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  1. 1. Going Green By Donna Martine
  2. 2. Energy Consumption Thermal (heat)Radiant (light)MechanicalElectricalChemicalNuclear
  3. 3. Energy Consumption
  4. 4. Energy Consumption
  5. 5. 5 Rs of RecyclingReinventReuseRestoreRebuildRecycle
  6. 6. Decomposing TimeGlass 1 million yearsPlastic Bottles 450 yearsAluminum 80-200 yearsTin Cans 50 yearsPlastic Bag 10-20 yearsCigarette Butt 1-5 yearsNewspaper 6 weeksSource nh.gov
  7. 7. E-wasteWhat is it? Discarding of electronics in the proper way. Examples are:  CD  DVD  Cell Phones  Computers
  8. 8. Effects In The OfficePrint less handoutsSend more emailsMore electronic presentationsWeb cam conferencesUse recycling bins
  9. 9. My Personal Use I have been recycling for 8 yearsI try to print on both sides of the paperReuse paper for coloringReuse containers
  10. 10. CVTC Has recycling bins all overE360 Drop boxes PowerPointAutomatic lights on class rooms
  11. 11. Future PlansI will still continue to recycleI will recycle at my place of workTeach my children about recycling