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Showcasing Kaleida at Google's DNI fund event

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Kaleida was a winner of Google's Digital News Initiative fund Round 1. We were invited to showcase our work in Amsterdam today. These are the slides we presented in our panel on analytics.

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Showcasing Kaleida at Google's DNI fund event

  1. 1. KALEIDA
  2. 2. KALEIDA Graham Tackley, CTO Graham led architecture and digital development at The Guardian where he built the API and Ophan, the in- house realtime analytics tool. Chris Moran, Advisor Chris is responsible for audience development at The Guardian where he co-developed Ophan with Graham. Matt McAlister, CEO Matt led digital at The Industry Standard and InfoWorld, developed APIs and platforms at Yahoo! and The Guardian, and started new co’s such as Contributoria and Publish.org. Rev Dan Catt, Data Scientist Dan was a founding member of the Flickr team. He then worked at The Guardian for several years inventing new journalism tools. He is also an artist and maker of things. Dean Vipond, Product Designer Dean led product design at Contributoria and is cofounder of Publish.org. He has worked with Orange, BBC and British Airways. INSPIRED BY OPHAN AT THE GUARDIAN
  3. 3. OBSERVATION: Media orgs spend too much time looking at themselves
  4. 4. KALEIDA COUNTER-INTUITIVE CONDITIONS KP INTERNET TRENDS 2017 | PAGE 12 Online Advertising = Growth Accelerating, +22% vs. +20% Y/Y... Mobile $ > Desktop (2016) on Higher Growth, USA Source: IAB / PWC Internet Advertising Report (2016) USA Internet Advertising ($B), 2009 – 2016 $23 $26 $32 $37 $43 $50 $60 $73 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% $0 $10 $20 $30 $40 $50 $60 $70 $80 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 %Y/YGrowth USAInternetAdvertising($B) Desktop Advertising Mobile Advertising Y/Y Growth THE MARKET IS GROWING… …BUT NEWS JOBS ARE GOING.
  5. 5. KALEIDA PEOPLE CARE ABOUT HOW MEDIA OPERATES Funding matters more and more
  6. 6. “Clients want to know whether they are getting the best out of their investment. The question is what is the best way to do it?” - Martin Sorrell
  7. 7. CHALLENGE: How do we change what “success” means?
  9. 9. KALEIDA THE DATA ▸ 800K articles scanned, about 5K per day ▸ 150K subject profiles built by extracting entities ▸ Track homepage and other promotion activities ▸ 30+ publishers: large and small, left and right ▸ 1.25B engagements
  10. 10. KALEIDA THE ALGORITHM Calculating a score in order to rank media
  11. 11. KALEIDA ‣ Download data about 250,000 articles ‣ Review the methodology and the math behind the algorithm ‣ Collaborate on creating a standard for attention THE ALGORITHM
  12. 12. KALEIDA THE OUTPUT Competitive Intelligence Productivity Tools ROI and Gap Analysis APIs Analytics
  14. 14. KALEIDA WE CAN HELP PUBLISHERS… 1. Invest in successful content 2. Stop producing weak content 3. Identify premium content and do more with it: ▸ Increase display rates ▸ Drive conversions ▸ Push distribution further
  15. 15. NEXT PHASE: Putting tactical data into a macro context
  16. 16. KALEIDA HOW MUCH IS AN ENGAGEMENT WORTH? One Engagement = $0.04
  17. 17. KALEIDA WHAT IS AN ‘ENGAGEMENT’? Facebook PR: “High traffic publishers will see an increase in their engagement metrics. This fix applies to new URLs and will not change metrics from before June 9, 2017.” Engagements = Reactions + Shares + Comments
  18. 18. This number should go up faster
  19. 19. www.kaleida.com @kaleidanet matt@kaleida.com