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Intro to social media analytics (workshop version)

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Intro to Social Media Analytics #elkottab workshop

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Intro to social media analytics (workshop version)

  1. 1. Intro to ScialMedia Analytics
  2. 2. By the end of this workshop you will be able to: •Define different analytics terminologies •Ability to measure different social media networks •Create development cycle that suits the business needs •Craft Basic Performance Reports
  3. 3. Ch1: Social Media Terms Discussion Case Study: Competitive analysis Activity Ch2: Analyze Performance Game Ch3: Craft Data Products Activity
  4. 4. Ch1/Social Media Analytics Terms •Interactions •Data Range •ER by platform & Objective •Impressions by platform & objective •Reach •Share of voice •Demographics •Social CS •Sentiment •Fans •Internal & External Benchmarking
  5. 5. Ch1/Social Media Analytics Terms •Like •+1 •Favorite •Comment •Reply •mention •Share •Retweet •Repin •Clicks Life Time OR All Time Selected Range Start Date End Date Data Range Engagement Rate For pages you are not admin at Interactions/Engagement Source: social bakers Source: Simply Measured Engagement Rate For pages you are admin at Post Level Engagement Rate
  6. 6. Ch1/Social Media Analytics Terms Sentiment Social CS Share of Voice determine shares between 2 or more competitors for online Conversations. 40.4% 24% 21.1% 13.3% 1.2% Apple Samsung Sony Microsoft HTC Determine whether the opinion of someone is (Positive-Negative –Neutral) 55 134 91 Vodafone Positive Netural Negative •General Response rate •Response rate by time Share of Voice = Your Mentions / (Total Mentions for Competitive Brands)
  7. 7. Ch1/Social Media Analytics Terms •Twitter Impressions/Reach
  8. 8. Ch1/Social Media Analytics Terms •Facebook Impressions/Reach Organic Reach Paid Reach Viral Reach The number of people who visited your Page, or saw your Page or one of its posts in news feed or ticker. These can be people who have liked your Page and people who haven't. The number of people who saw a sponsored story or ad pointing to your Page. The number of people who saw your Page or one of its posts from a story shared by a friend. These stories include liking your Page, posting to your Page's timeline, liking, commenting on or sharing one of your Page posts, answering a question you posted, responding to one of your events, mentioning your Page, tagging your Page in a photo or checking in at your location.
  9. 9. Ch1/Social Media Analytics Terms Impressions/Reach Explanation Reach Person 1 Person 2 Person3 Person4 Person5 5 - Impressions 6 5 10 3 15 - 39 Total Reach TotalImpressions
  10. 10. Ch1/Social Media Analytics Terms Demographics
  11. 11. Ch1/Social Media Analytics Terms •Change in Fans •Growth Rate •Acquired new fans •Lost Fans/Unlikes •Influencers Internal Benchmark External Benchmark Fans •Comparing Performance over time •Satisfaction Score •Content Evaluation
  12. 12. Activity Few days ago Easy Taxi started to encourage different segments to use it’s service and you are responsible for their social media analytics, and you were asked to conduct Performance report for Facebook & Twitter. Craft a one slide report using powerpointthat can cover the following Data Range (Campaign Start: Campaign End) •Number of posts per day (Bar Chart) •Total interactions percentage Per network: (Pie Chart) Facebook (Shares-Comments –likes) Twitter (Favorites-Retweets -Replies) •Daily Posts Engagement Rate per network •Top post based on ER
  13. 13. Business Cases Facebook Studio Twitter Cases Google+ YouTube Cases Instagram Blog LinkedIn Cases Pinterest Cases
  14. 14. Ch2/Analyze Performance Content Development Cycle Analyze Develop Incept Smash Create Engagement Sentiment
  15. 15. Ch2/Analyze Performance 1stSlide Life Time Fans/Followers Max Fan Count Change Per Day-Week-Month Fan Growth Rate Engagement Rate Change in Fans Total Reach Total Page Views = (Present –Past)/Past * 100
  16. 16. Ch2/Analyze Performance 2ndSlide Total Interactions When Most Fans are online Interactions by percentage Number of posts by brand Percentages Pie Chart Number of posts shared by fans Interactions Breakdown
  17. 17. Ch2/Analyze Performance 3rdSlide Daily –Weekly -Monthly Engagement Rate Changes in fans Vertical Bar Chart
  18. 18. Ch2/Analyze Performance 4thSlide Daily –Weekly -Monthly Total Reach Page Views Horizontal bar chart
  19. 19. Glossary/Useful links oPinterest Analytics Terms Definitions oFacebook Analytics Terms Definitions oTwitter Analytics Terms Definitions oInstagram Analytics Terms Definitions oGoogle+ Analytics Terms Definitions oYoutubeAnalytics Terms Definitions