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Social is Coming:  If Social Networks Played the Game of Thrones [Infographic]
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Social is Coming: If Social Networks Played the Game of Thrones [Infographic]

If you’re marketing on social, the rises and falls to power on Game of Thrones are all-too familiar. Social networks rise to the top, only to be acquired by Facebook or bested by a competitor. Long-established power players can be wiped out in a single investor battle; virtual unknowns become household names practically overnight. Just when you think you know which social network is king, someone new is on the throne.

Finally, just as in the Game of Thrones series, certain themes endure regardless of who sits on the throne. Just as duty, honor, and justice are (eventually) rewarded on Game of Thrones, authenticity, humor, and personality are rewarded on social — regardless of which network you market on.

All of this got us thinking — if social networks played the Game of Thrones, which families or characters would they be? Check out our new infographic to see what we came up with! (Warning: if you aren’t up to date on the fourth season, this infographic DOES contain spoilers.)

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