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Originate ideas part

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Originate ideas part

  1. 1. Originate ideasMind map one:Analysis of idea one: This documentary would be discussing the topic of an allergy called “Gluten”. Iwould start off by introducing what gluten is to people. Gluten is an allergy to certain ingredients,some of these being wheat, flour and barley. I would then move on to how it can affect peopleexplaining different ways in which people are affected by Gluten. Some effect’s being concentrationlacking problems or how people who suffer from Gluten can have a considerably lower alcoholtolerance compared to the average person.I would then talk about how people who suffer from Gluten combat it so they are not affected bythe problem. This would contain things such as how chain stores such as Tesco and Waitrose nowsell food and drink products specifically for people who are allergic to Gluten. I would then discusshow doctors and nutritionists are trying to find a temporary or even permanent cure for people whosuffer from Gluten. I would then conclude the documentary with a question leaving the audiencethinking about it.During the documentary I would use a small amount of archive footage to back some of the factsthat I narrated. But the majority of the documentary would consist of interviews with people whohave answers to my questions. Some of these people would be nutritionists, doctors, people whosuffer from gluten and people who sell gluten free products.
  2. 2. Mind map two:Analysis of idea two: This documentary would be discussing High Wycombe. I would start off bygiving a brief introduction to what High Wycombe is and where it is in the country/ world. I wouldthen discuss the past history of High Wycombe right up until this point. I would then talk about whatthere is to do in High Wycombe and what makes it unique from other places around the world.Selection and justification: I have selected Idea one to go ahead with and develop. There are manystrong reasons why I have chosen this idea over the other idea. One of the main reasons being thatas gluten sufferer myself, I feel that I have a very large understanding of the subject because it’sbeen in my best interest and health to understand what gluten is and how to combat it. It makessense for me to choose a subject which I pre understand thoroughly rather than choosing an ideawhich look’s good to do but don’t have much understanding of it.Another major reason for choosing this idea is because of how unique it is. I have never once seen adocumentary or article on gluten allergy whereas I have seen tens of articles or documentary’scovering other allergies and diseases. My theory behind this is that gluten is not a well enoughunderstood allergy and not nearly enough of the population are aware of its existence.