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The Magic of APIs - BrightonSEO 2013

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My deck from BrightonSEO, giving a brief overview of some useful APIs for search marketers and some free code.

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The Magic of APIs - BrightonSEO 2013

  1. 1. The Magic of APIs BrightonSEO 2013 Matt Beswick @ma$beswick  
  2. 2. 20 minutes?!? @ma$beswick  
  3. 3. Not just for geeks* @ma$beswick   *Knowing how to code helps.
  4. 4. @ma$beswick   Get your learning on…
  5. 5. Some Data Your Code Cool Stuff APIs (over) Simplified @ma$beswick  
  6. 6. Example 1: Competitor Analysis
  7. 7. *Knowing how to code helps. h$p://moz.com/products/api   h$p://developer-­‐support.majes<cseo.com/   Our Heroes!  
  8. 8. pick some sites   @ma$beswick  
  9. 9. pick some sites   Get a combined list of links.   @ma$beswick  
  10. 10. @ma$beswick   Export to excel. Analyse. Get loads of links.  
  11. 11. 1. Create a list of twitter users 2. Get a list of their last 200 tweets 3. Check those tweets for links 4. Look for trends… and reach out! A quick how to…  
  12. 12. Enter your list of users…   Wait a few minutes for this
  13. 13. Analyse  a  page  for   topics   Get  that  list  and   store  it   Use  it  as  a  basis  for   outreach  
  14. 14. An example Textwise Response…  
  15. 15. Don’t Forget Your Spider
  16. 16. Keep  on  crawlin’!   Build  up  a   searchable   database  of  sites   Use  that  db  as  a   basis  for  outreach   …  and  also  check   who  they  link  to.   Crawl  each  of  those   sites  and  check  for   topics…   Start  with  a  ‘seed’   list  of  sites  
  17. 17. … and here’s a quick example of sites.  
  18. 18. How about this?   www.ma$beswick.co.uk/outsourcing-­‐guide/   Use  the  process  I  just  described  but  mix  it  up  by  outsourcing  some  extra  valida<on,   and  then  using  the  BuzzStream  API  to  get  your  data  into  their  system.  
  19. 19. http://www.mattbeswick.co.uk/big-list-of-apis/ Examples & Free Code!
  20. 20. Thanks! www.mattbeswick.co.uk @mattbeswick www.hiddenpixel.com