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Just How Great is MarkLogic at Integrating Data from Silos?

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Does data complexity force you to say “no” too often to big data projects? Are actionable insights hard because data sits across disparate systems and silos? Are you spending more and more money and time on extensive data modeling with your current RDBMS? You're not alone. Hear why organizations turned to MarkLogic for help. Http://www.MarkLogic.com/CustomerStories

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Just How Great is MarkLogic at Integrating Data from Silos?

  1. 1. JUST HOW GREAT IS MARKLOGIC AT INTEGRATING DATA FROM SILOS? Here is what our customers say about this…and more! © 2016 MarkLogic. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. “I’ve done DB2, done Oracle, done Informix, you name it, I’ve done it. But MarkLogic has been the easiest database to use.” — Mark Unak Chief Technology Officer, Codifyd
  3. 3. MarkLogic is an Enterprise NoSQL database – the perfect alternative to RDBMS.
  4. 4. “The first MarkLogic project took 60 days. It was estimated to take 3,000 days with existing technology.” — Paolo Pelizzoli Global Head of Architecture, Broadridge Financial Services
  5. 5. MarkLogic provides flexible and agile app development by greatly reducing time-consuming ETL.
  6. 6. “MarkLogic provides enterprise- wide solutions with security and the scalability required for large financial services institutions.” — P.J. Di Giammarino Chief Executive Officer, JWG Group Ltd.
  7. 7. MarkLogic offers the agility of NoSQL without sacrificing transactional consistency, security, or backup and recovery.
  8. 8. “We selected MarkLogic because it gave us maximum flexibility, extensibility, and scalability compared to other technology.” — Andrea Powell CIO, Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences Intl. (CABI)
  9. 9. MarkLogic is optimized for structured and unstructured data — this means faster time to value and improved ability to handle change.
  10. 10. “MarkLogic enabled us to assemble customer information from all over our company into a single view that helps us connect advertisers with customers. This is an important component of our growth strategy and something we could not do through traditional RDBMS.” — Gene Bishop, VP of Technology, ALM
  11. 11. Experts at integrating data from silos, MarkLogic provides a 360-degree, actionable view of your data.
  12. 12. “When things were bad, we had the option to pivot, to scale out of a poorly written application. MarkLogic gave us a set of options that would not have been possible with other technologies.” — Henry Chao Deputy CIO, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  13. 13. MarkLogic allows for agile application development without constraints — all on top of a stable data layer.
  14. 14. Business, government, and IT leaders around the world, including those from the Department of Defense, Deutsche Bank and NBCUniversal, trust MarkLogic.
  15. 15. Learn more at: www.marklogic.com/CustomerStories MarkLogic empowers our customers to achieve their business goals. We can do the same for you. © 2016 MarkLogic. All rights reserved.