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#DDX16: a culture of innovation at news corp australia

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updated view on how we have been threading innovation across the teams and changing the culture of News Corp Australia

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#DDX16: a culture of innovation at news corp australia

  1. 1. how we are developing a culture of innovation at @markdrasutis
  2. 2. @markdrasutis hello mark drasutis chief product officer, digital
  3. 3. @markdrasutis what I am going to cover today: 1/ disruption & innovation: what do these mean for your business 2/ complex adaptive systems: a whole of business challenge & approach 3/ evolutionary edge: lessons from the startup world applied within a corporate 4/ key takeaways: elements for you to test & learn in your world
  4. 4. @markdrasutis how do you set yourself up to counter disruption?
  5. 5. @markdrasutis to understand innovation you first need to understand disruption
  6. 6. @markdrasutis Morgan Stanley - Australian Media 2015 1970 2015 2004 2015 $$s time
  7. 7. @markdrasutis mobile has eaten our world mass media moving to masses of media time is our primary competitor curation has huge value but now distributed trust is fluid but people trust news & media brands, just on their terms & their preferred platform
  8. 8. @markdrasutis disruption (noun): an event that results in a displacement or discontinuity
  9. 9. driving disruption isn’t necessarily about developing something entirely new. it can be about assembling already existing elements into a disruptive whole. disruption isn’t only about technology. it can also mean developing new ways to deliver value through a new business model. technologies don’t simply replace other technologies. rather, systems replace systems. customers don’t care about inventions or innovations. What most customers care about is what job a product or service enables them to do that they couldn’t do, or do well enough, before. @markdrasutis
  10. 10. @markdrasutis do you need to counter disruption or embrace it?
  11. 11. @markdrasutis ThoughtWorks - Oct 2015
  12. 12. @markdrasutis ThoughtWorks - Oct 2015
  13. 13. @markdrasutis you are not a startup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to think & operate like one
  14. 14. @markdrasutis what does innovation mean in your business?
  15. 15. @markdrasutis innovation (noun): introduction of new things or methods
  16. 16. @markdrasutis be honest about what you are striving for and can realistically achieve
  17. 17. @markdrasutis at News Corp Australia we are currently focused on incremental innovation
  18. 18. Recombining content, people & process in new ways for growth @markdrasutis
  19. 19. @markdrasutis
  20. 20. @markdrasutis
  21. 21. @markdrasutis but what is needed for breakthrough innovation?
  22. 22. @markdrasutis moonshot thinking choosing to be bothered by the fact that you can’t teleport to Japan Astro Teller - Google<x>
  23. 23. @markdrasutis
  24. 24. @markdrasutis can you be audacious as a whole business? is 10x right for you?
  25. 25. @markdrasutis 10x better or 10% better? are the fixed costs more? are your teams less engaged? are you going to make a difference by optimising?
  26. 26. @markdrasutis but how do you make innovation part of your whole business culture?
  27. 27. @markdrasutis disruption & innovation = a whole business challenge & therefore needs a whole business approach
  28. 28. @markdrasutis what are the 7 most expensive words in your business?
  29. 29. @markdrasutis “we have always done it that way”
  30. 30. @markdrasutis “we have always done it that way” the 7 most expensive words in any business
  31. 31. where people focus everyday where eureka is possible the work of innovation @markdrasutis
  32. 32. horizon 1 - everyday horizon 2 - someday horizon 3 - one day! @markdrasutis
  33. 33. where people focus everyday where eureka is possible the work of innovation @markdrasutis
  34. 34. @markdrasutis what are the essential ingredients of corporate culture?
  35. 35. @markdrasutis what drives the people focused on everyday work?
  36. 36. values/beliefs the philosophy for everything a company does, essentially what it stands for stories/myths stories about how leaders/employees get over obstacles, win new orders… heroes what gets rewarded and celebrated, how do you become a hero in the organization? rituals  what and how does a company celebrate? @markdrasutis
  37. 37. @markdrasutis how can you cultivate a culture of innovation that drives exponential growth?
  38. 38. @markdrasutis you need to hack your corporate culture & reset the essential ingredients
  39. 39. values/beliefs assess your company’s current values and beliefs as understood by the employees stories/myths communicate the need for new values and moving employees to a new way of thinking, is hard. It starts with thinking through the new values and beliefs the company wants to live by heroes plan a concerted effort to create a new set of stories, heroes and rituals around those values rituals  simultaneously with the creation of new culture, align the company’s incentive programs (compensation plans, bonuses, promotions, etc.) to the new values. (Failure to realign incentives doom any new culture change.) @markdrasutis
