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Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike Review

The Strider 12 Classic No Pedal Balance Bike is a highly rated, top selling balance bike. Its designed is well thought out. It features a pedal-less design so that the young rider is forced to balance using their feet and initiate motion through kicking/pushing using the same feet.

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Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike Review

  1. 1. Strider 12 Classic No- Pedal Balance Bike Review By – BestBalanceBikeReviewed.com
  2. 2. How’s The Design? Design Verdict The design of the Strider Classic No-pedal Balance Bike is really beautiful. Is it worth? I must say, yes!
  3. 3. Lightweight bike  Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike is really lightweight, total weight of this bike is 6.4 lbs and that’s why child can easily handle it. Its frame is made by solid metal, it is able to remain light enough for the child to ride comfortably.
  4. 4. No-pedal design  The STRIDER has eliminated pedal on this balance bike because of focus on the fundamental aspects of your kid’s training; steering, leaning, balancing and coordination. When kids need to stop the bike during riding they can easily do it by their feet to push on the ground.
  5. 5. Adjustable handlebars  The handlebars of this high rated balance bike can be adjusted very easily and quickly according to the kid’s height.
  6. 6. Adjustable seat  Bike has an adjustable seat height, this ability accommodate different riders height. Adjustable seat height range is 11 inches to 16 inches.
  7. 7. Solid tires  Solid tires are generally used for kid’s bike. Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike has special solid tires which compatible for all terrains and you will not have to worry about flats or tire pressure going down.
  8. 8. Detailed Specifications  Highest reviewed and high rated balance bike  Metal frame with no-pedal designed  Adjustable seat height (11” to 16”)  Adjustable handlebars  No flat solid tires  Recommended for 1.5 to 3 years old  Total weight 6.4 lbs  4 different colors are available
  9. 9. The Positives  Extremely lightweight makes handling and riding easy.  Special metal frame which confirm maximal quality.  Under 2 years old child can easily ride it.  No flat solid tires fit for all terrains.  Has adjustable seat height and handlebars that can be adjusted very easily.  This bike made especially for learn balance, steering, leaning and coordination.
  10. 10. The Negatives  Slightly problem would be faced to adjust seat height and handlebars without tools.
  11. 11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Question 1: Does this bike has any brakes for safety? Answer: No, kid’s feet is the brake! Actually it has no hand or foot brakes, If kids need to stop or slow down just tell them to put their feet down and simply push on the ground.
  12. 12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Question 2: Does this come with warranty? Answer: Yes, a Two-Year Limited Warranty. Company will repair or replace if product is defective. You can visit www.amazon.com for further information and get helps.
  13. 13. What Customers Say About It Great Bike! By Lindsey M Brooks This is an excellent bike. I bought this bike for my son when he was 1.5 years old. He loved this bike very much. It is a great quality and excellent designed bike.
  14. 14. What Customers Say About It Five Stars Great Product By M C Regan Love this great no-pedal balance bike. Good transaction and a excellent product. My little son has been riding this bike about a year and he learnt balancing very smoothly and quickly.
  15. 15. Detailed Review?  Read The Details Review Of This Bike And Reviews Of Other High Rated Balance Bikes By Best Balance Bike Reviewed!  Please Visit Our Website bestbalancebikereviewed.com