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How To Use Docusign and Transaction Rooms

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Step By Step How To:
Set up docusign account and link to Transaction Rooms. How to obtain electronic signatures through Docusign transaction rooms

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How To Use Docusign and Transaction Rooms

  1. 1. DocuSign Activation
  2. 2. If you currently have a DocuSign account, when you follow the link to set up your account, you will have the option to accept and import my existing account. If you don’t see that option, please call Customer Support at 866-219-4318. If you currently pay for a DocuSign account, DocuSign will refund you any unused portion of your subscription.
  3. 3. Join DocuSign You Should have received an “Invite” from Teresa to join DocuSign. In the Email is an “Activate” button Click on that button in from your email
  4. 4. You’ll be asked to change this password on the next screen so don’t make it the one you want to use.
  5. 5. Set Signature 2 1 Go To Preferences Go to: Manage Identity Manage Your Signature
  6. 6. Formerly known as Cartavi
  7. 7. DocuSign Transaction Rooms Store documents and easily send to buyers, sellers, agents and more. Each person will have to be added and accept the invitation before they can sign the document All that is needed is name and valid email address to send for electronic signatures You can send finalized contracts to lenders, staff, co-op agents etc.
  8. 8. If your account is not already linked, Teresa will have to send you the link via your email account.
  9. 9. Link your DocuSign account
  10. 10. Once DocuSign Transaction Rooms and DocuSign are linked, you can manage all of your transactions within the Docusign Transaction Rooms. - If you were to sign up for these products on your own, the cost is $30/month with limited free documents & then you pay per document. - With the company enrollment, you get the first 3 months FREE! After that, if you choose to continue using DocuSign with Transaction Rooms, the cost to you is $15/month billed to your office bill. - The advantage of going with the company enrollment, you can send unlimited documents for signature which can be a huge cost savings.
  11. 11. Set Up Your Tabs
  12. 12. If you need help setting up the tabs or any other part of the set up, watch this instructional video by clicking on the link or copy and paste link into your browser. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg4HnoUFrc#t=30
  13. 13. Always go back to the Dashboard
  14. 14. How To Obtain Electronic Signatures
  15. 15. You can upload a document from My Documents but easier to start at Transactions
  16. 16. Create a Transaction
  17. 17. Enter Information About The Transaction
  18. 18. Add Documents
  19. 19. Add Clients Click here to add clients to sign document
  20. 20. Click on the person you added
  21. 21. Give Client Access To The Document Close this window when done
  22. 22. Go to Envelopes Tab Click Here
  23. 23. Create a New Envelope
  24. 24. Set the signatures using “Tag Document” Button
  25. 25. Drag and Drop
  26. 26. Add 2 Clients to 1 Email Address: 4 Easy Steps Identify by Access Code 1 Click the “To” address bar 3 ORDER 4 ORDER DIAGRAM 2
  27. 27. It Will Look Like This
  28. 28. Attach Multiple Signatures
  29. 29. Notice it grays out the other signature when changing persons using same email
  30. 30. Send!
  31. 31. What it looks like to your clients
  32. 32. Tips: 1. Make sure to put the full name icon on the last page, for “print name” you must have this, or they will need to print their name 2. Make sure to add the date 3. When you place a tag on a document for initials, make sure you don’t set it on any words of the document! It obstructs the words of the document and the initials cannot be read 4. Preview the document to make sure it’s correct 5. Please send a copy of listings to Terry if east or Debbie Pick west 6. Please send contracts to east Dawn or west Dawn 7. If you use Transaction Coordinator, add Kim and Valerie and send them a copy
  33. 33. Please be sure to download and install Cartavi (DocuSign Transaction Rooms apps for your mobile devices. - Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet and Android Phone. - Download Apps from your App store - Please be sure to visit our support site for helpful information on how to use Cartavi: support.cartavi.com. We also offer periodic free webinars, cartavi.com/webinars.