  40. 40. @markdrasutis yet, always remember your whole business is a complex adaptive system
  41. 41. flocking adaptivity of teams to react to change & steer in the same direction to counter disruption @markdrasutis
  42. 42. your ability to change at the pace of the disruption is now your competitive advantage @markdrasutis
  43. 43. @markdrasutis you need to reset your strategy, systems & structures to drive a culture of innovation
  44. 44. @markdrasutis strategy (noun): a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.
  45. 45. awareness devised (and adapted) through perception of the environment around you and in anticipation of probable conditions of disruption alignment delivered in harmony among teams and individuals scared cows defining the level of risk you are willing to take & what are your sacred cows then challenge them mutually beneficial defined as a shared outcome with customers, partners and employees supported embraced by individuals, fed by resources and budget @markdrasutis
  46. 46. @markdrasutis structure (noun): the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.
  47. 47. consumer obsessed teams designed around explicit and measurable customer facing outcomes; over channels or disciplines that deliver value & impact lean & autonomous teams populated with only the members essential to the work; that value & impact (e.g. pizza teams); are diverse & able to operate without interference or interdependence and able to fail safe porous internal structures which are permeable to additional resources, communities, partners, and all other teams self-organizing teams granted the authority and resources to assemble, adapt, or disband based on evidence @markdrasutis
  48. 48. @markdrasutis system (noun): a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole
  49. 49. simple systems which are intuitive, uncomplicated, and interoperable. every team is part of the same system transparent systems which are explicit and distributed plastic systems which are malleable in pursuit of the organization’s strategy and in support of the organization’s structure. disruption can trigger quick change automated beneficial systems which initiate or take place without conscious human action. they are not forced, they are fluid & natural @markdrasutis
  50. 50. @markdrasutis but how do I go about all of this? some lessons from us to help you start the journey
  51. 51. steer towards the upset or emerging needs of your customer if there is no identifiable internal or external customer, disband the project steer towards reducing internal misalignment listen to the business, spot the misalignment. move from a telling business, to a listening & telling business steer towards being more autonomous teams can the team alone take an idea to the customer and validate it/test the hypothesis steer towards simplifying structures & systems stop getting in your own way, and if you do, change the system & adapt the structure to reduce friction @markdrasutis
  52. 52. Future Focused @markdrasutis
  53. 53. focus on customer needs & improving people’s lives @markdrasutis
  54. 54. actionable insights real data from real customers to form a hypothesis @markdrasutis
  55. 55. swift, collective action driven by the insights, test the hypothesis & build the product @markdrasutis
  56. 56. more experiments execute more often & quicker across the business @markdrasutis
  57. 57. organisational endurance set yourself up to sustain this, self- disrupt & repeat over & over again. @markdrasutis
  58. 58. we call this: quiet change @markdrasutis
  59. 59. think & operate like a lean startup @markdrasutis
  60. 60. make it real “a prototype is worth a 1000 meetings” @markdrasutis
  61. 61. you have to provide the tools to drive innovation through business as usual @markdrasutis
  62. 62. @markdrasutis
  63. 63. listen & adapt get out of the office, the customers are giving you signals everyday. get closer to your disruptors @markdrasutis
  64. 64. simple execution put the product into the hands of your customers & learn from the data & fail fast @markdrasutis
  65. 65. SuperFan Understanding the needs of an NRL & AFL fan Recombining the best from all News Corp Australia brands around a passion @markdrasutis
  66. 66. startup connection: we fund the spaces where startups grow & are incubated, allowing us to track & operate like our disruptors ...more to come here @markdrasutis
  67. 67. NewsFoundry: an environment where ideas can grow, risks can be taken & new heroes/stories created for the business @markdrasutis
  68. 68. @markdrasutis
  69. 69. quiet change & whole business challenge don’t tell people what to think, show them the path & take them on the journey adaptability & evolutionary edge create strategies, structures & systems which are plastic & can respond to change flocking & steering smaller teams, tighter focus, tangible & measurable outcomes, then move & scale quickly customer fixation focus on the customer need, improving their lives & the ‘jobs to be done’ acceptance of failure create a culture which is happy to take risk, fail fast & learn from every action & reaction @markdrasutis
  70. 70. thank you @newscorpaustralia @markdrasutis @markdrasutis