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BLN IoT Forum Europe 2015

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Sponsor partner discussion for BLN IoT Forum March 2014

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BLN IoT Forum Europe 2015

  1. 1. The BLN IoT FORUM 11/12 MARCH 2015, CAMBRIDGE UK ConC For more information: mark@thebln.com (07760 171929) www.IoT.Thebln.com Voted one of top three IoT Conferences in the World in 4th Annual Postscapes Awards. The IoT Forum brings together fast growth IoT companies, investors, policy makers and customers – cities, companies & corporations re-engineering their businesses to take advantage of the benefits that the IoT can offer them. The IoT Forum is a place to learn from each other and do business together. Two days of insight from IoT leaders, conversations with funders and founders, hands on time with IoT tools and developing action plans to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the sector. Last year 250 delegates participated. This is what they said: “The whole event was well paced, varied and interesting and I particularly appreciated the non-tech focus.“ Research Entrepreneur, ARM “I learned a tremendous amount at IoT 2013 and look forward to seeing what happens with the companies showcased.” Head of Consumer Communication Products, O2 “The conference was excellent: I met a lot of useful people and enjoyed the pitches and panels” Partner, Amadeus Capital Partners “Like a big cauldron of innovation waiting to pop out a bubble of a new business venture - amazing." Master Inventor, IBM IoT15 – What will it look like? Building on the success of the last two years, IoT15 is a two day event, combining a single track conference and exhibition with hands-on workshops and demos. Speakers and workshops will cover commercial themes  What markets are opening up for IoT? What are the biggest opportunities?  Is there ‘smart money’? If so, where is it investing? How can Smart Cities be funded?  How will the IoT change business models?  What are the challenges that may slow the IoT down? The conference will be held in Cambridge, a key hub in the IoT. Delegates attend from all over Europe and further afield.
  2. 2. The BLN IoT FORUM 11/12 MARCH 2015, CAMBRIDGE UK ConC For more information: mark@thebln.com (07760 171929) www.IoT.Thebln.com Why Sponsor? Delegates love the IoT Forum and recognize that our sponsors help make it, and the IoT, happen. Sponsoring IoT15 means  Being seen to support the IoT community in one of the key growth forums  Getting your services and tools in our delegates’ hands  Influencing the discussions around IoT challenges  Extending your company’s network in the IoT  Meeting the latest up and coming IoT startups and entrepreneurs  Leading conversations about the direction of the industry Sponsorship packages are designed to deliver maximum exposure with minimum input from you. Sponsorship packages include: Bronze Silver Gold Recognition as IoT Forum Sponsor Yes Yes Yes Staff Passes 2 4 6 Guest Passes 2 5 8 Pre- event publicity inc email marketing to 7,000+ prospects. Yes Yes Yes Pre-event media releases as sponsor of IoT Forum Yes Yes Yes Recognition of sponsorship in Chair's introductory remarks Yes Yes Yes Branding on site at event. Yes Yes Yes Advert in delegate booklet 1/2 pg 1 page 2 page Distribute literature in delegate information Yes Yes Sponsor page on The BLN website including logo, description and link Yes Yes Sponsor branding on The BLN home page (logo, description and link) Yes Video interview with sponsor included in The BLN post event review Yes Yes Facilitated introductions and follow-ups before, during and after event Yes Yes 1 x exhibition stand in networking area Yes 1 x exhibition stand at event in prime location in networking area Yes Yes Support of delegate gift pack (to be discussed) Yes Yes Event workshop for key delegates Yes Seat on event steering committee Yes Pre-event email contacts* Yes Support of conference activities such as hackathons, workshop etc Yes Price (Exclusive of VAT). £2,500 £3,750 £6,000 Custom sponsorship packages are available on request