiMAX Network* Bad Quality Good Quality WiWi! Gen 1.5 (Supports Multicast) *Note: Requires IPv6 and Multicasting features to fully utilize the Enhanced IPv6 Multicasting
  13. 13. NEMO (Network Mobility) Home Agent WiWi Base Station 2 WiWi Base Station 1 ASN1 ASN2
  14. 14. 6LoWPAN (IPv6 Low Power Wireless Personal Area Network) Services: Short Range Communications “…. The Short Range Communications services will support the creation of short-range wireless connections type of applications which use very low power .… ” [Source: MyICMS886, Page 19: Services] Collaborators
  15. 15. 6LoWPAN Demo 6LoWPAN Gateway 6LoWPAN Web Server Internet 6LoWPAN Mobile Communicator 6LoWPAN(Advantages( Suitable)for)higher)density) Scalability) IP6based)6)Open,)long6lived,)reliable(standard(–) use)exis=ng)infrastructure) Transparent)Internet)Integra=on) Cost)of)Protocol)6)FREE(
  16. 16. IP Multimedia Subsystem (The Key To Fixed-Mobile Convergence) Infrastructure: Multiservice Convergence Network “…. The aim is to provide the capability to access multiple services on a fully IP-based network” [Source: MyICMS886, Page 24: Infrastructure] Collaborators
  17. 17. Device Switching Network Switching Network Switching IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Analog Phone Continuous Call Switching Seamless IPTV across Networks IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) 3G Network WiFi Network WiFi Network WiMAX Network Fixed Network Voice Video IP Network
  18. 18. Building an IMS Ecosystem for Malaysia Application Developers Content Providers IMS Network Switching Device Switching Presence Location Assisted MIMOS Platform Variety of applications To be offered Provide Tools & Plug-Ins Eco-System Content Fund (MOSTI/KTAK)
  19. 19. Standardization & Forum Activities www.mimos.my © 2008 MIMOS Berhad. All Rights Reserved.
  20. 20. THANK(YOU(