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A Winning Events Strategy: Wow Your Guests and Accelerate Pipeline

  1. AWinning Events Strategy: Wow Your Guests andAccelerate Pipeline Caroline Hull, Head of Field Marketing Esther Kim, Sr. Field Marketing Manager Shannon Mellen, Field Marketing Manager
  2. Meet the Speakers 3 Caroline Hull Head of Field Marketing Esther Kim Sr. Field MarketingManager Shannon Mellen Field MarketingManager
  3. Housekeeping • This webinar is being recorded! Slides and recording will be sent to you once the webinar concludes • Have a question? Use the chat box and we’ll answer your questions after the webinar • Posting to social media? Use our hashtag #mktgnation
  4. Overview/Agenda • How to plan different type of events for each stage of the funnel • How marketing should align with sales to ensure successful closing events • Which KPIs to consider when planning your events
  5. TopofFunnel
  6. Meet andGreet 7 Tradeshows  Net newleads  Drive attendees to the booth  Pre and post promotion  Prospect &Customer Meetings Brand Awareness  Promote yourbrand through signage at third party events
  7. First Impressions areEverything 8 MakeYourselfStandOut  Raffles  Booth Personalization  Booth Positioning  Target AudienceinAdvance  Swag Swag Swag
  8. Lead Follow UpTime Do Not be Forgotten ž Everyfollow up should involve Sales and SDRs ž Makesure to havea CTAthat relates to the event theme ž Promote new content
  9. MiddleofFunnel
  10. Meet the Experts Content specific Thought Leadership Think Global, ActLocal
  11. Event DemandGeneration MARKETING TECH STACK CRM UPDATE Interesting Moment DIRECT MAIL DIGITAL PaidMedia InMail Targeted Ads EMAIL Invitations ORGANICSOCIAL Facebook Events Followers DIRECTMAIL VIPEvents Marketing Sales Insight Templates CallScripts Registration at scale
  12. PromotionalPlan Audience 8+ weeks out 6 weeks out 4 weeks out 2 weeks out Week of Day Before Target Accounts Director + Prospect Mix Save the Date – We are coming to a city near you Keynote Speaker Session Spotlight Reminder/Follow Up Last Chance to Register Know Before you Go Customers Practitioners • Sneak Peek of Sessions
  13. Partnerships Customers Partners Influencers
  14. Follow Up PhoneCall SALES/CSM Direct MailEmail Better Customer Journey ATTENDEES Email MARKETING ContentSpecific
  15. BottomofFunnel
  16. CreatingEpic Experiences Challenge • Stand out from thecrowd Criteria: • Target Audience: Decision makers • Registration: Sales Driven • Extremelytargeted, invite only Goals: • Pipeline acceleration • Relationship building
  17. VIP Events Typesof Experiences: • Meet andGreet/Guest appearances • Celebritychefcooking demos • Concerts • Sports cardriving experience
  18. IntegratedMarketing 19 Demand Generation Event Marketing Digital and Social Media Marketing Leverage EveryChannel 1. Align to ensure highpriority prospects are targeted 2. Consistent messaging 3. Seamless Customer Journey
  19. Sales&MarketingPartnership
  20. Salesis Your NewBFF  Attend Weekly Sales Team Calls / QBRs  Sales BuyIn & Commitment on Events  Involve Sales in Event Planning  Host Prep Calls for EVERY Event  Provide them with Tools in Order to Succeed
  21. KPIs
  22. TraditionalMetrics • Registered vs. Attended • Sales Driven vs. MarketingDriven • Pipeline Generated vs. Pipeline Accelerated • Segment reports (who is drivingmost registration = whereand who) • Reports on Regional Data to base decision on event location
  23. A NewWay: Attribution
  24. Swag Tradeshows Customer Meetings ABM
  25. Event Selection • Do yourresearch! • Attendee and account data • Evaluate past ROI • Wherein the funnel • Thirdparty/industry • Evaluations – pass for sales • Regional needs • Leap of faith
  26. How we useMarketofor events • RevenueExplorer • Email campaigns • Program success • Emails templates, landing pages templates , and tokens for easy cloning • Smart Campaigns • Interesting Moments • Monitor behaviors such as email opens, clicks on links,landing page visits, registered, and other activities
  27. MarketingNation
  28. Questions? Caroline Hull: Shannon Mellen: EstherKim:

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