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Web Designing, Web Development Company Mumbai

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Master Computech is one of the leading Web Design & Web Development Mumbai Company, Master Computech(Tel - 022 2433 1454) specialized in professional website design services,SSL Certificate for Secure Server to secure multiple websites with 2048 bit SSL encryption,best web hosting services for your business,website development services.

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Web Designing, Web Development Company Mumbai

  1. 1. About usMaster Computech is a premier global Web development company &website designing firm in Mumbai, committed to providing excellence inthe field of web services. Master Computech has a broad range of websolutions that deliver real business results. Combining unparalleled skill,comprehensive capabilities across all web related services, andextensive research on the latest web designing and Searchengine marketing trends. Our offerings span the whole gamutof web services including Web Hosting, Domain Registration,Web Design, SEO Services, Web Development, Online applicationdevelopment, Server co-location, SSL certification as well asE-Learning technology.
  2. 2. Our Services Web Design Web Development Web Hosting Services Search Engine Optimization Pay Per Click Social Media Optimization SSL Certificate Server Location Elearning Solutions Mass Mailing Services
  3. 3. Web Designing Website Design Templates Ecommerce Web Design Flash Website Design Website Re-Designing Markup languages (HTML, XHTML and XML) Style sheet languages (CSS and XSL) Client-side scripting (JavaScript) Server-side scripting (PHP and ASP, ASP.Net) Database technologies (MySQL and PostgreSQL) Multimedia technologies (Flash and Silverlight)
  4. 4. Web Development PHP Development Asp.Net Web Development Services Content Management Systems (CMS) E-Commerce Development Services Payment Gateway Integration Services
  5. 5. Search Engine Optimization Our SEO Service include Search Engine optimization and visibility, website link visibility, link building and reciprocal link exchange programme, keyword optimization, content development, web site marketing for link sponsoring through Pay Per Click (PPC) services, website updating and renewal as well as complete website development services. SEO Services of Mastercomputech will help you achieve a top 10 ranking in all major search engines regardless of the content on your site. Our research analysis results in highly targeted traffic generation at the best possible price and our website promotion services provide instant, verifiable increase in traffic.
  6. 6. Pay per click Website analysis Keyword Research & Analysis Major Keyword Target Account Setup Quality Ad Text Writing Competitors Analysis Conversion Tracking
  7. 7. Social Media Optimization Blog Submission Social Bookmarking Article Submission Press Release Submission Video Submission Power Point Presentation Submission Rss Feeds Submission Facebook Fan Page Design Twitter Page Design Linkedin Account Setup Commenting & Twitting Latest updates
  8. 8. SSL Certificate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL is an industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers. To be able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL Certificate. When you choose to activate SSL on your web server you will be prompted to complete a number of questions about the identity of your website and your company. Your web server then creates two cryptographic keys - a Private Key and a Public Key.
  9. 9. Web Server Co-Location Mater Computech Web Server Co-location services enable clients to utilize our State-of-the-Art Facilities, Network, and Support Services, rather than investing in their own infrastructure. Our services enable the client to launch their business to the Internet faster and in the cost-effective manner. Web Server Co-location solution is suitable for those enterprises that have ready servers to be deployed but require outsourcing of high- end infrastructure, network and professional support.
  10. 10. E-Learning As a part of our focused business expansion program, Master Computech has decided to expand its horizons by providing online based Quality Education & Application using its state-of-the-art technology setups in India and its other international associate offices. The past 12+ years of experience has provided the organization to become a major force in its field.
  11. 11. Mass Mailing Services Email marketing or Bulk mail is one of the effective way to promote you services or product to the marketplace. It is a cost effective and powerful medium of advertise and reach with large number of peoples directly. Currently all segments of companies or corporate are interest in the email marketing. E-mail marketing is a way to do direct marketing which uses electronic mailing system as a means of communicating or promote your commercial or non commercial message to target or un target audiences. Sending bulk emails with the purpose to display or promote our product in the marketplace. Improve the sales and market share. It also brings the repeat business. Sending e-mails to target or en numbers of peoples in local or universal market.
  12. 12. Our Major Clients
  13. 13. Why to Choose us We work hard to provide the best, most cutting-edge solutions possible. Your success is our success, which is why we have a team of experts that can handle every area of your marketing plan from designing a web site, to building jaw-dropping copy, to teasing out the best ideas possible for your business. We dont just follow trends online we set them we also takes its cues from the desires and the requirements of a specific client. We’ll know what we should do as soon as we meet you and have a good assessment of what you want to happen in your business. We offer varied services in a courteous and professional manner. We move fast, think forward, and accomplish task the way they should be accomplished. And we put high regard on the amount that you spend for trusting our capabilities.
  14. 14. Supports1, Hedavkar Estate, Next to Jay GopalIndustrial Estate, Bhavani ShankarCross Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai - 400028 India.India Phone no. +91-22-2433 1454 / +91-22-24366510US Phone no. : +1 213 221-8161sales@mastercomputech.com