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33 Tactics to Engage and Retain More Customers - IRCE 2016

  1. 33 Tactics to Engage and Retain More Customers IRCE 2016 PRESENTERS Andrew Scarbrough, PriceWaiter & Delegator Mark Ginsberg, Beyond Stores
  2. T O P I C S Traffic Conversion Analytics $
  3. Crawl Budgets – Check those Canonicals Quick on the fly tools in the browser: • Moz • Canonical (Chrome Extension) Standalone Applications & SaaS • Screaming Frog • Deep Crawl
  4. Review Your Index Google Site Search Operators • Find pages/sections/parameters/subdomains that shouldn’t be indexed • “site:” • “inurl:” • “-inurl:” • Combine those operators for the magic!
  5. Crawl Budgets – Monitoring Indexation
  6. Log File Analysis Screaming Frog Log Analyzer • Tool downloaded to local machine • Bonus: plays nicely with SEO spider • SaaS that handleslogistics and backend of log files
  7. Turning Mentions into Links •Monitor mentions •Review for non-linked mentions •Hustle for link revision •Iterate and automate (
  8. .edu Link Building Campaign
  9. .edu Link Building Campaign
  10. Algorithm & Penalty Tracking •Review 3+ years of Google algorithm updates •Sync your organic data from GA to identify historical impact •Export raw data for deeper analysis •Review penalties in Google WMT
  11. Amazon Exact Match Bidding •Amazon shoppers copy/paste into search engines to comparison shop •Copy/Paste top Amazon Product Names as Exact Match keywords for AdWords •Automate it!
  12. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) •Bid on competitive keywords for a discount •Adjust bids based on audience •Modify bids based on funnel position •Also available for Google Shopping
  13. Use Seller Ratings •Boost CTR •Lift Conversion •Reuse reviews elsewhere
  14. AdWords Scripts •Automate common tasks •Auto-populate Google Spreadsheets •Let the robots tell you what to focus on
  15. AdWords Scripts: Declining Ad Groups
  16. AdWords Scripts: 404 Link Checker
  17. AdWords Scripts: Hour of Day/Day of Week Bidding
  18. AdWords Scripts: Quality Score Tracking
  19. Google Shopping – Understanding Keyword Targeting •Targeting based on datafeed, not keyword targeting •Prioritization (High, Medium, Low) •Negative keyword lists are ESSENTIAL •Tiered campaigns to target underperforming keywords
  20. Google Shopping (PLAs) – Programmatic Bidding •Bid using cost/margin data! •Automate bidding and product categorization and grouping
  21. User Test Your Competition •Same scenario/objective for 3-4 sites •Don’t reveal which site is yours •Fill your A/B testing pipeline $
  22. Review Your On-Site Search Terms •Review your top 25 queries regularly •Conduct the same searches and review results/merchandising •User Test top searches (against the competition too) $
  23. On-Site Search = Content Ideas •Use on-site search terms for content ideas •Adjust site FAQs •Adjust categories and site structure •Long tail queries = blog content •Find questions using regex: (what)|(how)|(why)|(who)|(when)|(where) $
  24. Product Page Calls-to-Action $
  25. Exit Intent $ •Targeting •Design •Copy •Calls-to-Action
  26. Social Proof •Tell shoppers how many happy customers you have •Embed and showcase select reviews and social posts in relevant parts of the funnel •Add real life examples of products to product pages •Incorporate video reviews and testimonials in drip campaigns $
  27. Replace (not provided) •Advanced Filter in Google Analytics •Replace (not provided) with the Landing Page •Outputs “np - /shoes/running/nike” in GA
  28. 5 Widgets to Add to Your GA Dashboard Today •Total Site Traffic with key trends (Bounce Rate, Avg. Session Duration, Pages/Visit) •Organic Site Traffic Trend with top 7-10 landing pages •E-commerce Data with trendline of revenue & transactions •AdWords Spend •Traffic Sources Pie Chart
  29. Choose Your Attribution Model (carefully)
  30. Create and USE a Branded Advanced Segment
  31. Advanced Segments •Better reporting •Better remarketing
  32. Call Tracking •Start simple (and affordably) •All Paid Channels •Email Campaigns •Offline Campaigns
  33. Questions? (tweet @pricewaiter for a copy of the slides) Andrew Scarbrough, @pricewaiter, @delegator Mark Ginsberg, @beyondstores, @markginsberg

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  21. Mark Alternate product page Calls to Actions Added $4M in incremental revenue
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