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Townsville Internet of Things (IoT)

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IoT Devices, communications & Applications with Security.
Where is IoT used now?
How is Internet of Things operating in your industry?
How can Information Communication Technology proceed with security in mind?
Examples of IoT devices, communications, edge computers, IoT cloud, Bluetooth beacons, IoT demand by industry and the future.

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Townsville Internet of Things (IoT)

  1. 1. Townsville Internet of Things IoT Devices, communications & Applications with Security By Matthew Bulat | Dr Yufeng Lin | Ray, Biplob
  2. 2. What is Internet of Things (IoT) ? ● A network of devices ● Embedded with electronics and software ● With connectivity to exchange data ● And interoperate with the Internet
  3. 3. Why do Internet of Things? ● Remote Sensors across networks ● Remote Control across networks ● Integrate the physical world and computer systems ● Improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit ● 8.4 billion devices in 2017 (Gartner) ● $2 Trillion dollar industry in 2017 with 26% annual growth rate (Gartner)
  4. 4. IoT Hardware and Software ● Sensors ● Actuators ● Controllers ● Edge computing ● Networking ● Device Management ● Connectivity Management ● Application Enablement ● Data Management ● Cloud Computing
  5. 5. Where can IoT be used? ● Smart Homes - Lights, temperature, security, entertainment ● Smart Cities - Traffic, water usage, micro climate monitoring ● Smart power grid - Energy trading, load management ● Smarter transport - Tracking vehicles, tracking usage ● Smart Workplace - Share information across multiple devices ● Supply chain tracking - Tracking package delivery ● Smart devices with performance tracking - Hours in use, service schedule ● Smarter retail - Smart signage, Bluetooth beacons, product RFID tags
  6. 6. Amazon Echo Show Voice interface Voice control devices Video conference Audio calls Music playback Answer questions Play audio books
  7. 7. Zmodo Wireless Security WiFi cameras Ethernet base controller Day and night use Low no motion frame rate 45 days storage Alerts to smartphone
  8. 8. Google Chromecast Make TV Smart WiFi + HDMI connection Smartphone or PC control Stream Video and Audio to TV Dual Monitor PC to TV Queue YouTube videos Play Google Play movies
  9. 9. Efergy Engage hub kit Measure 3 phase power Wireless to base station Base station Ethernet Energy usage trends display PC or Smartphone display Measure load current Measure grid current Measure solar current
  10. 10. Air Visual air quality monitor Indoor temperature, humidity, air particle PPM count and CO2. Internet for outside stats.
  11. 11. TomTom Spark Cardio GPS and Heart Rate monitoring Up to 9 hours of data by the second No smartphone required in data collection Upload data via USB or Bluetooth CSV data for PC Upload to cloud for GPS track map and heart rate chart
  12. 12. Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker USB powered bed pressure pad Track breathing Track temperature Track snoring Track sleep hours Calculate sleep score Bluetooth data to smartphone
  13. 13. My Signals eHealth Medical Development Kit Single or company use 17 sensors Bluetooth and Wifi Cloud data storage Results on smartphone Results on PC Cloud subscription model Blood oxygen ECG EMG Airflow Blood pressure Blood sugar Body temperature Skin galvanic response Snore sensor
  14. 14. Indusoft SCADA Controller Linux industrial server Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Digital IO SCADA plant control software Expandable Digital input output Ethernet Analogue input options Ethernet Relay control options RS485 control options (< 1200 metres)
  15. 15. Komatsu Autonomous Mining Truck
  16. 16. Vehicle Monitoring Cars, trucks, industrial equipment, taxi, delivery vehicles, buses Mobile or satellite communications GPS location, engine management monitoring, goods temperature monitoring
  17. 17. Acurite Weather Station Temperature (Now, minimum, maximum) Humidity (Now, minimum, maximum) Windspeed Rainfall Lightning nearby USB connection for PC logging Smartphone app to read PC data
  18. 18. Campbell Scientific HS2 Soil Moisture sensor with 1000 measurement storage, GPS, Bluetooth upload to PC and Google Earth
  19. 19. LoRaWAN transmitter 10 kilometre range 915 MHz for Australia 5 base stations in Townsville Fits Arduino microcontroller communications socket http://www.altoview.com/ https://www.multitech.com https://www.lora-alliance.org/
  20. 20. Arduino Microcontroller Open source hardware/software https://www.arduino.cc/ IDE is based on low level C Program via micro USB cable DC power to run code Model D1 has WiFi Model Yun has Ethernet + WiFi PCB boards can be stacked
  21. 21. Raspberry Pi 3 Single board computer Linux operating system or WIndows 10 Core OS Micro USB power Micro SD storage 4 USB Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth HDMI video 40 input output pins
  22. 22. Amazon Web Services IoT related services IoT Devices
  23. 23. Amazon Web Services IoT Dash Button ($5 US) One button press to reorder a set product over WiFi Button press makes a Amazon product order Email confirms an order has been made
  24. 24. Bluetooth Beacon (Eddystone protocol) - Transmits ID Smartphone hears ID and loads matching Google registered HTTPS URL Solar outdoor beacon, Storefront beacon, Store product beacon
  25. 25. Companies into Internet of Things Amazon Web Services Bosch IoT Suite Ericsson Connected Device Platform IBM IoT Foundation Thingworx Xively AltoView Multitech Google Cloud Compute IoT Intel Quark controllers Microsoft Azure cloud IoT Orange IoT Telco Raspberry Pi Texas Instruments IoT chips Honeywell Industrial IoT ARM IoT System on a chip
  26. 26. Internet of Things and the future ● IoT can provide new device features for customers ● IoT allows the sale of managed services and tracked usage outcomes ● Product evolution is speed up using IoT data ● Reordering is made easier like when consumables are low ● Reduced costs in making further sales ● Smart preventative maintenance helps improve availability ● IoT data can be used to improve efficiency over time
  27. 27. More Internet of Things Information https://www.matthewb.id.au/IoT/index.html https://www.slideshare.net/matthewbulat https://www.acs.org.au/ https://www.cqu.edu.au/