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Sleepy Hollow Love Triangle Project

Matt Powers, English 10, Minarets High 2012. O'Neils, CA.

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Sleepy Hollow Love Triangle Project

  1. 1. The Love Triangle Boy Rival alsowants Girl wants girl Beautiful Girl
  2. 2. Why & how is it effective?•Without opposition, stories are boring.•boring. rising opposition to attempts to overcome, it is still Without•3 is a magic number: always succeed on the 3rd try.•story oversimpleover from generation relate and haveasread this It is very and & human; we all can to generation far back as anyone can tell.
  3. 3. Sleepy Hollow’s Love T"angle Ichabod Crane - Brom Bones - Town Teacher/Town Nerd Bully/Jerk Questionable Music & Dancing abilities, Highly Aggression, Educated, Physical Prowess,Superstitious, Fixture of Troublemaking, Local/ Town Hierarchy, Not NYer, Brawny Local/CT, Gawky Appearance appearance Katrina Van Tassel - Wealthy & Beautiful Heiress Enjoys male attentions, Likes playing with men’s emotions, Adored by Wealthy Father, has ability to choose her own husband
  4. 4. DIY Boy Rival alsowants Girl wants girl Beautiful Girl
  5. 5. • Form Groups of 3-4• Create 3 distinct characters with motivations that match our Love Triangle. they think, Characterize them: What they look like, What they say, What they do, What What others think of them, Where they live.• Make a Google Presentation Love Triangle• Write Class. outline using SWBST (Add it as its own slide to your Presentation). Present to the out an• Write a 2 page version of your story in Google Docs (Alternate Line by Line). SHARE WITH ME.• Create a 1tominute version of your SHAREas a script then act it out via Podcast or Video. Upload it Soundcloud or Vimeo. story WITH ME.